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Jackson's body made a horrible crunching noise as it contacted with the basement door. He yelped as he slid down the door to land in a heap on the ground but he didn't have time to recuperate before he was picked up once again and hurled to the other side of the room. This time he smashed through one of the support beams, causing it to explode in a shower of splinters, before slamming into the concrete wall. Scott was on him again in an instant.

The jock cried out in pain as needle sharp claws pierced his thigh to drag him away from the wall. All at once he found himself underneath a nearly feral Scott. Amber eyes glowed so brightly that for a moment they looked like they were on fire. His canines were elongated all the way down past his lower lip and the saliva dripping from them looked far more menacing than it should have. In fact, it looked less like the old, semi dense kid he used to pick on and more like the blood thirsty monster in the old TV shows and movies he used to watch with his adoptive dad.

For the first time since turning into a werewolf, Jackson felt afraid.

Was this what it was like to lose yourself to the animal?

Was this what it was like to become a monster?

He shuddered at the thought.

Since he had become one of the night creatures (a term they had come up with so they could talk freely about it in school and public without raising any suspicions; personally he thought it was causing them to be more suspicious.) Jackson had fought tooth and nail (no pun intended) to prove that he not only belonged in the pack, but excelled at it. It had been a harsh blow the first time he had lost a fight. Granted he knew that Derek was more than likely to kick his ass, his ego had not been so inflated as to try and take on a born, now Alpha, wolf and expect to win. Not yet anyway. Scott however had been a different story entirely.

Jackson had more than enough fond memories of kicking the crap out of both McCall and Stilinski to be well and comfortable in the knowledge that he could best them at just about anything. Which is why it pissed him off so much when McCall suddenly took lacrosse away from him. That was his game and there was no way in ever loving hell that he was letting an asthmatic little loser like Scott McCall take it away from him. But as Scott got better and better Jackson got more and more pissed off. It was then that his obsession with the slightly younger boy truly began. Well, not an obsession per se. Anyone in their right mind would want to know how the boy had done it. Jackson was just a little more aggressive at finding out the truth then everybody else.

It didn't take much effort for him to find out exactly what was going on with Scott and once he had he immediately began plotting how to get exactly what Scott had.

Which he accomplished.

As a werewolf Jackson thought he could even the playing field back to where it was supposed to be: with him on top.

That thought immediately was thrown from his mind when, in less than two seconds flat, he found himself flat on his back underneath the older Beta much like he was now.

A pain filled roar brought him back as one set of nails sunk deeper into his thighs and another set came up to wrap around his throat. In possibly one of the most horrifying moments of his life, Scott laughed. There were no words to describe how utterly wrong that noise sounded coming from the normally kind boy's mouth. Normally the boy would be yelling at him, screaming about the injustice the jock had performed on either him or his pea brained friend, or he would be trying to convince all three of them to become friends. It was in those situations that Jackson begrudgingly agreed with Stiles that the three of them were just too different to even become close to being friends. Back then no matter what Scott had said to him it had no effect. Hell, Jackson even found it funny how Scott would stand there wheezing, trying not to have a panic attack, attempting to tell a boy twice his size to lay off of him and his friend.

Now, however. Now it was just terrifying beyond belief.

Jackson felt something wet spread across the bottom of his pants.

The laugh was back.

"Awww what's the matter, did little Jacky Wacky wet himself?"

Jackson shuddered at the sickeningly sweet sound of Scott's voice. Or rather, Scott's wolf's voice. There was absolutely no trace of the boy left in the monster above him.

His own wolf whined imploringly, but Scott merely snarled and leaned down so that his face was nearly touching the jocks.

"Afraid Jackson?" Using the claw at his victim's throat Scott turned Jackson's head to the side in forced submission before pressing his lips to the younger Beta's ear. "Good."

Claws slid deeper into flesh.

Another cry of pain.

"That is a very good thing."

"Please," Jackson tried, "I didn't mean—

"Didn't mean to what Jackson?" Scott seethed, spitting out the jock's name like it was a particularly vile poison, "Didn't mean to scare him, didn't mean to make him cry, didn't mean to violate him?" the hand around Jackson's throat tightened and his hands immediately came up to try and loosen it. The claws in his thigh moved to grasp the offending hands and pin them tightly over his head. "Let me guess, you thought that being an Omega meant that you became a toy, huh? That you became nothing more than a little play thing for the pack to mess with? Well, let me tell you something Jackass, it doesn't work that way. This is not Hollywood. And we are not lust driven killers who don't care about anything but ourselves. You see there is this little thing called a family. Ever heard of it? No? Well let me tell you about it.

"Family is a special group of people that you go to when you are feeling sad or lonely or hurt. They are always there for you through thick and thin and will do anything to make sure you are happy and safe and loved."

Jackson whined as tears began to flow from his eyes. Something inside his chest ached.

"Scott saw you as family."

Blue eyes snapped open is shock.

He stared dumbly at the wall for a long time. Scott's claws loosened a little at his neck. He swallowed thickly, "He does? But, but I thought.."

Scott sighed in annoyance, pulling back and turning Jackson's head back to the front. He looked straight into the jock's eyes before speaking harshly, "You still don't get it do you, you stupid meat head? You still think that pack and family are two separate things, but guess what?" Here he pulled Jackson up by the throat until they were nose to nose, "PACK IS FAMILY YOU FUCKING SHIT!"

All at once he was thrown back onto the floor, his head bouncing sickeningly off the concrete floor and the harsh weight that had been on his chest disappeared. A door slammed. Scott was gone.

For a while Jackson lay on the floor completely stunned by the older Beta's words.

Scott thought of him as family?

How was that even possible?

The two of them hadn't ever even been friends. He had given the other boy absolutely no reason to trust him, let alone make him part of his family.

Jackson had accused him of juicing, blackmailed him, threatened Allison, and had even gone so far as to pretend he was dying in order to force Scott to go to Derek. In retrospect that last one had been pretty desperate on his part and even Scott, in all his thickheadedness, had not bought it for a second. In fact, it was something that Scott and Stiles had laughed about for many weeks after.

So yeah. It was not like Jackson had proven himself to be entirely reliable or trustworthy.

He was pulled from his thoughts as his wolf gently pawed as his conscious.

"What do you want," Jackson spoke quietly, as though raising his voice to much would bring Scott thundering back in to finish him off.

Only to help you

"How?" the jock said harshly still not realizing that he was speaking out loud, "it is because of you that I'm in this position."

His wolf sighed sadly, Scott is right, you still don't understand

"What don't I understand?" pushing the thoughts of Scott and family from his mind Jackson went back to the one emotion that he had come to rely on for the past eleven years: anger.

"As far as I'm concerned you're the one who got us into this situation. It figures that I'm the one who gets stuck with the wolf who wants to be the Omega."

This is what you don't understand! His wolf snapped You think that being an Omega is bad, but you have absolutely no idea what that even is or what it means

"Of course I know what it means," Jackson snapped sounding less sure of himself, "I watch TV, I know how they are the punching bag and how they are just there for the pack's entertainment." Images filled the blonde boy's head of himself being forced to his knees and held down as the other wolves forced themselves on him in all of the worst possible ways. It was not a pretty image.

You are an idiot. The wolf shook his head in annoyance If you truly believe that I'll just take me leave from you right now.

Jackson's eyes, which had been pinched shut in anger, snapped open in disbelief. "You can't leave! Is that even possible? I thought you were a part of me."

I am part of you, but only because I chose to be.

"I don't understand."

Werewolf fangs have a special poison that reacts with a person's very spirit. It allows the human to become open to letting another spirit enter. A werewolf is simply a person who has been endowed with the spirit of a wolf.

For a long time Jackson lay on the floor blinking. He was pretty sure his brain had overloaded. What with finding out that Scott thought of him as family and now the fact that his wolf was nothing more than a spirit sharing his body (the more he thought about it though the more he was convince that the former was bothering him the most) his brain had successfully ground to a halt.

It is why only some survive. Spirits are dangerous especially when there are two trying to merge. They cannot be controlled or forced into something without severe consequences to those trying. If you are lucky enough to get a spirit partner then that partner is stuck with you until you either die or that spirit decides to leave you. That is not something that most spirits do since it is a painful process that almost always ends with the death of the host. The wolf sounded troubled by this.

Jackson swallowed fearfully. After all he had gone through, after all he had sacrificed, he now ran the risk of losing his wolf. He spoke tentatively, "So what are you going to do?"

The wolf sighed That is up to you Jackson. Do you want me to stay?

Jackson nodded dumbly

Then you have to learn. You have to be willing to listen to and learn from your Alpha without giving him attitude.

Jackson internally groaned, but he stayed quiet and listened to his wolf for once.

Scott is also willing to teach you if you will let him. You will also have to learn to respect and follow him since he is now of higher rank then you. Some groveling will also probably help. And before you say anything , the term Omega simple means the youngest, the most physically weak, or the lone wolf in search of a pack. Being an Omega does not mean that you are a sexual slave, nor does it mean that you have no will at all. That is just something that Hollywood and the entertainment industry made up. You will still have the same rights as other pack members and will still be treated as such. Think of it kind of like you being the new kid brother; loved and cared for but a child compared to the others.

Crystal blue eyes blinked at the ceiling. It all made sense now. Well, kind of. That would explain why Scott had said those things before, and why his wolf had been so mad with him when he had refused to back down. He swallowed agian. Was that truly what it meant to be an Omega? Noting more than a child having to work his way up the ranks.

The blonde carefully sat up, "I…I didn't know."

A warm comfort surrounded him as though his wolf were wrapped around his subconscious. Because you never tried to learn.

Somewhere deep in the bowls of Jackson's brain something clicked.

He nodded. Slowly, finally, lifting himself up off the ground and dusting himself off Jackson took a moment to collect himself.

"I guess I'd better start studying then." His wolf hummed, "I need to stop off at home first." The blonde looked down at himself in disgust. His was covered in filth and grim and splinters and his clothes looked, for all intense and purposes, like someone had taken a chees grated to them. He knew that wouldn't have to worry about any wounds still visible on his body, his werewolf healing took care of that, but there was no way he could hide the obvious blood stains that had seeped through his shirt collar and the entire left leg of his pants. Not to mention the huge wet spot directly over his crotch.

Thank God both his parents worked long houred jobs.

Sliding his hand into his pockets and sliding his, thankfully, undamaged phone out of his pocket Jackson quickly looked at the time. 6:45. Okay, that gave him about another hour until his parents got home…until his adoptive parents got home. Jackson ignored the ache in his chest when he mentally corrected himself and shoved his phone back into his pocket, scrunching his face in disgust when his hand came into contact with something wet.

Taking a deep breath, the young wolf made his way out of the burnt down basement, mentally cursing about being talked into not bringing his car to training as he made his way toward home.

His wolf was strangely quiet the entire way.

As a matter of fact, Jackson didn't hear him speak again until close to three hours, a hot shower, and an hour of research (which he will never do again thank you very much; how the hell did Stilinski manage to do it all the time when the jock could barely go an hour before growing board?) later. Mr. and Mrs. Whittemore were downstairs cleaning up the remnants of dinner while Jackson had disappeared to his room the moment his fork had hit his empty plate. Ever since the jock had found out he was adopted he couldn't stand to be in the same room as the two anymore. It had hurt too much. There were still sometimes though, when he was alone, that he would think about going to talk to the two people who had taken him in and raised him as their own, but…every time he thought about it it would only remind him that his own parents hadn't wanted him. It would remind him that he had been taken in by complete strangers instead of being raised by those who were supposed to care about him. During these times he couldn't help but feel he was nothing more than a possession that could be thrown away at a whim. That was why he worked so hard to be the best at everything.

He didn't want to be thrown away again.

Not for the first time would he wish he could go back in time and stop the Whittemore's from telling him the truth.

It hadn't done either side any good and probably never would.

You know the pack is like an adoptive family

Jackson, who had been on the computer, stopped mid click.

The wolf continued They don't have to be there for you but they are because they want to be.

Jackson licked his lips and his eyes involuntarily slid over to a picture of his parents and him on a family trip when he was five. It was about a month before they had told him the truth about his adoption. It struck him just how happy they all looked in their sunglasses and swimsuits, Jackson standing next to a sand castle just as tall as he was. His father had helped him build it.

You don't have to push them away

The blonde shifted in his seat uncomfortably, "But they aren't my birth parents."

A wave of warmth flitted across Jackson's mind So what if that is true, that doesn't make them your family any less

"How can they be family? We don't share the same blood." Even to Jackson's ears his words sounded shallow and he couldn't help but flinch at them.

You don't share blood with Danny either but does that make him any less your brother?

Jackson opened his mouth to speak again when he was interrupted by someone knocking on his bedroom door.

The door opened and Mrs. Whittemore stuck her head in, "Jackson, is everything alright?" Her eyes flickered around the room as though looking for something, "I thought I heard you talking to someone."

"Everything's fine mom," he didn't even realize he was speaking out loud, "just talking to myself."

She looked at him for a moment in that searching way that had always made him uncomfortable as a kid. That look that said she knew he was hiding something.

"Okay well if you need to talk or anything…." She left the question open ended, "Goodnight darling and don't forget—"

"I know, I know you love me," Jackson waved his hand dismissively as he turned back around to face his computer, "I love you too."

He didn't turn around when he heard the small gasp come from her lips. He didn't need to

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