Derek was about to lose his mind.

He couldn't take it anymore. Why he had ever believed that it was a good idea to turn Jackson into a werewolf was beyond him. The boy had a seriously inflated ego and sense of self, which led to always thinking he was right and that he could challenge Derek's authority at every turn. Not to mention his near constant anger issues and total inability to lie.

Scott was just as bad, if not worse. That lust driven moron wouldn't know how to be a good wolf if he got bitten by one. Oh wait… Derek once again cursed his uncle to the nine layers of hell for having bitten the teenager. He cursed Jackson even more figuring it out. Even though Stiles had technically been the first one to figure it out Jackson had been the one to threaten them to get what he wanted. Stiles had been nowhere near as stupid as either of them. He had known what was important and when it was and was not appropriate to challenge the alpha. Hell, Stiles would have made a better werewolf then either…of them….combined. A sudden idea flash across Derek's mind.

His light green eyes landed on his two betas, both of whom were, at the moment, trying to kill each other. He would need to get them both out of the way first. Scott would never allow Derek to turn his best friend into a monster, and Jackson would probably want to prove his dominance over the smaller teen immediately. While Derek had no doubt that Stiles would most certainly not see being turned as becoming a monster and, because Derek was secretly training him, he could definitely kick the jock's ass, he didn't want his mate to be harassed the moment he was became a wolf.

The scowl that had appeared on his face at his betas antics turned into a soft smile, he still couldn't believe that Stiles had been so open to loving him after all he had done to torment the younger boy. That he was so willing to becoming his one and only. His mate. He also couldn't believe Stiles trusted him as much as he did. His smile widened as his thought of some of the things Stiles had allowed him to do once he had become Derek's mate. Yet another thing to not share with Scott. Once again a sudden idea popped into his head.

Calling Scott and Jackson over Derek waited for them to shift completely back to human form. Then he attacked.

A few minutes later he was rushing to Stiles house with a shit eating grin on his face. His mate would not be happy when he found out that his friend and the resident jock were chained up in his basement with enough duct tape over their mouths that even Derek's supernatural hearing could only pick up a few angry, incoherent mumbles, but it would be worth it for a few moments peace with his lover. Besides, it would give the dumbass duo sometime alone to work out their issue, to an extent anyway.

Coming up on his young lover's house Derek made the roof in one leap. Since they had started dating Stiles always left his window cracked a little so that the wolf could get in whenever he wanted. Slipping it open now Derek slid silently into the room. Stiles was at the foot of his bed, facing the door, looking at what appeared to be a school report. He hadn't noticed yet that he had company. Creeping up behind his lover Derek waited until Stiles had finished reading and made a move to put the paper on his desk. That's when he pounced.

Springing forward, Derek wrapped one arm around Stiles' lean torso while the other clamped tightly over his mouth and used them to pull the boy flush against his back. Stiles began to struggle as his arms were pinned to his side. His lips let loose a silent cry as his captor grinded against his ass. Hot breath tickled his face as a dark voice growled in his ear, "Now you're mine, my pretty, and I'll never let you go." His body relaxed at the familiar voice.

Derek growled with happiness as his mate lean back into his touch and decided to tease him. Using the hand on Stiles' mouth to tilt the boy's head sideways Derek let his long, red tongue slid out of his teeth and up the pale column of flesh. Stiles' moaned around his hand, tilting his head further giving his wolf more access. Derek nibbled the soft skin moaning when Stiles rubbed his ass against his groin. Derek had to, unfortunately, pull back though, he had come here for a reason after all.

"Genim, love," Stiles hummed against his hand, "I have something I need to ask you so I need you to pay attention okay." Again there was a hum. "How would you feel about becoming a wolf?"

Stiles froze, his body going completely and utterly still. Derek frowned, "Genim?" moving his hand from the boy's mouth and chest to his waist Derek carefully turned him around.

Stiles refused to look at him.

The alpha whined softly. What had he done wrong? Well, besides basically taking his betas hostage, but Stiles didn't know about that. Had he misjudged what his lover had wanted? He was still new to the whole mate thing, he and Stiles hadn't even had sex yet, just a couple of blow jobs and finger fucks, but the bond was still there. Even when he was miles away he had felt Stiles' needs and wants. When he was hurting or in pain. And sometimes he could even fancy that he could hear the quirky teen thoughts. He had thought that his lover was jealous of Scott and Jackson for what they had.

Derek whined again. He couldn't have been wrong. "Stiles please say something."

"Don't Derek." Stiles whispered almost inaudibly.

The alpha felt his heart sink, "Don't what?" When Stiles didn't answer Derek pulled his hand off his lover's hip, grabbed his chin, and forced the younger boy to look at him. His heart ached when he saw the unshed tears in the chocolate eyes. "Please," he implored taking care to look his mate in the eye, "tell me what you don't want me to do. You know I would do anything you say."

The truth of those words had sunk in for Derek the moment he had become the alpha. The power rush had been almost unbearable. All he had wanted to do was kill; to shred the life away from an innocent creature, it didn't matter what it was, to feel the blood running through his claws, to rip the still warm flesh away from bone. It had scared him. He had wanted to run away, to get away from these people, to keep them safe.

He almost had too.

Then the wind changed. In an instant it power surge was gone along with the drive to kill as a scent of earth and spice was carried on the wind to wrap around him like a soft cocoon. It had calmed him. He turned his head to try and find where the scent was coming from. His eyes locked on chocolate brown ones for just a moment. That was all it took.

Derek hadn't told anyone about the strange occurrence, he had been too embarrassed at his momentary loss of control. Yet, somehow, Stiles had known exactly what happened. The boy had shown up on his doorstep the very next day, had let the alpha love him. Mark him. Touch him in a way that no one ever had before.

And now he had gone and blown it all with his own selfishness.

A soft pair of lips touched his.

Derek came back to the present and whimpered pitifully at seeing the tears now flowing freely down his lover's face.

He knew it. He had pushed Stiles too far. He had asked too much of the seventeen year old…

"I'm sorry."

…he had ruined the only good thing that had happened to him since…Wait, what? Derek blinked. Tears were falling faster down Stiles' face. Leaning forward he took his mates mouth again, opening his own submissively as his arms wound around Derek's neck to tangle in the black hair.

Derek was beyond confused now. He had no idea what to think. First Stiles was telling him not to turn him, then he gives a tearful apology, and now he was laying himself open for Derek to take. Not sure what else to do he pressed their lips together, sliding his tongue into his mate's mouth. He did so tentatively. It was now his lover's turn to whine as Derek explored the open cavern in nowhere near the pace or with love that they usually did. The kiss was more for a show of dominance and had no real feeling to in, though Stiles could feel the hesitation. Finally the older boy pulled away.

"I'm confused."

Stiles wept harder at the pain in his mate's voice, "Oh Derek. I'm sorry, so sorry."

Soft, slightly chapped lips brushed along his cheek, taking the tears away, "Shouldn't I be the one who's sorry?"

Stiles shook his head viciously, "No! This was my fault, I'm the one who hurt you and I am sorry."

"But I'm the one who offered to turn you and…"

"And I would like nothing more than to be your true mate."

Derek jerked back from the boy in his arm as though he had been burned and held him at arm's length. The tears had stopped by now leaving nothing but truth and love in their wake. Now Derek was not only confused but hurt, his mate had lied to him. "I don't understand. Why, if you wanted to be a part of my pack, did you tell me not to?"

A flash of guilt crossed his lover's features, "I..I..didn't want you to tease me. I've been used and abused all my life, but I never truly minded because they were people I didn't care about, people I didn't love. I'm used to it. But then the whole thing with Scott happened, what with him being so distant and so willing to abandon me for Allison or to use me for a scape goat or to try and kill me, and that hurt more than anything. I already lost my father to his own pain and now I was losing Scott to a girl after a lifetime of friendship. He threw it all away as though it were nothing. So when you asked me to be a wolf I didn't want it to be a lie. I didn't want you to throw me away too. I couldn't have handled that." Brown eyes looked away, ashamed.


A growl tore from the alpha's throat. Hands tightened on the boy's shoulders before throwing the smaller body into the wall. Derek was on him in an instant pinning his wrists to the wall and shoving his thigh into the boy's groin causing his mouth to open in a gasp. Derek took that opportunity to gag the teen with his tongue relishing in the muffled moan of pleasure. Grinding viciously into the teen's thigh he couldn't stop the growl that vibrated both his and Stiles' chest as his tongue lavished every inch of the hot mouth, flicking and pushing and basically fucking it. Finally the alpha pulled away from the boy completely so that Stiles wrists were the only things still in contact with his body. Stiles whined at the loss of contact looking toughly mussed. The grip on his wrists tightened. Bringing his face a mere hair's breadth away from the teen's face Derek ground out.

"I am not Scott. I am your mate. I will never abandon you for any reason or for anything. If you ever think that I could hurt you like that again I am going to tie you to the bed, gag you, plug you, lock your cock in a ring and tease you until you're screaming in need. And then I will make sure you never ever think those thoughts again do you understand."

Stiles nodded dumbly. His eyes were blown wide with lust.

The alpha took a deep breath "So," he continued once he was a little calmer pressing his body back into his mates so that he was between the teen legs, "now that we've got that out of the way does this mean you'll be mine?"

Stiles, still a bit out of it from his lover's attack on him, shook himself out of his stupor, a mischievous smile slide over his features. Jumping slightly, comfortable in the knowledge that Derek still had a hold of him and would not drop him, he wrapped his legs around Derek's waist and pulled the older man closer. Pecking his lips Stiles rubbed their hips together whispering lasciviously, "Only if it means you will do all those things you said.

Derek grinned wolfishly, "You can count on that love."

Then their lips were on each other. This time their tongues danced around each other's mouths like ballet dancers on a stage. Where one pushed, the other pulled occasionally leaving their partner to be sucked on. Moving forward so that there was no distance between himself and his mate Derek's hips joined the dance. Stiles moaned in pleasure as something rock hard rubbed against his ass. Unfortunately he couldn't get any leverage to push back. He was completely trapped against the wall.

He didn't mind though.

He would never, could never, get enough of this. Muscles and skin (when their clothes were off) and warmth surrounded him with their steady, unyielding presence of protection while at the same time responding to his every touch so that he never felt caged. And oh God did he love to touch. His finger's twitched.

The first time they had mated Stiles had been completely submissive (a feat that turned out a lot more difficult than he had originally thought) letting Derek have his way with his body and forcing himself not to touch or moan or make any discernible movement in case the alpha suddenly came back to his senses and realized who exactly he had under him. It wasn't till after the first round, they had had at least five that he could remember, that Derek had taken Stiles' pale hands and placed them on his own cock. Stiles could still remember how his eyes shot open when his finger brushed the wolf's straining bulge. He could still feel the heat it had caused when he moved his palm up and down the length. Derek had moaned so openly that Stiles quickly shed his fear and let his hands roam free.

It was during this time that Derek had told him to fight. He hadn't wanted Stiles to be submissive or whiny or passive. He wanted Stiles to test him, to prove that he would not roll over and let himself fall down the hill while Derek was automatically crowned the king. He had wanted all the teen had to offer that night and more.

And so Stiles had given. He had given Derek the fight of his life and, although Derek had won that battle in the end, he had never regretted it.

All because of one simple touch.

Now, whenever they were alone, the younger teen couldn't keep his hands to himself. He had yet to win the right of dominance over his lover, but it was still fun trying.

Fingers twitched again, wrists staining just slightly against their prison. Holy fuck he needed to touch.

Sensing his mate's need Derek tightened his hands smirking into the kiss as the teen whined. Separating from those gloriously plump lips was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do and he almost reattached them the moment he felt actual air in his mouth. But Stiles was nothing if not the perfect mate. Once their mouths were detached the teen dropped his head to the side exposing to Derek the most beautiful stretch of skin he had ever seen.

"Te iubesc lup."

A shiver shot down Derek's spine at his mate's words. Only Stiles would teach himself Romanian just to track down more information on werewolves.

"And I, you Angel." He whispered into the pale neck. Placing butterfly kisses all along the spot he would mark he couldn't help but revel in the taste. A taste that he didn't know he had been craving until he had tasted it for the first time. Once he had though it had turned into something vital that he needed every day just to survive.

He knew that Stiles felt the same way about him.

If the sudden bouts of nipping along his jaw had anything to do with it.

Derek's wolf hummed contentedly. It had taken a long time to bring the normally hyper teen out of his shell, but once he did…dearfuckingjesus. A feral groan fell past the alpha's lips as his mate used the legs around his waist to pull them in to each other, hard, while at the same time sticking his tongue into his ear.

Stiles chuckled sadistically as he did it again.

Pulling his mouth up to Stiles' ear Derek nipped carefully at the lobe before whispering one word.


In an instant his waist was free and he was literally throwing Stiles onto the bed, laying him flat on his back with his legs open and Derek between them. All of their clothes had somehow seemed to evaporate before either of them had hit the mattress.

Upon impact with the bed Derek's mouth had returned to the dutiful task of marking every inch of skin it came across. Every once in a while his teeth would find purchase inside the skin only to remove themselves so Derek could suck the blood to the surface. Overly warm fingers from one hand spread across the smaller boy's chest while the other caressed the outer thigh, blunt nails raking up and down.

Stiles was making the most delicious noises above him, each whimper and cry causing the wolf to suck harder and scratch deeper. The young body twitched and writhed beneath him. His head was thrown back into the pillows, eyes squeezed shut, and his mouth open in what could only be described as a mewl. As Derek's lips got closer to Stiles' "happy place" (Stiles' words not his) a hand suddenly tangled in his hair.


Lips curved in a happy smile at the sound of his mate nearly howling out his name.

"Almost love."

Derek gave one last nip to his mate's side before positioning himself over Stiles' dick. Just to torture him Derek let his lips brush ever so lightly across the skin of the head. Stiles did a sort of screech-hiss-moan thing (no doubt one of the sexiest thing Derek had ever heard) and tried to use the fingers in Derek's hair to push the lips over his cock. Derek, being a werewolf, was having none of that. Placing a kiss on the shaft Derek licked his lips before looking up at his lover through his lashes.

"Are you ready Gen?"

The needy whine he got in response was all he needed.

He swallowed Stiles whole.