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Chapter Seventy-Six-The Resort

The sounds of the waves and sea gulls brings me out of my sleep, making me open my eyes to see the room has the rays of the ocean sun in it, one of the port holes open to allow the fresh air in. The blanket is pulled up to my bare chest, which I find Todd's head on, my arm around him as he continues to sleep.

Mornin' Todd. I think, fixing his helmet with my free hand, so that it's not half off his head, then laying my head back on my pillow, staring at the flat, white ceiling for a bit. After that time, Todd stirs, then sits up, rubbing his face. "Good morning." I tell him, sitting up.

"Ah...Sorry." He tells me. "Had a bad dream..."

"Ah, don't worry about it!" I tell him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You can always come to me if ya need anything."

"Thanks." Todd tells me, still half asleep. I smile, then push the covers off, stand up, and pull on my clothes while Todd changes in the bathroom. Joe and Rupert's beds are empty, so they've probably gone to breakfast already. After we're dressed, we head out, my hair in the usual spikes while my bangs hang down, my goggles on my head.

Dino, I think, having to brush my bangs out of the way some. I gotta get a haircut. My bangs are getting too long. Arriving at the dining room, Todd and I get our breakfast, then spotting the rest of our group.

"Good morning!" Todd and I say in unison, they looking at us as we sit down. Cole's drinking some coffee, Lester's still eating, while the rest just sit.

"Mornin'." Joe tells us. "Ya get ta sleep alright, Red?"

"After I took that walk I did." I tell him.

"That's good." He tells me. I expect Xavia to mention the fact that that man tried to jump me, but she remains silent, blanking staring off into space, her feet on the table with her ankles crossed, her chair standing on the back two legs. We chat over what to do on at the resort, then head back to our rooms, get our stuff, then stand on the deck until the ship comes into port, allowing us to disembark. We get on another small plane, ride it without incident to a small island, it having an extravagant looking building, the resort.

"WOW!" Todd says as we enter the resort's main building, which is very well made, with marble floors, gold and white walls, vaulted ceilings-they actually make the place feel roomy-and braided rugs with padded chairs and glass coffee tables on them. We check in, a man in a sit with brown hair and a small, pointy mustache coming over.

"Hello. Welcome to Paradis de TrĂ³pico, how may I-" He then stops when he sees me. "RED BROKE?!" He exclaims, jumping back.

"Yes sir." I tell him, nodding.

"Ah! Welcome, welcome!" He says, a big smile on his face. "I had no idea you were coming here! How can I-"

"We're reserved on the private island under 'Adven'." Xavia tells him, placing a paper on the counter and cutting the man off. He looks over it, checks something on the computer, then nods.

"Yes, yes. The private island." He says nodding. He then hands her several card keys, which we distribute among ourselves. "Anyways, please follow me." We follow, walking past some people who are lounging, some not taking notice of us, some watching us, and a few taking pictures. After a bit of walking, we come outside and go down a stone path, coming to a dock where a small ship sits in the water.

"Ahoy!" A man calls from it. His hair is brown and his eyes are blue-green, he's wearing a captain's hat, sailor shirt with short sleeves and black pants and shoes. "You're the people who reserved the private island?"

"Yes sir." Kaze tells him as we step on board.

"Ah, it's a good place to stay." He tells us. "It's fairly big, has a private beach, tropical plants-some of them fruit trees-and very nice accommodations. It's rather fun to explore, and your group seems like the adventurous type."

"You have nooooooo idea." Lola tells him. We sit down, our luggage stored in dry compartments under our seats, and, those of us that have them, hold on to our hats at the ship starts up, speeding across the crystal ocean. The hair pulls at my hair, droplets on the spray landing on the lenses on my goggles, which are down over my eyes. After a few minutes of flying over the ocean, we pull up to a dock at the smallish island, which has a stone path leading through the tropical plants, up to the large vacation home. It's roof is made of black slates, and the walls are white, with several one-way windows all over it. It's architecture is modern-ish, and by the way it's built, there's a steep slope on the other side.

"Come, I'll give you a tour." He helps us with our bags some, carrying two suit cases. We head up the stone steps, coming to the door, which has several one-way windows. "This is the main hall way." The captain tells us as we walk in. the walls are white with a wooden floor covered with a light sand color rug. There's a paper sliding door on the right, a white arch way to the left, some beach themed pictures on the walls, and that's it. "To the left is the kitchen, and right in here we have the dining room." The captain pushes open the sliding door to show a room with a long, dark brown table low to the ground, a green rug under it and flat, blue cushions around it.

"This is where we're supposed to eat?" Cole asks, confused.

"You sit on the cushions around the table." Kaze tells him. "It's what some people still do in the Fire Islands."

"Ah, I've been there before." I say, looking around the sunlit room. "It was really nice."

"I hope you'll enjoy this then." The captain tells us. "Now, if you follow me, I'll show you to the living room." We follow him down the hall, and at the end we come into a split level room with a tropical theme, the far wall made completely of window with a sliding door going out onto a balcony, a desk and chair with a computer, a very nice TV on a stand with video games, a wood and glass coffee table, two sofas, bookshelves set into the walls, some bean bag chairs, two arch ways, one on the left and one on the right. Against the wall with the arch we just came through, is a juice bar with a dark brown counter and a marble top to it, with four stools and the selves and cabinets set into the wall with several colorful bottles of fruit juice.

"Each of the arch ways goes into a hallway with bed rooms." The captain tells us. "There's plenty to choose from, and the one on the left, it has a stair case going up into the hallway. Also, the juice bar doesn't have any alcoholic beverages just so you know. Anyways, enjoy your stay and thank you for coming!" He tells us smiling. Turning, he starts to leave, only to accidentally bump into Rupert. "Ah! I'm sorry."

"That's alright." Rupert tells him, stepping to the side. "That was my fault for not moving." The captain nods awkwardly some, then continues on.

"Well, let's find our rooms, digadig." Pauleen says. The girls head to the one with the staircase, us boys heading towards the one without, coming into a hallway with several doors, more paintings, and a tall window at the end. Looking around, I try to choose which one to take.

'How about one at the end?' Flame thrower suggests. 'There would be more sunlight.'

'Hm. Good point...' I think, heading down the hallway with my stuff. Opening the door on the left, I come into a room with a circular bed with a black comfiture, white sheets and pillows, the top of the bed has a stand that's flat and pushed against the wall, wooden nightstands on both sides, the walls and carpet white, tall windows on the outside of the night stands and one above the bed, there's a sliding glass door that goes out onto the balcony which wraps around, There's a dresser and a desk with some books on the shelf, some paintings, a TV on the wall, and a door going into the bathroom. 'Not bad, not bad!' I think, dropping my stuff on the bed and unpacking.

'Ah...I love this place already!' Air Strike thinks, I receiving a mental image of him in his human form wearing mahogany purple swim trunks with small, sea green crystals on the outside of the pants leg, a straw hat and a fruit smoothie in one hand while he lounges in a hammock tied up between two palm trees on a beach.

'Hey, is it possible for you guys to do that?' I ask. 'Go into your human forms to go swimming?'

'It should be.' Flamethrower tells me.

'I hope so.' Cloud Cover says. 'Swimming seems like a lot of fun.'

'And it's good exercise!' I tell her, smiling some. After I finish unpacking, I put my suit case and duffle bag next to the dresser, then take a look in the bathroom, which is white with turquoise accents. There's a long window up high on the wall, so no one can see in due to it being one-way as well, there's a shower against the wall as well, a fancy vanity on the far wall with a mirror across the wall, then a tub with jets on a platform that has four stairs going up onto it, and next to the door is a shelf with towels, and next to that is the toilet. 'Again, not bad.'

"How're doing with your room?" I heard Todd ask, making me look to see him in the door way.

"Good. You?"

"Same." He tells me, smiling. "I have to admit, I really like it here! It's pretty peaceful."

"Yup." I tell him, smiling. "Maybe, JUST maybe, we'll have a nice, relaxing vacation." I tells him as I fold my arms behind my head. We then leave the room, walk down the hall into the living room, sitting on one of the sofas. "So, what do you wanna do?"

"I dunno." Todd tells me. "What do you wanna do?"

"...I dunno." I tell him, shrugging. "Hey Rupert, what do you wanna do?" I ask.

"...How did you know I just came in here?!" Rupert's voice asks, making Todd shoot up and twist around while I just look, to see Rupert standing in the arch way from our hallway with utter confusion on his face.

"...I dunno." I tell him, sitting back. 'I smelled him. He smells clean.'

'...ZUH?!' My vivosaurs ask, mentally falling over cartoon style.

'Well, Xavia said that extra nerve in my brain is what's giving me the ability to see in the dark and better hearing, so I just figured my sense of smell would get better as well.' I explain to them.

'...That makes sense.' Flamethrower tells me.

'I knew it would.' I respond, smiling.

"Well, you are able to do things some people can't." Rupert tells me, sitting on the sofa as well.

"Like survive a battle to the death with an ancient, evil skull that tried to capture me-like what?-eight times?" I ask.

"Precisely." He tells me, nodding.

"So, what do you wanna do?" Todd asks.

"OH! I know!" I say, sitting up and shooting my hand in the air. "He wants to do whatever Xavia wants to do!"

"THAT IS NOT TRUE!" Rupert yells, madly blushing while Todd and I laugh.

"You're sure?" Todd laughs.

"YES, I'm sure!" Rupert tells us, still blushing madly.

"Leave th' poor feller alone." Joe says, coming into the room. "After all, y'all oughtta know better than that."

"So we can't tease him about his crush on Xavia?" I ask.

"..." Joe gets a look of shock on his face, then looks at Rupert. "She's th' one yer in love wit'?!"

"...Yes..." Rupert says awkwardly, embarrassed.

"..." Joe just blinks, still surprised. After a few minutes, we've all assembled in the living room, Sarisa and Pauleen sitting at the juice bar watching Xavia make fruit smoothies, Cole, Kaze, Lester and Lola all sit in the bean bags, Todd, Rupert and I still sit on the same sofa while Joe lays stretched out on another one.

"So what should we do for lunch?" I ask. "We gotta head into town to get some groceries."

"We could have lunch here and go out to eat for supper." Kaze suggests.

"That's not a baaaaaaad idea." Lola agrees.

"I'm good for that." Cole says, Lester nodding in agreement.

"I've no objection." Xavia says, serving the two fruit smoothies.

"Sounds like a plan." Todd replies.

"Then I guess it's settled." Joe says, pushing his hat back.

"I'll go into town." I say, standing up and stretching my arms above my head.

"I'll come with." Kaze tells me, standing up.

"Me too!" Todd says, jumping to his feet.

"I can help." Xavia says, stepping out from behind the juice bar.

"Alright." I say, walking up the steps to the tops split level. "We'll be back in about an hour probably."

"Stay safe!" Sarisa tells us as we head out the door, and go down the stone path. We get to the dock, press a button that calls the captain to come get us. After a minute, his boat comes up to the dock, allowing us to board it, and ride it to the main island. After we arrive, we head into the town and to grocery store, which we head into, going through the aisles, picking up food and putting into the baskets in our hands.

"So, would you prefer if I made a whole chicken or a chicken in parts, like legs, wings and breasts?" I ask Kaze, while he, Todd and I stand looking at chicken while Xavia stands, leaning against the side of one of the aisle shelves, the grocery basket next to her feet.

"Ah, doesn't matter to me." He tells me, his voice casual.

"Hm..." I hum, looking at the selves of frozen chicken. "I could buy a whole one and make chicken salad with it, bake the chicken breasts, and grill the wings. Not sure what I could do with the legs aside from fry them, so I could do that to. Or...I could make some chicken stir fry, chicken ramen, or-"

"JUST HURRY UP AND CHOOSE!" Xavia suddenly yells, making me jump, and look at her with surprise.

"Okay! No need to yell!" I tell her, then looking back at the shelves. "I'll decide back at our hotel room." After putting the chicken into the basket, we buy the stuff and head back to the hotel room.

A few minutes later...

"So, what should I make for lunch?" I ask, everyone assembled in the kitchen, which has one-way window lining the right wall, white cabinets and white counters with black marble tops, and island that has the stove, and is spilt level, so the cooking area is at regular height while the higher part is to accommodate the wooden stools painted white with black cushions, the counters and cabinets cover the back and left wall, with the fridge and sink among them. There's a microwave and hot beverage maker as well, a small, square table close to the left wall with two chairs, making a little breakfast nook, and a vase of bright, canary yellow flowers on the table.

"Something with chicken." Kaze tells me, sitting on one of the stools along with Lola, Todd, Rupert, Pauleen, and Xavia, Joe and Lester sitting at the table chairs, and Cole just standing. Sarisa stands next to me, wearing a plain white apron like the one I wear, she having offered to help me cook, which I gladly accepted.

"Chicken salad would be the fastest thing to make." Todd tells us.

"Chicken salad it is then!" Sarisa says cheerfully. Lester, Todd and Xavia watch us, while the rest all go off, probably relaxing, reading a book, watching TV, or playing video games. We get the whole chicken out, put a pot of water on the stove, put some salt in it, wait for it to come to a boil, the put the chicken in, then chat with Lester, Todd and Xavia while it cooks. After that's done, Sarisa gets two plates, I putting the boiled chicken on one of them, allowing Sarisa to cut the back open to help it cool off. While it does that, we put the chicken broth away, to use to cook later, then clean up the kitchen. The chicken cools, allowing me to debone it, then handing the meat to Sarisa, who tears it into pieces, putting the pieces onto the other plate. After that, We wash out hands, then put the chicken into a bowl, mix in some mayo and salt, then making the chicken salad into sandwiches.

"LUNCH TIME!" I call, the five of us that were in the kitchen going into the dining room, I setting the platter of sandwiches on the table. Everyone else comes in, grabbing a sandwich and eating as we discuss what to do for the rest of the day.

"Let's go to the beach, diga!" Pauleen says.

"Which one?" Xavia asks. "There's the private beach here, then there's the main beach."

"We could go to the main one and see if it's nice." Kaze says. "If we don't like it, then we could go to the private one."

"I'm with Kaze." Lola says.

"Well, it is a good plan." Joe agrees.


I come into the living room, wearing my swim trunks, white shirt, goggles, black flip flops, and my deep blue towel over my shoulder. Everyone's in their swim wear, Xavia and Sarisa wearing their pullovers. Kaze wears black swim trunks with blue flames along the legs, his goggles, and he's holding his surf board, which is black with red tribal markings down the sides with a blue stripe down the middle. He wears no shirt, allowing the world to see his arm, chest, and abdomen muscles. Cole has on his glasses, his spike necklace and chain necklace that has the key on it, his swim trunks being white with black at the top and at the ends, and he wears no shirt, showing his scrawny figure. Lester has on white swim trunks with black bars on the front middle of the legs, and a white shirt. Lola's wearing a one piece with the straps connecting in the back, the top half of it being black. We head out, board the boat, and ride to the main island, then Todd and I running ahead of everyone down the wooden walkway over the dunes to the beach.

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