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This is the part where Katniss and Peeta sleep together and then spend the next day together, and I molded it to my liking, and kind of finished the book from there.

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"I just want to spend every moment possible minute of the rest of my life with you" Peeta says, taking my hands into his.

"Come on, then."I say, pulling him into my room. As I close the door, I press my lips to his and we kiss with such longing that he grips my curves and I pull the front of his shirt as close to me as I possibly can.

It feel like such a luxury, being with Peets again. I didn't realize until now how starved I've been for human closeness. For the feel of him beside me in the darkness. I wish I hadn't wasted the last couple of nights shutting him out.

He breaks the kiss and we stare at one another. "You want me?" Peeta asks. I look at him and smile. "I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't. "We laugh, and then the real fun begins.

We kiss passionatly for a few more minutes, then he slowly removes my shirt and tickiling my sides as he does so.

This time I break the kiss and see him taking in my shirtless form. "Now it's my turn," I say seductivly as I remove his shirt, running my hands over his hardened abs. Peeta runs his finger over the lace on my bra, leaving a tickling sensation behind.

"I love you, Katniss." He breaths as he holds me tightly to his body. "I love you too, Peeta." I answer, and this time I really mean it.

He leads me to my bed as we leave a trail of clothing behind us.

As I sink down into sleep, enveloped in his warmth. I think of what could happen, but I don't really care. 'I'll probably die in the arena, so it doesn't matter,' I think as I snuggle closer to Peeta. When I'm done moving he reaches over me and pulls a blanket over both of us.

When I open my eyes again, daylight is streaming through the the windows.

"No nightmares," he says.

"No nightmares, " I confirm. "You?"

"None, I'd forgotten what real sleep feels like," Peeta says, a smile spreading across his face as we remember the events of last night.

We lie there for a few moments , in no rush to begin tthe day ahead of us. Tomorrow night will be the televised interviews, so Effie and Haymitch will be coaching us today. 'Great. More high heels and sarcastic comments,' I think. But then my thoughts are inturrupted as the redheaded Avox girl comes in with a note in her hand. She stops for a moment and startes at Peeta and me lying there together. Her eyes tear up as she calmly hands me the note and walks out.

I look after her and think that the tears had something to do with the boy that Gale and I saw her with the day she was captured.

I turn my attention back to the note and see Effie's curly, neat hand writting as I read it aloud; saying the she and Haymitch have decided that Peeta and I can handle ourselves well enoughin public, and there won't be any coaching sessions today.

"Really?" Peeta says as he takes the note from my hand and examins it for himself. "Do you know what this means, Katniss? We'll have the whole day to ourselves." He says, a smile quickly spreading across his face as he kissses me.

I think of all the things that we could do as Peeta rools on top of me and kisses me harder.

"It's too bad we can't go anywhere." I tease as he lifts himself up off me.

"Who told you that we couldn't." Peeta says mischiviously as he kisses me some more. I think for a second, but then I know what he's getting at... the roof.

Peeta and I get up, take a shower, get dressed, and start planning our day. We order a bunch of food, some soft blankets, and ride the elevator to the flower garden that tinkles with the sound of windchimes and smells of sweet flowers.

We eat, lie in the sun, and just mess around all day.

I snap off a few hanging vines to use my newfound knowledge to practice a few difficult knots and weave a few nets; Peeta, of course, sketches me saying that he just can't help it.

While he looks back at his sketch book I take one of the vines that I haven't used and loop it around his neck, drawing him closer to me. He's surprised at first, but then follows along with my game and come over to me. When our lips meet we kiss with all the passion that we can muster.

"I love you so much, Katniss. You know that, right?" Peeta breaths as we break away.

"I know, Peeta. I love you too." I answer, breathing as heavily as he is from the heat that we just created.

We continue our picnic on the roof, and eventually make up a game with the forcefield surrounding the roof. One of us throws an apple into the focrfield, and the other one catches it.

No one bothers us; and by late after noon, I lie with my head in Peeta's lap, making a crown of flowers for him as he fiddles with my hair, he claims that he's practicing his knots. After a while his hands go still and I turn my head to look up at him. "what's wrong?" I ask, sitting up and placing my hand on his face.

"I wish I could just freeze this moment in time, with you... and me. And live in it forever." He says. I open my mouth to say something, but he continues. "Never have to go on to tomorrow, never have to compete in the Hunger Games... I just want to stay here with you, like this, forever."

I am so amazed and shocked by his words, that I don't even realize a few tears slip onto my cheeks until Peeta wipes them away.

"That was beautiful." I tell him as I sit in his lap and he holds me tightly. "I wish I could freeze us here too, but we can't. I really do..." I say as I kiss his cheek. "But then we would never see our families again."

"I'm good with that." He jokes, and we both laugh uncontrollably. "Then you'll allow it?" He asks

"I'll allow it," I say. Then we start making out, kissing each other with wild fury as I grip his chest, and he lets his hands roam over my back.

We eventually come to a stop, knowing that we can't let ourselves get overwhelmed. I lay my head back in his lap and he goes back to running his fingers through my hair. At some point I fall asleep, but Peeta wakes me up later and points to the skyline of the Capitol.

"I didn't think you'd want to miss this," He says softly. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and then gasp when I see what he's talking about.

As I look over the tall buildings of the Capitol, I see the most beautiful sunset sinking into the night. It's so peaceful, and I think that I can count on one hand how many sunsets I have left.