Chapter 15- Trouble, trouble, trouble.

Jia knew she saw trouble when the door closed with a click. The tall willowy woman, who stood there, had the dumbest expression on her face as she clutched a hideously pink bag to her bosom. She took off the pair of pink glasses she had on to take a better look at Jia. The small office was filled with the scent of the woman's perfume, and it made Jia want to sneeze. After being scanned with an evaluating look the woman had the decency to break the awkward silence that hung in the air.

"Oh." She said finally. It sounded as if she was annoyed she had found Jia instead of the other person she was looking for. "I was expecting someone else".

For that comment Jia fixed her with a stare she hoped looked like her, arching an eyebrow and saying 'no shit.'

"This is a privet office" she said calmly, though she could feel her nerves stretching close to their limits. Apparently it didn't help as the woman stepped toward Gui's table and started looking through his stuff. Jia might have felt shocked at the lady's bluntness and nerve but as she noticed the tape-recorder in her handbag the situation clicked in her head.

"So, which magazine are you from exactly?" she asked as she moved to stand behind the woman, her hands crossed across her chest. Her hands stopped abruptly and she looked back at her. The woman stood and looked at Jia like she saw her for the first time.

"Who are you exactly?" She asked, annoyed.

She had the audacity to dismiss her!

Jia straightened, which truthfully wasn't much compared to the woman in front of her, but the air of authority surrounded her anyway.

"My name is Lang Jia LI" The golden phoenix, leader general of the Infinite troops and your senior you dimwitted noodle!

"Well, unless you magically turn into Ming Gui Wen, stay out of my way" she said and turned, still rummaging, trying to find something useful between the tests and the papers that were currently strewn across his desk.

"As you wish", Jia said, and the sensation of heaviness encircled her, but it felt good. It felt like her golden armor, and she let go of the last strand of her thinning patience.

A shrill scream echoed through the corridors of XXX University, making the student's in Tai Ning's class stir, and conversations to buzz lively. He couldn't help but sigh at their incredibly short attention span. He pinched the bridge of his nose slightly, trying to maintain the patience he had promised himself he would keep; he didn't have much of it nowadays.

"Wait here quietly" he told his students, even though he knew it is entirely futile to even ask, the moment he will step out of the room, it will turn into a nuclear disaster. He stepped out of the room and followed the screeching voice.

He was partially glad that scream had come; even a moment's break from the class was good. He wished he could take a moment's break from himself sometimes. He simply couldn't stop thinking about her, and it made him so angry, mostly he was angry with himself.

Every little thing seemed to remind him of her. It was small things, intimate things. A woman drinking a cup of green tea at the cafeteria, a book she had once recommended to him all seemed to carry her touch. The flowers outside smelled like her perfume, and the sun, shining in the blue sky reminded him of the way the way her hair glistened in the soft morning's lights whether it was at the shop or at 'Second Life'.

The little time they had together, a couple of months at best, the weeks he had known she had that special effect on him that just wouldn't go away, were burned in his mind and on his heart. At it hurt, it burned that she didn't want to see him anymore.

He saw Gui passing in a nearby corridor, he seemed worried. But then again, Gui looked very troubled these past couple of weeks, knowing of his involvement with that questionable elf.

With the dull ache freshly bleeding in his heart he looked out of the window to the first floor below him, just for his heart to miss a couple of beats.

A goddess of fury , a mistress of rage, was dragging a woman by her hair out of the main gate, throwing her out, making her bounce twice before she halted, looking dizzy. He would have laughed, or maybe wept had he any ability to control himself at that moment.


She was so beautiful. Her hands on her hips, head held high, she projected every bit of cool confident authority, and he had no trouble seeing her in her armor at that moment, speaking harsh words to yet another crazed fan of Prince, caught sneaking into the elf's chambers. It took him a while to understand that the laughter had come from him. His heart felt like a bird caged between his ribs, and he felt slightly foolish of thinking up that metaphor.

She turned on her heels, and walked back to the building and when he lost sight of her, he finally exhaled a breath he wasn't aware he had held. He was walking back to his classroom with a bleakness he couldn't quite shake. He heard distance steps, but didn't pay much attention to them, his mind still playing what he had seen a few moments ago again and again in his head. He felt heavy as a sense of loss overcame him. The steps were closer now, and his hand was on the door knob. He saw his students shush each other, trying to pretend that nothing had happened while he was gone, and since the class looked like a mess it was a rather futile attempt. He opened the door, every set of eyes fixed on him, but most of all the sound of a small gasp from behind him and the sound of the footsteps stopping abruptly and backing away.

His eyes rounded, and a shout escaped him, "Wait! Stop, Please!"

Before he, or any of his stunned students realized what was happening he was running. The screeching of chairs and desks quickly discarded out of pure curiosity echoed in the corridor, but Tai Ning had one thing on his mind.

It was unfair, really, she stood no chance of running away from him, his heart beat so violently in his chest, partially because of the speed of his sprint and but mostly because she had ran. His hand stretched to catch her arm and as he whirled her, he couldn't help but feel a bit helpless.

After all, as her gaze focused on him, he felt his blood freeze and his senses flying out of the window, and that sweet feeling left him in a daze.

Head held up in defiance, cheeks red and her chest rising and falling quickly, Jia was more breathtaking up close then the poor imitation that walked in Ning's mind every waking hour.

"Is that the bloody Phoenix?!" he heard the first whisper. "I think it is! What is she doing here?"

"What is the professor doing?"

The whispers grew into a lively and a few phones were fished out hastily from pockets and bags, but it was like flys buzzing in the back of his head for all he cared.

"Jia" He breathed.

"Let me g-"she started but she stopped at midsentence. Her lashes batted for a second as her eyes focused on him, and her hand twitched on his arm, which she was holding fiercely, half pushing away and half embracing. She was so close to him now; her scent smelt nothing like the flowers, it was a thousand times better, she was lovelier and livelier then he had ever remembered.

She opened her mouth to speak again but immediately it was all forgotten as he craned his neck with one quick motion and showed her everything he wanted to show her. Words simply were not enough. She was sweeter and softer than anything and anyone he had ever held, and he exploited every shred of shock she was feeling at the moment, claiming her lips with fierceness he didn't know he possessed.

Her body, now pressed against his felt so right, his hands, circling her felt like he could never let go. Everything turned into white noise around him, as he gave everything he had, just to show her anything, anything at all. His desperation, loneliness, his desire, it all came to this.

When he felt the smallest sigh escape her, the sudden shift of her body, his blood seemed to boil in his vein. When he felt her lips move against his he knew something could not be reversed anymore, but he didn't care.

Her hand held onto his shirt, the other tangling in his hair. He felt her nails slightly scratching his scalp and the white void he was submerged within shattered into a thousand shreds.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, he kissed her again and again small kisses, chaste kisses, loving kisses, and she was in much of a daze as he was in. His hand reached up, passing fingers through her hair as he nuzzled her neck.

"I can't be second. I won't be second, with you; I will always want to be first. I…" he lost his words and he stammered, and fumbled for words, something, anything. She looked at him those dark eyes looking at the core of his soul, or so it had felt.

She kissed him lightly yet again and his heart clenched.

"I don't want you to be second, I don't think I had ever truly wanted that." She cleared her throat and looked away. "It's not what he would have wanted for me."

A heart beat later the distance between the closed, as they both shed the frustration of their forced departure. She breathed in his scent, and he hers. And like a warm breeze on a new spring's day, she heard his soft murmur, intended solely for her, and her alone.

"I love you"

Her smile was radiant.

"I think I loved you the moment you walked out of your shop that night, when you wouldn't give me my book."

"You and I remember that night very differently" she retorted.

He chuckled and caressed her face with his callus hand; he didn't really care about the students filming them or the heartbroken shrieks of some of the girls standing by the door of his classroom.

He knew she was trouble, and she knew he was as well, but at the moment they hadn't had the slightest care in the world.

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