Title: A Familiar Face
Trapper Creek Kaniac
Fandom: Leverage
Prompt: Doctor
Word Count: ~560

Summary: Maggie wasn't the only familiar face at the party that night. Missing scene from the First David Job.

Author's Note: Written for a Leverageland challenge a while back.

He knew that voice.

Wes Abernathy – Doctor Wes Abernathy – reached out and took a flute of champagne from a passing tray at a large museum party in Los Angeles. The museum was holding the party in honor of dedicating their brand new wing to insurance CEO Ian Blackpoole.

He was raising the glass to his lips when he happened to overhear a familiar voice talking in soft tones. He wracked his mind trying to place it. Where had he heard that voice before?

Doctor Abernathy downed the rest of the champagne in a single gulp and turned toward the direction the mysterious voice was coming from. His eyes landed on a man with his back to him. The man was wearing a suit like the rest of the male guests and had long dark hair that was pulled back in a neat, low ponytail, and he was talking to an older woman in a pale gold dress, with blond hair She laughed in response to something he said and touched his arm.

Doctor Abernathy steeled himself to approach the mysterious man. He was a bit of a nervous, geeky guy by nature but ever since the incident three years ago, parties and large gatherings made him feel on edge. Three years ago he had been in Boston and was invited to the final night of an exhibit at the Antiquities Museum. When he had arrived that night, some man had climbed into the backseat of his car and demanded his clothes and invitation. The man even took his glasses. In return for his compliance, he'd been stuffed in the trunk of his car for the rest of the night. As a result he also avoided dark, cramped spaces.

"Excuse me. I'm Doctor Wes Abernathy."

The woman turned to him. "Doctor Maggie Collins," she said, smiling.

"Professor Sinclair," the long-haired man firmly shook Doctor Abernathy's hand. He was wearing wire rimmed glasses and Doctor Abernathy couldn't shake eerie feeling that they had met before. Something about his voice...

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but have we met before?"


Eliot stiffened the instant Doctor Abernathy, the real Wes Abernathy, had introduced himself. Other than the fact that he had used the man as a way into art exhibit for a retrieval job several years ago, and occasionally used the name as an alias, no, they had never met before.

Seriously? What was were the chances of running into someone who might remotely recognize him?

Maggie glanced curiously between the two men.

"No, I don't believe so."

"Hmm," Doctor Abernathy shook his head. "There was just something really familiar about you."

Luckily for Eliot, Doctor Abernathy's cell phone rang just then and he had to excuse himself to take the call.

"Eliot. Eliot!"Nate's voice sounded through the comm.

"What?" Eliot spoke out of the side of his mouth. "Give me a second, I'm hittin' it off here." Of course Nate had less than impeccable timing, but then again it would give him an excuse to escape Doctor Abernathy.

"Bring her along, it'll help sell the character."

"I'm actually here for an art deal. Do you mind?" Eliot held out his arm.

Maggie smiled and linked her arm with his. "Of course."