To all my readers:

First off, this isn't an update. I know, I suck for notifying you without a damn good reason! Still, I think I owe an explanation for my absence.

I honestly apologize. I haven't updated in months due to the fact that I was house sitting for some German family friends. Because of this, I wasn't around my laptop much, and I really wasn't given the chance to write (there's actually stuff to do here, not like in the desolate hot hell I call home lol). Again, I'm sorry! I actually will be relocating for about a year so hopefully I will be able to write more after I pack up!

I swear I have not abandoned my stories! Well, except my Thor one, and maybe my CSI: NY since those do not really get any attention and I've lost interest.

Anywho…I was inspired to write a one shot for The Dark Knight Rises after seeing Bane and Talia's relationship. I thought that was very interesting, I will try to upload it soon(:

Until then, toodles!

Miss A