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"That's not fair!" Ripcord whined as Scarlett killed his character on the 5th game of Call of Duty. She smirked and gave him a nonchalant shrug.

"I told you, when I shoot at something I kill it. That includes games too." Ripcord crossed his arms in a gesture that made him appear to be a pouting five year old. The group began to laugh.

It had been a week since they had caught Rex and McCullen, which meant things were fairly calm. The team had been on only one other brief mission since the Cobra encounter so they had a lot of down time to spend training and in the Rec room. At the moment, they were engaging in the later. Although, the mystic ninja was currently doing both as he was balancing on one sword, upside down. Duke stared at him with wide eyes.

"How the hell does he do it?" He asked in an oddly intrigued tone to no one in particular. The group just shrugged in response.

The hours began to slowly tick by and the group was lounging in the rec room being rather lazy. Even Snake Eyes was sitting cross legged in the corner, doing nothing.

"Hey guys, what's today?" Scarlett randomly questioned.

"Thursday." Heavy Duty replied in his thickly accented voice.

This caused the black clad ninja to suddenly seize sharpening his sword and abruptly stare at Heavy Duty and Scarlet in a shocked manner. He suddenly jumped to his feet, and hastily excited the rec room.

The group furrowed their brows in confusion.

"What's up with ninja man?" Ripcord asked Scarlett in complete confusion. She gave him a small smile.

"Oh, Night Rain's coming back from her top secret solo mission. That's the only reason you haven't met her yet. Rayne's the final member of team Alpha. She's been gone for about a month now, so he's just anxious to see her again. She'll arrive in about half an hour. We'll go to met her at the gate then, so you and Duke can meet her." She plopped herself across the couch.

Ripcord nodded in response.

"Ah, I completely forgot today she's coming home! It's been so dull without her. I bet if Rae were here, she'd be jumping off the walls." Breaker chuckled to himself.

"If she broke my new watch I'll skin her." Heavy Duty randomly muttered.

Scarlett scoffed. "Oh please, like you even could. She's second only to Snake in combat, plus if you even attempted anything he'd behead you in a second." He gave her a cold glare. Duke laughed outright. "Overly protective of her?" He sarcastically commented. The entire group furiously nodded and a chorus of yups and yeahs followed.

"He knows she can take care of herself, but he still feels the need to watch her like a Hawk. Just so you know, don't touch her. He will take you out." Ripcord and Duke's jaw dropped open in astonishment.

"Man, that sounds like the Ninja brother from hell!" Ripcord screeched. The group laughed as Snake Eyes appeared once more. He tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"Our girl Scarlett over here, was telling us that we better lay off Night Rain because you are worse than a mother hawk." Ripcord chuckled. Snake glared at him coldly through his visor and visibly stiffened. Gauging the tense vibes he was giving off, everyone took a step away in a cowering manner. He could be quite intimidating when he wished to.

Thankfully the clock made a clicking sound and Snakes attention was drawn up to it. As soon as he registered the time he noticeably relaxed. All traces of his former intimidating fashion instantly gone as he turned and hurriedly walked to the hangar bay. Everyone let out their breath. They had not realized they were holding until now.

"Whew! Saved by the clock!" Ripcord lamely joked. Scarlett rolled her eyes and pushed passed him.

"Come on, she will be getting in now." The team began to file out of the room to meet there last teammate.

"So why exactly was she on a solo mission again?" Duke turned to the Alpha team as they all stood close by awaiting the ships arrival.

Scarlett leaned closer to Duke and Ripcord and lowered her voice as she began to speak.

"Well, it was a top secret mission. So I honestly don't even know. She wasn't allowed to say anything." Her eyes suddenly flickered to Snake, who was attempting to stifle the urge to pace and/or fidget in anticipation.

"If she told anyone what the mission was, it would be Snake. They are practically inseparable." She whispered. Ripcords eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

"Is our ninja boy got a thing for girly?" He shouted in a low voice. Scarlett frantically covered his mouth with her hand and shushed him. They all turned to be sure the man they were speaking of had not been eaves dropping in their conversation. Thankfully, he appeared to be more than lost in his thoughts due to the odd circumstances as his normally over observous nature was rendered immobile. They all turned away and Scarlett removed her hand while giving Ripcord a stern warning glance.

"They don't say anything openly, and I honestly don't believe there is anything there, as far as they're aware of. But they care for each other. You can see it in how they act. They are sort of walking on that fine line of being best friends and something more without actually knowing it." She shook her head in partial confusion. Duke and Ripcord both turned to survey the man who was still attempting to not make an entire fool of himself, and failing miserably as he accidently took a step backwards and tripped over a large container. This caused him to flip upside down and onto his back. The entire team burst out in laughter enjoying the rather comical yet extremely rare irony of a ninja being got off guard.

Snake Eyes quickly jumped to his feet and gave the entire group a cold glare behind his mask. The team suddenly gulped aloud and froze. The only thing that kept them within an inch of their lives was the fact that during that moment, a jet landed nearby the group.

"She's here!" Scarlett exclaimed as Snakes head whipped around in tm the direction of the plane. The group stood at attention as the hanger dock began to open. After several pilots and co pilots exited the aircraft, the sound of a sweet feminine laugh echoed through the carrier.

"Yeah, alrighty, I will tell them! Thanks for the lift Scrap!" A bubbly voice chirped in enthusiasm.

Moments later a beaming and stunning young women, around her early 20s sauntingly emerged from the aircraft. She seemed to be gracefully floating as she easily walked down the ramp with 8 inch black stilettos and a tight leather outfit that hugged her slim yet curvaceous frame. She was the epitome of grace and beauty and all around bombshell. A wide grin spread across her youthful face as she spotted the group.

"Rae!" Scarlett squealed as she hurriedly made her way to the end of the ramp and engulfed her in a suffocating bear hug as soon as she reached the end of the ramp. This caused the other young lady to laugh at her friend but embrace her anyways.

"Missed you too Scar!" She beamed as she pulled away to look Scarlett in the eyes. "You took way too long on your mission! I can't believe you missed Paris! It's your favorite place." Scarlett screeched. The group winced at her highly pitched scream. The other women made an annoyed face.

"Do ya have to remind me." She scoffed. "I leave for two seconds, and the damn base goes up in uproar! Quite literally. What would ya'll do without me?" She teased Scarlett and the remaining members of her group. Her eyes held a glint of mischief. Scarlett rolled her eyes in fake annoyance.

"Yeah, were practically incompetent without you." She huffed in sarcasm. Rae giggled. She looked over Scarlett's shoulder and her face lit up in relief and delight as she saw her best friend. Scarlett suppressed a knowing smirk and moved out of the way as Rae hastily walked to Snake without trying to seem too eager.

"Snakes!" She cried in enthusiasm and engulfed him in a hug. He hugged her back for a moment before they both pulled away. She beamed cheerfully up at him.

"You have no clue how much I missed that mask." She playfully taunted him. His shoulders shook in silent laughter. She smiled and squeezed his shoulder. "First thing I want to do after I go change is spar. I feel like getting down and dirty." She smirked in delight and he nodded his ok to her. She just smiled back.

Suddenly Ripcord, who had been gawking at the girl ever since she had stepped into view randomly, spoke in a loud voice. "Damn girl! And I thought Scarlett over here was hot. Next to you, she looks like a midget with fried up chicken wing hair!" Scarlett gave him a dirty look.

"Oh thank you so much for the compliment. Rae, meet Ripcord." She introduced him in a monotone voice. Rae turned from her one sided conversation with snake eyes in confusion since she hadn't noticed the additions to her team. She suddenly stopped in a mid smile as recognition showed on her face.

Ripcord stared at her in confusion for a moment as he studied her closer, when he reached her eyes then he too recognized the girl he had once known. His face lit up and he opened his mouth to speak when Rae suddenly become wide eyed in panic, though she quickly composed her face. Returning it to being perfectly emotionless with a polite smile plastered to it as she interrupted him.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Night Rain, but the team calls me Rain." She nodded to him but did not dare to come closer.

Duke suddenly spoke out before a very confused Ripcord could voice a word. "It's nice to meet you Rae. I'm duke." Rae turned to him and nodded her eyes hardening as she met his. Everyone could feel the tension. "Nice to meet you Duke." She practically gritted. She turned to survey the rest of the group and her cheerful mood returned.

"So, who's hungry?" Her stomach growled and the team hole heartedly laughed. She shrugged. "Eh, plane food sucks. So does Korean. I'll go change and meet you guys up at the mess hall. Ok?"

The team all agreed and began to leave the hanger area. Rae turned to take her luggage from an assistant but a hand beat her to it. Her head snapped up as she reached Duke's eyes.

She stiffened. "I'll get it, do you mind?" She glared at him but nodded.

"Of course not. Follow me." She sharply turned and began to march off with Duke at her heels like puppy. Neither of them noticed Snake Eyes watching the pair from a corner in wary curiosity.