Summary: Red is a runaway kid who dreams to become the greatest fossil fighter the world has ever seen. He will take challenges head-on, make some life-long friends and do and see some things NOBODY saw coming.(Not even him!)

Chapter One-Run Away

I opened the window in my room. A chilly wind blew into the room and against my face. I looked out into the dark night. There was no moon so I figured that I would have little trouble. I took one last look around the room and lingered at my bed. My dog, Rex, laid on it sleeping peacefully. He's a pure breed golden retriever that's only two years old. I stroked his ear. Who knows when I'll be back here? I thought. It was one 'o'clock in the morning, but the adrenaline in me had me wide awake.

I climb out the window and quietly climb down into the backyard. My hair is its natural color, dark gray and I have the biggest bluest eyes you've ever seen. I look up at my window and sadness fills me. No! I think. Remember WHY you're doing this. My Aunt Jane and Uncle Hugh, whom I love, have eleven year old twins. Who I can't stand. They break my stuff, beat me up, call me names, and always get away with it.

"Oh no." Everyone always says. "Their little angles." Well no more. In place of my usual outfit, a navy blue t-shirt, brown shorts and tennis shoes, I had black sneakers on, black pants, a black long-sleeved turtle neck, and a black toboggan on my head and my blue and gray backpack on my back. I am running away. I thought. Of everything I thought I would never do, this was one of them. My aunt and uncle's house had damage done to it during a storm, and I lived in a house PERFECT for seven people. They were coming to live with us. Permanently.

I'm no longer Red Jacob Ranger. I thought. Well, I'll keep Red. I look at the house across from ours, and see a second story light on. My best buddy, Zeke, was pulling his usual all-Friday-night-video-game marathon. I have a flash back to when we had our first one together...

"WHOO-HOO!" Zeke yelled. He had light brown hair and brown eyes, tan skin, and always wore a black jacket, army green cargo pants, red sneakers, and a white T-shirt. "New high score!" He laughed.

"I have to admit this is pretty awesome." I told him. "I'm no gamer like you, but still." I smiled.

"I TOLD you we would have fun didn't I?" He asked.

"Yeah, you did." It was seven in the morning, so it was officially over. We had been playing his favorite game Robo Wars, which was the best game I had ever played. But that's not the only reason I remember it so well. We went outside to play soccer in the front yard when a moving van pulled up to the house next to mine.

"We got neighbors." I said.

"Hey, look." Zeke said pointing. A white truck pulled into the drive way of the house, it was big enough to carry four people and the back of it was full of stuff tied down. We looked at each other, then back at the truck and saw the people inside it climbing out. The closest door, the back right one opened and the person stepped out. My mouth partly opened and I felt like there was butterflies in my stomach. In the drive way, there was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had light blond hair that came down to her shoulder blades, bangs covering her forehead and light blue eyes. She wore a sea green collared T-shirt, sky blue skirt that came down to her knees, and white boots and neckerchief tied around her neck.

I smile and a involuntary sigh escapes me. Zeke elbows me playfully, he has a playful smile on his face, and his right eyebrow is raised.

"What?" I ask.

"Your in LOVE." He teases.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Pfffft! Yeah rig-"

"Hi!" A voice says. We turn to see the girl standing on the sidewalk in front of Zeke's house. "I'm Mary Rightland."

"Hiya! I'm Zeke Thomas and this is my best buddy Red Ranger." He says.

"Nice to meet you." I say. I can feel my knees wobbling.

"What are you guys doing?" She asks.

"Playing soccer." I tell her. "Y-You want to try it?" I ask nervously.

"Sure!" She replies enthusiastically. She turns out to be really good at it and we play it all morning. At noon we go over to my house and have lunch. I introduce her to my parents and Rex takes and immediate liking to her. We have sandwiches for lunch and then we go outside and play tag with Rex. At sundown Zeke and Mary go home.

"Today was so much fun!" She says happily.

"We should do this again tomorrow." Zeke suggests.

"Sounds good to me." I say. Zeke crosses the street to his house, but before Mary leaves she gives me a hug.

"Umm..." My face and the tips of my ears grow hot."So... I'll... see you tomorrow?" I ask.

"Defiantly." She says.

The flash back ends and I find tears pouring out of my eyes. I...I...I'm sorry guys... I think. I'll never forget you two. I climb over the back fence, hop some more and come to the street with the river next to it. I sprint down the side walk and turn into the harbor. I find an old row boat with a price tag on it. Ten bucks?... SWEET! I take out a scrap of paper and scribble For the old row boat. on it. I fold it up and put ten dollars in it and slip it under the door of the shop. I run back to the boat, untie it and start rowing. After awhile of rowing upstream I take out my map. It has the towns along the river and the river's currents. The current I'm in now will take me upstream and on to the bank about a half mile from a town.

I put away the ores and lay my head on my backpack and drift to sleep. I wake up at dawn when my boat hits the pebble shore. I see a cave and manage to get the boat into it. Okay, I think. so far so good. Now, I need a passport so I can get on a plane... I got an idea.

I sprint to the town and find a clothing store. It's not open so I pick the lock and go inside. I grab an armful of clothes, some shoes, and a bottle of hair gel, total up the price and leave the money on the counter. Outside in a deep ditch, I change clothes. I have an ash gray crown with a gray band on it, a gray v-neck short sleeve shirt, the neck, arm bands and band at the bottom of the shirt are the same ash gray, I'm wearing black cargo shorts, light gray gloves and gray boots. I use the hair gel to make my hair into spikes that follow the outline of my crown, but let my bangs hang down. I manage to stuff everything else in to my pack and climb out.

I walk down to a photo store and walk in. The woman sitting behind the counter looks up at me and smiles and bright white smile. Her skin is the color of chocolate, she has black hair and dark brown eyes.

"How may I help you?" She asks politely.

"Do you know where I could get a passport?" I ask. She hands me a clip board with a sheet of paper on it and a pencil.

"I just need you to fill this out." She tells me.

"Thank you ma'am." I say. I go over to a chair put my pack next to it, sit down, and start to fill out the paper. My biggest problem is my name. I can't use my real one of course, but then I get an idea...

"Here is your passport Mr. Red Zeke Walker." The woman behind the counter says. She hands me the small leather book.

"Thank you." I tell her. I take out the money for it but put in an extra five as a tip. I leave the store and walk to a bus stop. I look at the map and find a bus route to a town with an airport outside it. I wait for the bus and get on it when it arrives. The driver looks at me and asks:

"Aren't you a little young to be by yourself?" I look at

him and smile.

"Only physically." I say. He chuckles and lets me sit down before he continues driving. I fall asleep. When we get to my stop my wakes me up.

"Hey kid, this is your stop." He says.

"Thank you." I say. I pay for the ride and step off the bus. It drives away as I walk up to the air port. I go in and ask if I can get a ticket to Vivosaur Island.

"No," The man behind the counter says. "but you can get a ticket to the air port on an island not too far from it and then ride a boat there."

"Can I get a ticket for that?" I ask.

"Yes, here you are." He says handing me the plane ticket. "The flight leaves in one hour so be sure you're ready by then."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." I say. I pay for the ticket and then go through security and put my pack on the convertor belt to be stored away in the plane. I go over to a phone and look up a phone number and dial it.

"Hello, this is Vivosaur Island's Relic Hotel. How may I be of service?"

"I would like to reserve a room for one please." I say.

"Very well, what kind of room would you like?" After a few minutes my room is reserved and I hang up. I go back to the waiting area and sit down. Sixteen minutes later I'm called to board the plane. I yawn. It's ten thirty and I haven't eaten anything and I have barley slept. On the plane I sit down in my seat. I'm the only passenger on board. The plane flies to the destination once a week every week to take supplies to the island. One minute after I sit down I'm out cold. About three hours later the co-pilot shakes me awake.

Ugh. I think. JUST like the first day of school. I get up and get out of the plane and grab my pack. I see the boat I need to get on I climb aboard and find that their giving me some food to eat for lunch.

"You sure can eat." A man says. I turn to see a man in a wide brimmed straw hat, blue Hawaiian shirt with a white and yellow sun on it, white shorts, flip-flops, and brown hair standing behind me.

"I'm hungry." I tell him. He laughs.

"Well isn't that the truth?" He asks. He goes over to the control area and checks some things then says "Okay, good to go." He turns the boat on and eases it forward. I lay down on a bench and fall asleep.

"Hey, wake up."

"Hmmmm." I stir a bit.

"Come on! We're almost there."

Almost WHERE? I think. Then I remember. I crack open an eye and yawn. I sit up and rub my face. I check my watch. 3:30 p.m.

"So what's your name?" The captain asks.

"Red." I say.

"Captain Travors." He replies. "So, you going to be a fossil fighter?"

"Yes sir!"

"Yeah, I've seen that twinkle in your eye before." He says. "So, you a fan of V-raptors?" I nod. "Figures. I can just imagine a famous fighter named Red. But you know you look like one of those people whose going to do something big... Something that will help everyone... Something that will be so shocking that it will shake the earth to its core... Ah! There it is!" I jump up and run over to the window.

Vivosaur Island. I think.

The boat pulls up to a dock and I grab my backpack and hop out. Captain Travors wishes me luck and drives his boat away. I take a deep breath. I made it... take THAT evil cousins! I take another breath. Adventure... What an amazing thing to smell.

AN- This is my very first fan fiction so I hope you liked it! But if you don't like Rosie, too bad. Also, I am going to follow the storyline, BUT Holt is going to appear more often AND there's going to be a huge twist you WILL NOT see coming.

Red: Aw yeah! Vivosaur Island! ... When can I dig, clean, revive and battle?

Me: Don't worry, I'll get to that part!

Red: *GROAN*