Chapter 3

The Knight in White Armor arises

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from level 5 and white knight chronicles 1 or 2 this is just my opinion of what should have really happened in the game. Thank you and enjoy viewers.

We last lifted off with our newly found trio of misfit teenagers who had just said their goodbyes to raus as he was escorted back to Parma with armed guards. Now we have Leonard, Yulie and myself walking through the castle seeing all the important representatives from faria. Little do we know that we are about to witness a tragedy that will shock both countries for generations to come.

Leonard: Come on you two let's see the upper level where the music is playing.

Yulie: Um Leonard I don't think we should be up here.

Will: Yeah Leonard we may get into some serious trouble.

Leonard: wow Will are you scared? Is one little peek gonna hurt?

Will: Ugh whatever if we get caught I'm punching you until your head cracks open.

Yulie: I got second debs.

Leonard: ha ha alright we'll see. Now let's hurry.

As we proceeded to the highest floor I started to notice that this is my very first royal party, unfortunately I was intruding on. In my mind I was thinking (Wow I'm in a royal ball. I've heard so much about these from the villagers back at home. I just wish I was invited. But I'm more or less surprised we haven't got caught yet.) As I ended my day dreaming we made it to the top floor where I saw a glimpse of the most eloquent and important people in all of balandor dancing.

Will: WOOOW. (My eyes sparkled with amazement)

Leonard: O yeah this is your very first royal ball isn't it will?

Yulie: Ours too Leonard.

Leonard: O yeah that's right. So what do you think will?

Will: It's amazing. I just wish these guys could learn how to dance in a different way than just a circle. It looks boring.

Yulie: ha ha yeah looks really boring. (In yulie's mind "I wish I could dance with someone. O whatever I'll just get some cake").

As we were all watching the party from a far we noticed an elderly man and a young woman walk towards the chair in the far end of the room.

? : Good evening fellow guests. I am King Valtos, proud leader of balandor and proud father of my beloved daughter Princess Cisna who's coming of age celebration is today. She is now 18 years of age. I couldn't be any more proud than I already am of my beloved daughter. Unfortunately, she hasn't spoken since the horrible incident. If only her mother was here to celebrate this momentous day.

Leonard: Wow it's her, the princess.

Will: So that's the princess? Wow she's quite beautiful. Hey what was that about her mother not being here? Did she pass?

Yulie: Yes she did. An assassin from faria tried to kill the princess, but fortunately for the princess the late queen had given her life to protect her.

Will: …O I-I see.

Yulie: Hey are you ok?

Will: O Y-yes I'm fine. Hey what's the piece of food you have there?

Yulie: O this? Wow you don't even know what cake is?

Will: un uh, looks good. Can I have some? please?

Yulie: No way get your own pal.

Will: O come on just one piece?

Yulie: No. Will get away h-hey stop it.

Will: I won't stop until I get a piece so just give up.

Yulie: Grrrrrrrr.

Leonard: Wait, Cisna saw that? She saw her mother die?

Yulie: hmmmm will come here for a second if you want a piece of cake.

Unfortunately to my painful wakeup call Yulie had hit me over the head with her fist. Then after finishing her cake she had jumped on Leonard's back to see what he was doing.

Yulie: Hey Leonard whatcha doin? Hm? You know it's rude to stare at royalty.

As I regained conciseness I had overheard what yulie just said

Will: Yeah Leonard staring is impolite. OW that hurt Yulie.

Yulie: That's what you get fat head, trying to steal my cake the nerve.

Will: O someone got jokes now huh?

Yulie: O of course hehehe.

Will: hehe I guess you are kinda funny Yulie.

Yulie: Why thank you sir.

In the town center

Civilian 1: This is so much fun.

Child 1: I love the circus mommy.

Mother1: I do to sweetie.

?: Now it's time to end this silly charade. It's SHOWTIME!


As the explosion had shocked the civilians the clowns had torn off their circus clothing to reveal themselves as magi and jumped off stage to only start attacking the people in the crowd with swords and spears. What's worst is the fact that a giant lizard like creature with fire sipping from its mouth and had a huge cannon on its back that we'll call pyredaemos crawled from underneath the float and slowly made its towards the castle.

Back inside the castle walls

Leonard: I think I've seen her before.

Yulie: You mean the princess?

Will: wow really?

Leonard: Yeah it's was a long time ago thou. Like when I was like 7.

Yulie: ….hmmmmm.

Will: That's amazing, meeting someone as important as the princess must not be easy.

King Valtos: As we celebrate my daughter's coming of age ceremony let us not forget to give glory to our beloved land of balandor. Once again I must thank you all for attending my dearest daughter Cisna's birthday. If only the late queen could be here to see her smiling she would surely…..

Before the king could finish his sentence he was interrupted by a wounded soldier who had managed to escape the invader's onslaught of blades.

Will: O no what happed to that guy? I gotta help that guy. Wait here I'll be right back.

Yulie: (Yulie quickly grabs me arm and says) Wait will you can't go out there were not invited guests in here, but I understand what you're saying. I want to help too.

Leonard: *gasp*

Wounded soldier: Y-y-your majesty please you must run.

King Valtos: what is the meaning of this intrusion? Answer me.

Wounded soldier: P-please your majesty you, must, r-r-run.

The wounded soldier falls to the floor without another word.

Royal woman: aaaahhhhh!

The party guests start to panic as they see the body.

Princess Cisna: *Gasp*

As if matter weren't bad enough a huge explosion completely obliterates the main entrance to the castle as soldiers known as the magi pour into the castle, luckily the castle guard led by Captain Cyrus was there to intercept the coming threat. The blast came from the pyredaemos.

Captain Cyrus: All men to battle! We must not let them get to the king and princess. Hold them back men! Your kingdom and castle need you fend off this threat!

King Valtos had taken Cisna to an upward flight of steps to the right of the chair that the king had been sitting. Then I decided to run and take a look into the inner hall where I saw a ridiculous amount of swords and spears running throughout the entire castle with one single motive. Kill anything that moves! During that time Leonard had noticed that the princess was gone. So he leaves to find her.

Will: Um Leonard, Yulie we have company!

Yulie: Tell me something I don't know.

Will: Ok. Umm well Leonard's gone.

Yulie: ha ha that's funny. Leonard's right beside m…. Huh? Leonard where did he!

Will: That idiot, looks like it's just me and you Yulie.

Yulie: Yeah we can take'em.

Will: here come 1, 2, 3 um well over 10 of them.

Yulie: O boy this is gonna be tough but we can do it.

Will: Let's do this!

Me and Yulie VS 18 Magi soldiers = (9 swordsmen and 9 spearmen)

As me and Yulie fought for our lives the king and princess Cisna had made it halfway up the staircase where they were stopped by a knight dress in black armor and piercing red eyes, with an ebony sword in hand.

?: …..

King Valtos: How did you?

Cisna: *gasp!*

The knight said nothing. All he did was take more steps towards the king, and before you knew it King Valtos had taken a critical hit from the unknown knight's Thrust attack doing infinite damage that kills human beings on impact.

King Valtos: UGHHHHH!

Seeing her father stabded through the heart broke the princess's silence.

Cisna: FATHER! Father please wake up. Open your eyes father. Please?

King Valtos: O cisna I'm so happy to hear your voice again my dear child. Now go dear child please. You, must, live.

As the king said his final goodbye to his dearly beloved daughter he closed his eyes very slowly and letting his body go limp and loose. Indicating that he was….

Cisna: NO!

As Cisna let out a loud cry the armored knight had set his sights on the princess.

Cisna: No.

?: Don't worry I'll reunite you with your parents NOW!

As the black armored Knight decided it was time to end the royal blood line another sword crossed the evil knight's just in time to stop it from hitting the princess. When the princess looked up to see what had happen she only saw a light brown haired boy holding off the blade that killed her father.

Cisna: Ugh wha?

Leonard: Princess don't worry I'll protect you.

Cisna: Who are you?

Leonard: I'm sorry princess we have to talk a little later. Right after I get you out of here!

Leonard put all of the might he had into a moon slash knocking the black clayed knight off balance.

Leonard: Now's our chance Princess let's go!

Leonard took the princess by the hand and ran away from the dazed knight.

?: Not bad.

As Leonard held the princess's hand she stumbles on the ground still in shock that her father was just killed in cold blood.

Leonard: Princess come on we have to go.

Cisna: But my father!

Leonard: I know Cisna, but if we go back they'll kill you.

Cisna: Wh-who are you? I believe we have meet somewhere before.

Leonard: We have princess I am Leonard, but princess you can't give up here. Your kingdom is in trouble and needs a leader.

Cisna: B-but I don't know if I can.

Leonard: I know you can. You mustn't give up hope. I care about yo- um your people care about and love you Cisna. Don't worry I'll protect you always. And as long as I live I won't let them get you. Not you.

Cisna: Leonard.

As Leonard extended his hand out to the princess she gave her hand to him and slowly started to pick her up.

Leonard: Come on we have to get to safety.

?: Are you survivors? Come this way.

As soon as both Leonard and cisna tried to make their way to the mysterious elderly man falling debris had blocked the path.

As soon as Leonard led Cisna towards a tunnel beneath balandor the elderly man had made his way somewhere else.

Leonard: huh what's this?

Cisna: A secret passage?

Leonard: Well whatever it is it's a good place to escape so let's go.

Balandor Secret Passage

As Leonard and princess Cisna made their way through the dugong like tunnels they had ran into trouble along the way, magi.

Cisna: No not this way.

Leonard: I'm sorry princess, but we're out of options.

Magi sorcerer: Hey look there it's the princess. KILL HER!

Magi soldiers and the one sorcerer started to charge at Leonard, but he was ready to take them down.

Cisna: Be careful Leonard.

As Leonard slashed through the first 2 soldiers with 2 moon slashes each they both died, but the sorcerer had used fire lance on Leonard who took 34 damage.

Leonard: argh! HOT!

Cisna: Leonard! Cisna casts heal II (Leonard Recovers 134 HP)

Leonard: wow Cisna you can use mana spells?

Cisna: Leonard behind you!

Leonard: whoa!

Leonard had just barely dodged an incoming run through attack from the last magi warrior. The sorcerer is now casting earth shard.

Leonard: O no you don't! Take this!

Leonard blocks the incoming attack from the magi solider with his shield and counters with a simple slash attack to the neck leaving him in a pool of his own blood. The magi sorcerer had cast earth shard at Leonard.

Leonard: Whoa Whoa WHOA!

Leonard got hit by the Earth mana attack taking 45 damage and almost fell to his doom. Leonard was hanging on the edge of the circular floor.

Leonard: ah. No I must protect Cisna.

Cisna: *Gasp* Leonard hold on I'll help you up!

As Cisna tried to lend Leonard a hand but, the magi sorcerer had set his sights on Cisna.

Cisna: N-no stay back.

Leonard: No leave her alone!

Leonard uses all his strength to pull himself up and dashes very quickly towards the magi sorcerer and slashes the sorcerer's staff in half and the slash had cut the sorcerer's chest and lifted him for dead.

Cisna: O Leonard Thank you. You have saved me twice in one day.

Leonard: It's nothing Princess. Now let's hurry I think I see an exit.

Cisna: I see it too let's hurry.

Leonard's thoughts: (I hope Will and Yulie are ok)

The middle of the castle

Captain Cyrus: Archduke Dalam. Your Excellency please speak to me…..

Archduke dalam: haaaa ughhhhh aarrhhhhhhh…

Archduke Dalam had closed his eyes due to the fact he had shared a similar fate to the king had just endured.

Soilder 1: Gods I can't believe this is happening.

Captain Cyrus: Damn the peace between us and faria has just died with him.

Soilder 2: Sir Cyrus! The King!

Cyrus: What of him?

As the soilder told the bad news to Cyrus his facial expression said "NO!"

Now let's see if me and Yulie are ok.

Will: HAA! haa! HAA! This is… a problem. I've never fought so many enemies in an endless cycle before. This would be great training if my opponents weren't trying to kill me ha ha ha.

Yulie hits me over the head with her bow and says: This is no time for jokes Will! We are in serious trouble here. I'm out of arrows and you're tried out with more of those creeps coming.

Will: Good point. Yulie get behind me.

Yulie: What? Will your way too tired to fight. You get behind me.

Will: Yulie this is no time to be brave.

Yulie: Like you can talk mister hero. Now get behind me.

Will: Yulie no offense, but you have no arrows lifted making your bow useless. How are you going to protect me let alone yourself? I don't want you getting hurt so please get behind me.

Yulie: But will if you….. You! Ugh! Fine! (After puffing up one of her cheeks like a little kid with an attitude she finally decided to stand behind me).

I was happy knowing the fact that I might die, but I'll die by a friend someone I want to protect.

Magi soldiers arrived and headed straight for me and Yulie.

Will: O crap. Here they come.

Yulie: Hey if you think that you're going down swing without me then you're wrong pal.

Will: ha I amazed at how you can still be so calm Yulie.

Yulie: Well a friend of mine is in danger and I don't want him or me to die here so I'm going to protect your sorry butt, find Leonard and knock his lights out for leaving us and save the kingdom. How's that sound?

Will: Wow. That sounds pretty heroic.

Yulie: I know right?

Will: Yes it does, but don't worry I know you are scared. I am too, but I'll protect you Yulie.

Yulie then blushes at the fact that even thou we just met I am willing to protect her, someone I who I had just met a few hours ago under work related circumstances. Well that and when I stood on my feet with my back turned towards her and sword on my shoulder I looked pretty cool ha ha. *Ahem* back to story at hand then.

Yulie: W-will you know you don't have to do this.

Will: Shhhhhh Yulie you're my friend and I will always protect my friends with my life. That's just who I am and what I do.

As yulie was about to say another word 3 magi warriors had finally came within sword distance and started to attack, but these 3 magi were a lot taller to the other magi by comparison and had very large weapons at least the size of a 10 year old child. We'll call them berserkers. I was scared of what might happen to Yulie if she got hit by one of those axes so I stood strong in the face of certain death. In my weakened state I had no choice but to block for majority of the fight. Fortunately, the first 2 berserkers weren't all that strong. They went down with 1 deadly fang and triple fang each. As usual, they were all muscle no skill, but the last magi saw how powerful I was and decided to pull out a trump card, his ace in the hole so to speak. He pulled out a card that was covered and oozing dark purple mana, held it to his forehead and he muttered a single word to himself. "Ven" he said as he transformed into a humanoid beast with rippling muscles. He had given his sanity away for sheer power just to defeat me. (Wow I'm a treat.) Too bad I'm too weak from the last 20 magi fights. As I readied myself to defend Yulie the Ape like creature had charge at us at full speed.

Ape magi: AAARRRRRGGGGGGG! (Ape magi uses infinite impact.)

Will: O this is a problem. I don't enough strength to beat this monster. (I took a defensive stance as if it would help. My health is 213 at best, but it's down to 59 now. On top of that my weapon was starting to show wear and tear damage, more so my armor which was slowly cracking down the middle of my chest plate).

I didn't have any more mana to cast heal I on myself and no AC due to the fact that I used deadly fang and triple fang twice already. On top of that no healing potions) (side note to people who have and haven't played the game this is the worst situation to be in)

As soon as the ape had come within striking range I pushed Yulie out of the way to reassure myself of her safety, but in doing so I lifted myself wide open to the ape's attack. Yulie had landed on her side and saw the monster getting ready to attack.

Yulie: ahhhh! Will behind you!

Will: Grrrrr! (I blocked as quickly as possible)

As you can image I took a lot of damage and was on the brink of death. I literally had 3% health lifted. I was blocking at the last second so what I took was 2/5ths of the damage of the ape's attack. I had flown back into a stone pillar back first then my head. The impact made me cough a little blood and I hit the pillar just hard enough to break it down the middle.

Will: ARGH! UGH! COFF! I-is that all you g-g-got…..

I needled on 1 knee and held my ribs as they were the source of my pain.

Yulie: WILL! O No! Hang on I'll heal you!

Will: No yulie Run! Argh!

Yulie: NO! I'm not leaving you behind Will I won't!

Will: Yulie this is not the time for….. ARGH! Gods! My ribs are killing me.

Yulie: Stop talking. Save your energy. I gotta get you out of here.

Ape magi: ARG! (Ape magi charges Angry Barrage)


Yulie: FOR THE LAST TIME NO! I won't leave your side!

Will: Y-Yulie.

Yulie: …. Shhhhh now it's my turn to protect you now.

Yulie somehow managed to pick up my sword, but she kinda struggled to keep it up. As you can image I was surprised at how yulie even managed to pick up the handle of my sword. Her long sword skills were little to non-existent.

Yulie: Ugh wow this thing is really heavy. You must be very strong will. You could have taken this guy down if these creeps didn't use sheer numbers to win fights.

Will: Yulie just be careful.

As the ape charged at yulie her arms gave way to the weight of my sword. Yulie then threw my sword at my feet, rushed towards me and stood in front of me with her arm wide open as to be my last line of defense.

Yulie: If you want to get to him you'll have to go through me first!

Will: YULIE!

Yulie closed her eyes as if it were her last, until we both heard a loud thud. By some miracle the ape had been killed by a mysterious old man.

?: Are you two ok?

Yulie: who are you?

?: My name is Eldore at your service. Can you stand young man?

Will: Ugh thank you sir for saving my f-f-friend. (I had so much pain dealt to me that I had fallen to the floor back first which took 1 damage and was unable to answer the elderly man's question. I was still awake thanks to my armor that had now been broken down the middle of the chest plate after getting hit with every type of physical standard move like slash, thrust, chop, impale, skewer, cross lance, shatter, crush, helmet breaker. Plus to top it all off the ape's attack).

Yulie: Will! O no!

Yulie had rushed to my side. She picked my upper body up off the floor and held my back with one arm and placed her other hand on my head to brush away my hair from my face to see if I had been knocked unconscious.

Will: u-ugh, hey Yulie. (With a smile on my face)

Yulie: Will? You're alive.

Eldore: that's nothing short of amazing, (And impossible). The armor you have on is quite fascinating it is too bad it's destroyed. (Maybe I could fix it with heal)

Will: O no dad's armor. Ugh damn it!

Yulie was shocked to hear I was upset about my armor and had let me go and I hit my head on the red carpet. As you can imagine I took 1 more damage point. People I am dying here with one hit point lifted.

Will: OW! Yulie! what's with you?

Yulie: What's with me? what's with you mister big shot hero?

Will: Mister big shot hero wha?

Yulie: You're more worried about your stupid armor than yourself!

Will: Stupid armor! My father gave me this armor as protection from any and all danger! It's been passed down from generation to generation! So don't you dare call it my family armor stu….

Yulie: WHO CARES? You could have died and you had me worried when you took that blow head on you idiot! (A tear started to roll down Yulie's eye as she was very upset at the fact that I was being too much of a hero and looked like I wanted to die.)

Will: Y-yulie I.

Yulie continues to cry: I'm sorry will. I didn't mean to call your armor stupid. It's just I was worried ok? I didn't want you to get hurt because of me. If only I could have protected you. If only I weren't so weak. If only i….

Before yulie finished her sentence I slowly got back to my feet, walked up to her and pulled her close to my body and held her in my arms to comfort her.

Yulie: W-will what are you doing? L-let me go you idiot.

Will: Yulie its ok. I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't want you getting hurt so I put my life on the line to protect you. I'm just glad you're safe Yulie. I didn't mean to make you cry.(I then placed one hand on her head and rub her head while holding her with my other arm making her cry even louder out of sheer joy.)

Yulie: *Sniff* Thank you will. (Yulie then wraps her arms around me and squeezes me. In this situation a guy would do the same thing, but my rubs were very much broken and Yulie is a very strong hugger).

Will: Ugh Yulie y-your crushing m-me. (With this hug I had been K.O'd)

Yulie: hhhhmmmmmm you're so warm for some reason and your heart is beating really fast did you take too much damage from that attack?

As yulie tried to look at the expression on my face when she asked her question I had passed out from the intense pain she had given me in her bear hug. My eyes were now circular lines.

Yulie: Will! O no I killed him!

Eldore: Ha ha o no miss you just held him too tightly around his ribs. He is very strong young man, especially if he's still alive after an attack like that.

Yulie: so is he ok?

Eldore: His ribs are broken, but I can fix that really quickly along with his armor.

Yulie: O good please do.

Eldore casts heal II on me twice giving my body, my armor and sword a repair in the process I regained all my health and then some. It was like nothing had ever happened.

Will: ugh huh, uh Yulie? What happened?

Yulie: Will? AAAAAA you're alive ha ha ha I'm so happy I didn't kill you. (Once again yulie wraps her arms around me. This time while on the floor)

I was blushing at the fact that Yulie was practically on top of me and hugging me.

Will: Y-Yulie! What are you….

Yulie: O shut it Will you know I was going to hug you again anyway.

Will: B-but eldore is right there and….

Yulie: And?

Eldore: Do I need to give you two to some privacy?

Yulie: HUH?(Yulie starts to blush) O no no no no no no. ha it's not like that I was just ummmm….

Eldore: You two are quite the pair.

Will: The pair? (Now I started to blush twice as hard ugh this is so embarrassing)

Yulie: ANYWAY will are you ok? Is anything still hurting?

Eldore: If you need I could heal you again.

Will: O no I'm fine. I'm just worried about Leonard.

Yulie: O that's right! We have to hurry. Who knows what he's up to?

Eldore: Quickly this way.

After having a near death experience I think it's time to see what the Princess and Leonard are doing.

Leonard and Cisna are now in a tunnel underneath us, Miles underneath us and are now walking through a tunnel.

Leonard: Cisna I'm sorry. I Promise to bring that guy in the black armor to justice.

Cisna: Thank you Leonard.

Leonard: It's no problem.

As the princess and Leonard shared a moment staring at each other all of a sudden the pyredaemos had broken through the walls behind them.


Leonard: Damnit! Cisna let's go down this tunnel.

Cisna: o-ok.

As Leonard lead the princess and himself through the tunnels the pyredaemos had broken trough the wall behind them, knocking them both out for a few seconds. Leonard awoke first to see an awaking cisna on his stomach to lock eyes and move away quickly while blushing.

Leonard: Huh? What's that?

Cisna: We found this armor a few years ago during a terrible catastrophe. No knows where it came from but our guess is it was made by the ancients.

Leonard: whoa those guys must have been giants. (Not even Will is that tall)

Eldore: That is an incorruptis.

Leonard: A wha? Where did you….

Eldore: It is a weapon of war. It is a powerful yet terrible power.

Leonard: This thing is a weapon?

Eldore: I assume that the magi are after this, the ark.

Leonard: Ark? Magi?

After a moment of unanswered questions being answered the pyredaemos had blown the remaining rocks that had divided them apart.

Cisna like a classic damsel in distress she says: *GASP*

Leonard: Damn it's here.

Eldore: Perfect timing. Wait what are you doing!

Leonard: Something. I don't what but something is better than nothing.

Eldore: Boy stay away from that if you value your life.

At this time Cisna starts to have mana pouring out all around her and also chanting words of some sort.

Eldore: But only the chosen few can wield such power.

Leonard: Then I guess it's time to see if I'm worthy. If I'm not then were dead.

Eldore: No.

At this time me and Yulie are on our way from the crack eldore had came through. If you must know how he made his way to Leonard before us then hear it is. It was because he had a good head start on us and I may have gotten us lost.

Will: Huh Leonard what's going… um what the heck is that?

Yulie: Leonard!

Leonard takes the gauntlet like glove and slides it on. It then starts to release beams of energy everywhere.

In the present time we are all standing still frozen in place even pyredaemos is standing still, but Leonard is on his own in an unfamiliar place.

Leonard: what the? Where am I?

?: You are in the pact makers' realm young one.

Leonard: Gah! Who are you?

?: I am Phantom, the spirit of the white knight.

Phantom: Now young warrior draw thoust blade and prove thy worthiness.

Leonard had taken the spirit's challenge and drew his sword. Leonard uses moon slash, but misses quite badly because the spirit can move like the wind. Phantom had cast ice lance. It made contact with Leonard's leg.

Leonard: argh my leg. (Leonard takes 35 damage)

Leonard leg had been frozen solid.

Phantom had begun to rush towards Leonard with a strike attack trying to make contact. Leonard then used fire lance on his leg to thaw his leg free from being frozen in place. Leonard then decided he should end this as quickly as possible by using his new move raging blade and hope it does the trick which it did. Luckily phantom wasn't very strong. Phantom has taken the 100 damage and has been defeated.

Phantom: O thou hast proven thyself worthy now I bestow upon you my power no pact maker and new master.

Leonard: Huh what's happening?

As phantom disappears out of Leonard's sight Leonard is now transported, but to where he was standing before he grabbed the gauntlet ark.

Will: Ugh what the? Leonard what just happened?

Leonard: I don't know.

Yulie: Leonard.

Eldore: He's alive, incredible. Is he really…..

The pyredaemos draws closer. Leonard noticed this and decides to chat a sentence.

Leonard: O wizel, white warrior, wielder of the ancient sword.

The pyredaemos uses smash.

Cisna: Watch out!

The pyredaemos had shattered the ground where Leonard was standing on but…..

Cisna: No…..

The pyredaemos noticed that it didn't hit anything and started to attack the incorruptis. The giant weapon had fallen, breaking the chains around it. Then the pyredaemos stomped on the unresponsive incorruptis and turned his sights to Eldore and the princess. Then out of nowhere Leonard appeared with a small dagger in hand and then slides it into the gauntlet….

Leonard: grant me your power. Verto!

In the beautiful display of lights the incorruptis had been covered in the light as well as Leonard. Now both Leonard and the incorruptis are one.

Will: Well, that's something you don't see every day.

Yulie: Leonard? Is that really him?

Eldore: This is….. Interesting to say the least.

At this time Sir Cyrus had made his way with several other men to see a moving incorruptis.

Cyrus: what how is it even moving? It's been a motionless as these stone walls for 17 years.

The pyredaemos is now on the attack and is charging its turret to only be stopped by a simple thrust attack to its head area.

Pyredaemos: RRRRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHHH! Pyredaemos takes 101 damage.

The white incorruptis is now on the offensive with slash attacks to the left and right legs taking a whooping amount of 225 damage. The pyredaemos is now dazed at the damage it has been dealt and is now on the verge of dying so it decides it's time to take their battle top side, but Leonard also had the same idea as it was in everyone's best interest to not get crushed by falling debris. So Leonard gaze the pyredaemos a punch to the face then another doing 98 damage and going underneath its belly using his leg strength to push them through the floor of balandor castle.

?: Hm what in the? It cannot be.

White Knight Leonard: Alright now we can't fight it out here with no distractions.

Then Leonard slashed the pyredaemos around the turret to break the pyredaemos's primary offense just so it wouldn't shoot at anything or anyone any more, but this only angered the pyredaemos and it used tackle on Leonard. Luckily, Leonard was ready and had caught the beast by its face and with a swell of power gave it a very clean haymaker to the face sending the beast flying trough the walls of the castle.

White Knight Leonard: Whoa what power.

Once again the pyredaemos isn't going down without a fight.

Once Leonard got outside we slowly rushed outside to see a standoff between Leonard and the pyredaemos.

Yulie and Cisna: Leonard.

Will: wow amazing. Mom was right. The world is an amazing place. I guess I loss our bet.

As we watched Leonard fight the Lizard like monster a certain black armored knight lurked in the shadows. The pyredaemos had taken its stance as it was ready to fight to the death.

White Knight Leonard: OK fire breath let's end this.

Leonard then lunges towards the beast and slashes its turret. This time it feel off completely. The pyredaemos was knocked off balance and lift itself wide out to an attack. Leonard saw this and jumped into the air and dove down with his sword whitesteel and drove it trough the pyredaemos's head doing 135 damage.

Pyredaemos defeated.

Will: Whoa. Alright Leonard!

Eldore: Good show lad. You pulled it off.

Yulie: Nicely done Leonard.

White Knight Leonard has now reverted back to human Leonard.

Leonard: how did I just do that?

As Leonard was trying to answer unanswerable questions….

Cisna: aaaaaahhhhhh!

The princess somehow got grabbed by a short ugly man and the knight that killed the king on a giant hook like object.

Cyrus: O no the princess.

Will: Where did they come from!

Leonard hears cisna's cries for help and dashes towards her in an attempt to save her, but to no avail. They were too high up to reach.

?: I must say a kid like him can really control the awesome power of knight like that? I must say indeed I am interested in seeing how this progresses. Well this puts a damper on things.

?: I would call this much more urgent topic than "a damper".

?: He is indeed going to be a troublesome little pest in the near future. So what if he has a knight we cannot afford to get hung up on this topic so let us be off and beside we have the princess in our grasp so it's not all a total failure.

?: Indeed, time has been a cruel mistress to those who have been deemed unfit to led whole countries on ideals alone. Luckily, for us these two nations will pick up arms and fight in another pointless blood splattering war to avenge their fallen comrades.

?: Yes the world we have long since desired is soon to be born in due time general.

As the gigantic airship had began to speed up Leonard realized that this was his last chance to save the Princess.

Leonard: Princess!

Cisna: Leonard!

Leonard: Cisna!

And with that loud roar from Leonard he makes a final attempt to save Cisna, but once again to no avail. Leonard had sadly given up.

Inside the castle

As time rolled on we return to the castle where 2 coffins lied in the middle of the king's hall, one with faria's insignia and the other with balandor's.

Cyrus: NO! I just cannot believe this! King Valtos! (With a pound filled with emotion to the ground showing how much he cared for the king.)

Leonard and Yulie's heads were hanging low as the floor while I was leaning against a stone pillar with my arms crossed with a serious expression on my face and eyes closed thinking to myself (Wow what just happened? A king and archduke murdered, a princess kidnapped and two kingdoms falling apart and blaming each other for the loss of their monarchs? This is a bit much to take in. Dad told me the world outside of Lagonia would be a challenging the road filled with lies, depiction and painful truths. But they also have something that I haven't experienced in Lagonia, new opportunities to finds new friends and adventures. That's how he met mom. Ha-ha wow dad was an adventurer when he was my age. Wow and I'm 20, still that's still pretty young. Hm I guess I'll just have to find out what other opportunities are out there for me to have another than my new friends of Leonard and Yulie. Besides looks like they need all the help they can get).

Sarvain: Sir Cyrus I understand and share your pain, but we must take over in the king's footsteps and lead balandor.

Cyrus: Watch your tough sarvain you share nothing close to my pain. King Valtos had taken me a homeless little pup on the bad side of balandor's slums into his arms and actually called me son. The king was a great man and an even greater father to me. The kingdom shall surely fall without his guidance and wisdom.

Sarvain: Unfortunately, our country wasn't the only one to loss an important royal leader. The archduke of faria had been killed in the mists of this attack and surely faria will hold us accountable for his untimely demises. We need to prepare balandor for a possible invasion from faria. Thou this may come as a shock we must not waste anymore time grieving.

Cyrus: grrrrrrr.

Sarvain: Now we have two missions. #1 save princess Cisna and # 2 maintain order inside of balandor's walls. Now you must suck up your pride and remember you are the castle guard captain and you must uphold the law of balandor. So put your personal feelings aside and return to your sacred duty. Now for the young man….Leonard if I'm not mistaken you are a pact maker and have been granted great power. You are now the white knight.

Leonard: Me?

Sarvain: In ancient times the knight was created as a tool of destruction and chaos built by our forbears the ancients, the white knight also is known as the incorruptus.

Will: incorruptus?

Sarvain: during the cataclysm 17 years ago the knight had been found in a temple that had been reviled to us after the tremors stopped. We took possession of the unknown relic and locked it away in balandor's underground treasure vault. All of balandor's best scientists were baffled by the incorruptus's creation. No secrets were made clear. Basically, only people who have been deemed worthy are allowed to wield the power of the knight and in turn those are the knight's pact makers. The books would tell us no more than that.

Will: Wait pactmakERS? How many knights' are there?

Cyrus: Sarvain look at him he's just a boy.

Leonard: Hey I don't know how but I unlocked its power and I was just going on basic survival instincts.

Sarvain: Then the knight has chosen you lad. Whatever the reason it is you have the power. Right now I must ask you a favor of grave importance. I need you to save the princess for us. You must use the knight's power to rescue her lad.

Leonard: HMMMM? I could save Cisna?

Cyrus: Are you mad?

Yulie: Time out! Leonard isn't a soilder for the royal army so why send him?

Will: Not to be rude sir, but why not send your own men after her highness?

Sarvain: Well the weight of this situation is much more than our men can bare. The Bandits who invaded our home are ancient worshiping radicals. We call them the magi because in their possession they hold the power of the ancient magic to summon terribly powerful beasts and monsters with unspeakable power. They come in all different sizes, shapes and verities unlike anything you have ever seen.

Will: You mean like giant apes for example?

Yulie: O yeah that thing that almost wipe us out.

Leonard: Wait wiped out? You guys were in trouble?

Me and Yulie both hit Leonard over the head and said: Yes you idiot!

Leonard: Ow! sorry guys.

Sarvain: y-yes and much more, but I wonder how you knew about that?

Cyrus: Yes, how do you know about the magi's power? In fact who are you? You look rather familiar. Did we meet within the castle walls?

Will: Um. (A sweat drop started to drip from the back of my head)

Now I was being questioned by both Sarvain and Cyrus, but I answered their questions calmly and decisively: Well I and my friend Yulie here were fighting off magi until one of them pulled out a card, held it to his forehead and said the word "Ven". Then he started to swell up with this black mana and transformed into this animal with muscles the size of a 5 year old child.

Cyrus: That cannot be true. Then again there have been far worst creatures that we have seen. So then you do know about the magi?

Sarvain: Preposterous how mad are you to actually think that we'd believe such nonsense? Tell us the truth or I shall I have to imprison you for possible allegiance with the magi.

Eldore: I can say for an instance that what this young man says is nothing but the truth. I saw how he and this young lady hold off those magi and he is indeed as worthy a pact maker as that young man Leonard over there. There is really no need to imprison this young man.

Sarvain: Well that's not the case unfortunately so we still need to know who you are stranger.

Cyrus: Yes who are you? Speak your name.

Will: Ok. My name is William, William Vermillion sirs.

As soon as Sarvain and Cyrus heard my name they both somehow knew my name.

Cyrus: What, you're a Vermillion?

Sarvain: I thought the legendary warriors from Lagonia were long since dead.

Leonard and Yulie: Wait legendary?

Eldore: I must say it does not surprise me. Your strength does seems to be that of legend.

Will: Wait legendary?

Sarvain: my word I must say for a vermillion to show up here and now is a blessing of the gods.

Cyrus: Wait sarvain he may just be a lower level fighter who just fights to protect himself. Now here's another question do you know who the Lone Wolf Giant is?

Will: Huh! Wow dad's reputation has spread this far, all the way to balandor? I'm impressed.

Sarvain: Wait young man are you telling me that your father is THE Lone Wolf Giant?

Cyrus: Hold on don't get excited sarvain. One more question to see if he is truly of legendry blood of the Lagonian tribe. What is the Lone Wolf Giant's real name?

Will: Um exactly the same as mine but he's a junior. I'm the third. I'm his son.

Cyrus: I don't believe it you are of legendary warrior blood.

Sarvain: With you on our side we could surely save the princess now. Gods even the entire kingdom of balandor.

Cyrus then takes a knee and places his hand on the ground as he was bowing to royalty and said: I'm am sorry son of Wolf I shouldn't have ever doubted you. Please accept my humble and sincerest apologies.

I was so shocked to see the change in tone from both Sarvain and Cyrus, but I had to say something from looking like a total idiot who had no idea of his legendary heritage.

Will: o no please there's really no need for…

Leonard: Hold on. Will so you're like some type of warrior prince?

Yulie: Will? a prince? Wow.

Will: Huh? I-I don't know really. All my dad ever told me was he was a great warrior who saved our town and other towns from numerous dangers of monster attacks when I was a kid. I didn't know that he was legendary. (I had become completely defensive and bashful about the accusations of me being a prince).

Sarvain now asks me the same serious question that he did Leonard: O son of wolf please lend balandor your great strength and help the chosen pact maker rescue the princess?

Will: Um…

Yulie: Hold it right there Will.

Then Yulie point her attention at sarvain and said: You deal with your own problems pal. Leonard and Will have their own problems to deal with.

Will: Yulie! (I whispered to her)

Sarvain: Pardon me?

Leonard: Yulie its ok I'll do it.

Will: Leonard?

Yulie: what? But Leonard….

Leonard: Cisna needs me and if I can help then I'll lend a hand because I want to rescue her. Beside I have a warrior prince to watch my back so I'll be well protected.

Will: I'm not a prince! Well maybe I am….. I don't know. L-Let's not jump to any conclusions ok?

Sarvain: This kingdom is in both your debts.

Eldore: Then it is agreed then? We'd best hurry. The more we stand around the less time we have to pick up their trail.

Sarvain: and who might you be good sir?

Eldore: The name's eldore, just an everyday traveler. I can cast a spell here and swing a sword there. Surely you won't send this young boy off alone to save an entire kingdom on his own?

Cyrus: Then let me go too?

Sarvain: Not possible. You need to stay within the capital to maintain order. Without neither the king nor the princess to calm the masses we would have a city filled with turmoil and dread.

Cyrus: So you would leave it up to a girl, an old man and a boy?

Sarvain: You forget the mighty son of wolf is also here, but whatever we need or can get will suffice for the time being. The magi are here to take over balandor and they may just get their way if you leave these castle walls so again you must stay here and defend the land.

Cyrus: Sarvain I….. Very well.

Eldore: then we shall sleep in town for tomorrow we leave. O and William was it? Do you wish to come along with us? You have no obligation to follow us into unknown dangers.

Will: huh? Um….

Leonard: Of course he does. Will I need your help to save the princess. I may have this knight, but I'm going to need your help in saving the kingdom and someone to watch my back. Come on buddy. I know we haven't known each other for long, but I feel as though you and me have been friends for years. So I'm asking as a friend please help me save Cisna?

Will: Leonard I…

Yulie: Come on Will remember were a team now. Don't break it up. Please?

In my mind (Practically held a +Comet to my head, but truth be told I don't have home to go to. With Mom….. And dad missing in action doing gods knows what. According to the village elder at the age of 12 I like my father must set out on a journey and become a man on my own with my own 2 feet ugh that sucks. Just wish they would have at least given me some G's before kicking me out of house and home. I wonder when dad got kicked did he have as much trouble as I am? My question is this "why is it that only me and dad are the only 2 who have ever done this"? Maybe it's because dad made this up to toughen me up even thou he said I was stronger than he was at my age? I swear if that's the case I'm gonna beat the crap out of him. Hm maybe the village elder had something to do with this to. I wonder if grandpa had to do this to. He is the senior so I can only imagine that he did. Well all in all I like hanging around Leonard and Yulie. Leonard would be totally helpless without someone to watch his back, but its fun to pick on him. Eldore to help with the road ahead and Yulie to have somebody to talk and have fun with so….)

Will: Ok I'm coming along with you guys. This team sticks together.

Leonard: Yeah that's what I like to hear.

Leonard then throws his hand in the air to signal a high 5 moment which I replied back to with my own high 5.

Will: Besides someone is gonna need to keep your sorry butt from getting killed.

Leonard: Yeah whatever haha.

Yulie: yay! were still a team.

Eldore: For now let us rest in the town.

The next morning

Eldore: I sent out one of these Bigelows to keep track of the princess's location. This way we can see where she has been taken all across balandor. It looks like we are going to have to pass through Greydall plain.

Leonard: so this bird will help us find the princess?

Yulie: Actually two Leonard. 1 stays with the princess and the other stays with us to show us what the other Bigelow is seeing from the further distance.

Will: Wow such a majestic bird and helpful too.

Leonard: I'll say.

Eldore: It looks like the princess has been taken north to the nordia tunnels. We must fellow her there, but first let us visit the shops to better prepare ourselves.

As we ventured into balandor's market place I decided to get some more herbs, mint herbs, red liquid, blue liquid and flasks to make more mana and healing potions for the long road ahead. Little did I know that someone was creeping up behind me.

Will: Ok let's see 40 flaks check, 20 herbs checks and 20 mint herbs check, blue and red liquid. All right I'm ready to go. (Note: I have a book bag on to hold all of these things.)


I was so shocked that I had jumped with my hands in the air like I was about to get mugged.

Will: ahhhhh!

When I turned around I found out who my rude little prankster was and it turned out to be none other than Yulie to see what I was doing.

Yulie: ha ha ha ha! O boy that was so funny ha ha ha. You are such a scardy cat Will. (With her smile as bright as the sun)

Will: Ugh Yulie you jerk! What the hell! You scared me. That wasn't very nice.

Yulie: O come on Will cheer up it's not like everybody around you saw you jump up and scream like a little girl.

The towns people look at me and slightly laughed.

Will: Your cruel you know that Yulie?

Yulie: Am not?

Will: Are too.

Yulie: Ugh now who's the jerk?

Will: Ha ha I guess that's me.

Yulie: Ha I see you have jokes now huh?

Will: Why of course my lady. (With a bow like a gentleman to Yulie)

Yulie: hahaha you sound just like a knight at a ball.

Will: O thank you.

Yulie then response with her smile and said: You're welcome Prince William ha ha. (With a curtsy to me to signify that she's talking to royalty.)

Will: O please Yulie let's not start this up?

Yulie: Why not? What if you really are a prince? That would be so cool.

I moaned and blushed as to say (Please stop): mhmmmmm.

Yulie: Awwwww Will are you blushing?

After finally being caught in the act of blushing I quickly but nervously said: N-No I'm not.

Yulie: That is so cute.

My face has never been any redder than it is right now.

Yulie: awwwww it's so cute the way you blush. *giggle* Anyway what are you buying?

Will: O-o these are ingredients for potions to help us along the way of our journey.

Yulie: wow you can make potions Will?

Will: O yeah I learned how to make potions a long time ago from my village elder when I was little.

Yulie: Wow you have a village elder?

Will: Yup he's a nice old man, but….

Yulie: But what?

Will: he has a certain fondness for….. women.

Yulie: Huh, Fondness for women? What's that suppose to mean?

Will: He's kind of the um lecherous type of old man. He means well, but sometimes he can go a bit far with his um….

Yulie: Ewwwwww gross! Well old men are like that when they hit that age.

Will: sadly that's true.

Yulie: But I know you wouldn't turn out like that.

Will: Why do you say that?

Yulie: why wouldn't I say it? Your gentleman, who has manners, respects people, loves life and helps everybody that needs it so yeah I know you are good guy.

Will: O wow thanks again Yulie.

Yulie: No problem. O and if you did become an old perv like you village elder then I'll knocked some sense into your head personally.

Will: Um thank you?

Yulie: O no problem at all sir. So hey you need some help carrying all those bottles?

Will: O no I got it.

Yulie then takes half of the bottles that were in my bag and holds them in her hands and says: Hey no more solo work. From now on we work together you got that? We're a team remember?

I looked at Yulie and smiled and said: Ha ha yes ma'am.

After our moment of fun and trust building me and Yulie walked off next to each other to find Leonard and Eldore. During which me and Yulie were having fun in the accessory shop where we tried on different types of accessories like capes, helmets and glasses. I had bought a pair of new boots that were all black with silver buckles which raise my defense by 3 per boot. While Yulie bought a pair of glasses that made her look like a scientist. (She looks rather cute with glasses) After our fun little trip to the accessory shop we finally ran into Eldore and Leonard at the east gate where we had packed up all the things we needed and were ready to set out on an adventure of a life time.

Eldore: Now are the three of you ready?

Leonard: Yes.

Yulie: O yeah.

Will: Ready. O wait we need to tell rapacci we're leaving Leonard.

Leonard: O yeah that's right let's go past the winery and pop in.

Eldore: Alright say your good byes and then let us make haste to the Greydall Plains.

5 MINTUNES LATER AT RAPACII'S WINE Yulie and Eldore stood outside.

Rapacci: Well, It's about time! I glad to see you two safe and sound. You 2 knuckle heads had me worried when ya didn't come back here!

Then rapacci had hit both me and Leonard over the head for worrying him.

Me and Leonard: OW! BOSS!

Rapacci: Eh don't even start that "Boss" Crap. Now what brings ya around?

Leonard: Well me and Will have been asked to save the princess.

Will: Its true boss so we may not be back for quite a while.

Rapacci: Eh I see. Your gonna go save the princess are ya? Well Will I can see you saving her majesty, but Leonard you should wait till at least up to Will's eye height. You're no knight, But the kingdom is in some real danger so I see there ain't much choice is there, Will listen up now.

Will: Y-Yes sir?

Rapacci: Watch over Leonard ok?

Leonard: Say what? I can take care of myself.

Will: I'll do it sir.

Rapacci: Thank you Will yer a good kid.

Leonard: Ugh are you making Will be my baby sitter or something?

Rapacci: Well sorry Leonard sometimes you need somebody to watch after ya and I don't see anyone better for the job than your partner Will.

Leonard: This is so lame.

I then placed one hand on Leonard's head and said: Aw is little Leonard gonna throw a temper tantrum?

Leonard: What was that you wolf freak!

Will: What you say?


Rapacci once again hits me and Leonard over our heads to break us up form almost fighting.

Will: We probably dissevered that.

Leonard: Yeah.

Me and Leonard: Sorry boss.

Rapacci: Eh boys will be boys. Here Leonard takes this I bet it'll come in handy in due time huh?

Leonard received a CRYSTAL CAMERA!

Will: Huh? What's that thing do?

Rapacci: O I'll tell ya. You press this button here while having this end of the camera pointing at something. Like for example you 2 and…

Click! Flash!

Rapacci had taken a picture of Leonard smiling and me with a confused look on my face.

Will: ahh! I'm blind!

Rapacci and Leonard: ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I quickly rubbed my eyes to regain some what of my eye sight.

Will: Why are you guys laughing at my pain, jerks?

Leonard: I'm sorry will, but that was too funny.

Rapacci: I ain't laugh so hard in a long time. Ok now don't be doin anything funny with this now? I had this thing for some years now. O the times I had with this thing when I was younger. Ugh why are ya still standin around ere fer get goin! (With tears in his eyes)

Me and Leonard: Ok boss we will be back, Soon.

After leaving balandor castle and saying good bye to rapacci with bruises on our heads we had made our way to Greydall Plain.

Traveling above us is a fortress like ship with the hook that had a huge assist in the kidnapping of Princess Cisna. We now go to the Princess who is still grieving over her father's in a room aboard the ship.

Cisna: Father. *Sob*

Flash Back

Leonard: Your kingdom loves and needs you Cisna.

Flash back ends

Cisna: Leonard…

As the princess looks towards the sky right outside the door watching her is the black armored knight and the short round man who led the attack in balandor's citizens.

?: I find it very hard to even wrap my head around the fact that this girl holds any power. She seems like the type of girl who would crumble if she had lost a pet dog.

?: You saw what she had done Belcitane. It took well over 3 years to shatter the old enchantments that kept the knights power sealed within. Yet this fragile girl managed to unlock the powers of the knight in mere seconds. Do you know what that means?

Belcitane: Indeed.

? : It is the power of the athwani.

Belcitane: "In the eternal ages that have pasted ancient scars emerged at last the earth would cry out for a sword strong and unseen, to revere the reborn soul the queen." Was this for told in the legends?

?: Legends? Nonsense! I am no one's puppet being controlled by a idle god!

Greydall Plains

As we were making our way out of the gates of balandor Eldore had stopped and told us

Eldore: The Nordia Tunnels lie eastward beyond these plains.

Leonard: Hang on Cisna I will save you. I have to. I just have to.

Yulie: Eldore you don't think that they would attack the village do you?

Will: Wait you mean Parma? Raus maybe be in trouble.

Eldore: Unfortunately, I have no idea. Wither or not we must press onward.

Yulie: Well ok, but hey guys have you ever heard of the great beasts of greydall?

Will: Nope. (I'm not from around here silly)

Leonard: The great beasts of what?

Eldore: Hold on now. Let's not jump at every little fairy tale.

Yulie: Yeah, but those magi guys creep me out.

Will: Yeah with those dark card filled with evil magic are terribly strong. I should know.

Once again we ran into our old adversaries Polkan, Kibble and giant Vespids.

Eldore: Now let's see what you are all made of. (Eldore draws his own sword)

Will: Wow Eldore you use a long sword too?

Eldore: Why of course. A long sword may require both hands, but in turn you can channel all your energy into powerful blows like so!

Eldore just slashed 3 giant vespids to the ground cutting their wings off.

Eldore: You see?

Will: Wow I never met anyone who was as good me in long sword skills. And I just learned something.

Eldore: Well I may have experience over you William, but you certainly have the raw strength to overpower and disarm an opponent in mere seconds. So the 2 of us make quite the warrior.

Will: Yes we do. Ha ha.

I and Eldore literally cut a path towards our destination killing in total 30 monsters each. It was a massacre of monsters.

Yulie and Leonard: There monsters in human form (with dark blue line on their heads).

Leonard: I hope the princess is safe.

Yulie: don't worry Leonard she will. She must be.

Eldore: Then let's move our feet not you mouths.

Will: Yeah her majesty isn't going to save herself.

Yulie: It's too bad we can't enjoy the sights I haven't walked through greydall plains in so long.

Will: This place does look pretty lavish and rich in nature.

Leonard: I know having a picnic out here would be nice

Eldore: Maybe. When the war is over, but for now let us pay attention to the matter at hand which is our little friend here.

Leonard: O no another Troll.

Yulie: Come on Leonard we have Eldore now so beating this guy will be a piece of cake.

Will: Yeah let's do this for the princess.

Leonard: Yes for cisna.

As we all got motivated and killed the troll quickly we heard a something coming.

Will: What is that thing?

Eldore: that is the lord of greydall plain, the Ahwahnee and it serves no man.

Yulie: Well I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to play.

Will: I guess we have no choice. I'm sorry proud creature.

The wild Ahwahnee charges with all its might =Leonard.

Leonard: Here we go!

Chapter 3 end.