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Amethyst Dorea Potter looked around the station in a slight panic how was she supposed to get to Hogwarts, her Aunt and Uncle had just left her there and no one seemed to have ever even heard of this place Called Hogwarts. People were looking at her strangly , but could she really fault them she had a heavy trunk and an owl that was as white as pure driven snow. That's when she heard it a voice behind her, a word that she'd heard Hagrid use.

"Packed with muggles of course." She turned around and caught sight of a matronly woman with four boys and a little girl fallowing behind her. Aimee brushed her dark auburn hair out of her eyes. Hair that was several shades darker then the family in front of her, in a snap judgment she decided that fallowing this family that were obviously wizards was her best chance of ever getting to Hogwarts, and oh how she so longed to set foot in Hogwarts. She stood behind them she didn't want to intrude on this family. She watched as one boy went through the wall or she thought it was a wall but that couldn't be right could it? She shook her head and noticed another boy identical to the first getting ready to run through the seemingly solid wall. He turned around at the last second and their eyes seemed to catch he threw her a wink and disappeared just like his brother.

He winked at he no ,that couldn't' be why would he wink at her. She shook her head as the boy that was obviously the oldest with a shiny badge pinned to his chest got ready to take his turn he was gone before she could make her way to the women and her last two remaining children. "Mummy why can't I go?" The red haired girl sniffed.

The mother sighed looking down at her daughter. "Ginny I told you, you can't go your only ten." The little red head pouted as the mother turned to her last son. "Ok Ron are you ready?"

Aimee hurried forward not wanting to miss her chance. "Um excuse me." Her voice shook she hated talking to strangers.

Molly heard a timid voice behind her and she turned around to see a young girl her hands pressed onto a trolley an owl perched on top. Her hair was a deep shade of red almost burgundy her eyes were green with flecks of gold and her body was slight if she wasn't clutching obvious Hogwarts items Molly wouldn't have believe the girl was old enough to get on the train.

"Can I help you dear?"

"Yes…you…see.. I don't know how to get on the train." Aimee looked down at the floor. She didn't want to see the disapproval she was sure was in the older women's eyes.

"Dear can you look at me please?" Molly asked kindly more kindly then Aimee could ever remember being talked to in her whole life. "That's better now." She smiled "Now all you do is run at the wall and don't worry my dear its not solid why don't you go before Ron."

Aimee turned to the boy that must be Ron, "You don't mind do you?"

"No of course not go ahead."

"Thanks." Aimee turned towards the wall and through the women had assured her that the wall wasn't solid she still felt her stomach flip she ran at the wall closing her eyes and expecting to feel brick at any moment. Her eyes flew open when she felt a breeze against her face and she looked up at a shiny red train. The words Hogwarts express stamped against its side. She moved against the side of the train in aw she watched as children and parents loaded trunks and animals unto the train and she went to find an empty place to place hers but she wasn't strong enough to lift the heavy wooden trunk.

George Weasley stood beside his twin; he couldn't seem to take his eyes off the young girl that was just feet away from them struggling with her trunk, "Hey Fred." He nudged his twin and pointed over to the younger girl. Fred nodded and they walked up to her. "Need some help?" Fred asked.

Aimee whipped around and was staring at the two brothers she watched disappear before. "Sure thanks." She watched as they picked up her trunk and placed it on board the train with ease. "Thanks."

"You're welcome I'm Fred and that's my brother George he's usually more talkative then this." Fred joked looking at his brother oddly. George couldn't seem to move he seemed mesmerized by the younger girl in front of him. Something about her haunting green eyes captured him.

"I'm Amethyst." They stared.

"What's your last name." they asked suspicion lacing their words now almost sure they knew who she was.

"Potter." She sighed she'd only been in the wizarding world twice now and already her last name was giving her a headache.

"Fred, George." They heard there mother call out through the open window.

"Its nice to meet you Miss Potter." Fred bowed over her hand and brushed a kiss against it, causing his brother to scowl at him. "We must be off though as that would be our mother."

"Yeah see you and please thank your mom for helping me onto the platform." She smiled as she watched them walk away and sat down in her seat. She leaned against the window and watched the family.

"Hey mom Amethyst Potter would like us to thank you for helping her on the platform." Fred told his mother after she hugged him.

"Amethyst Potter, poor girl I knew she looked familiar." Molly sighed now realizing why the young girl was by herself at the station.

"Oh mummy can I go see her please?" Ginny begged

"She's not a play thing Ginny," Molly told her daughter. "You can't just go stare at her." Ginny pouted.

"Hey no long faces Gin I promise me and Fred will send you a toilet seat." George joked.

"George Weasley you'll do no such thing," Molly screeched. George just winked at his mother then over at his sister and finally up at Aimee. Wait had he just shortened her name he shook his head as he heard her gasp how had he known she'd been listening. They twins and Ron boarded the train with a brother that Amethyst didn't know the name of.

Amethyst leaned back against her seat blowing up toilet seats what was wrong with those two boys how could blowing up a toilet be funny it just sounded like a big mess to her. "hey um everywhere else is full do you mind if I sit with you." She turned her head to the compartment door to see Ron standing there."

"No go ahead." He gratefully sat down and turned to her.

"So are you really Amethyst Potter?" he asked eagerly.

"Yeah" she sighed. Just as he was about to say something else the twins came sliding through the door.

"Ah Ronald our dear little brother I see you've found our new friend Miss Aimee." George smirked.

"My name isn't Aimee." Amethyst scowled.

"Ah yes but your name is such a mouth full." George waved away her words."

"Fine Georgie." George looked scandalized at the new name and Fred was barely able to stand from how hard he was laughing.

"Touché Miss Potter, Touché" George gave a mock bow before leaving the compartment Fred trailing behind him. "I swear I love that girl Fred." He told his brother as soon as they were out of earshot of the compartment were her and their little brother sat.

"Mate I think your off your rocker." Fred advised his brother.

"Be that as it may she'll date me on day mark my words.

Amethyst scowled as she sat in her seat. "Hey don't let the twins get to you they like a laugh." Ron tried to assure her. Amethyst just gave him a small smile she wasn't sure what she thought of George Weasley right now but something about the word Aimee made her smile and frown at the same time.

A/N ok this is obviously AU if you've read my drabble series she lives for them you know the premise of this story is that George and Amethyst will have a relationship similar to James and lily's in that George loves her from the beginning but she despises his pranks and general childishness. Or maybe she loves them and just won't admit it I guess you'll just have read to see this story will only be continued if I get sufficient interest in it.