"This is how it's gonna go. Thayer's gonna get the girl and you're gonna get squat."

(Right after Alec got arrested)

"Any regrets?" Emma asked.

Thayer paused, "not yet…but whatever happens I don't want to face it alone."

Emma looked into Thayers worry filled eyes and solemnly replied, "You won't have to." She then continued to hug him for what seemed like an eternity. Time was still as the two embraced each other in worry and the wedding guests scurried off in confusion.

Meanwhile Sutton was peeking through the upstairs window of "Rebecca's" house looking down with a sense of triumph along with an evil grin on her face.

The door opened behind her to reveal none other than Rebecca herself.

"Hi mom" Sutton stated bluntly as she turned around.

"Everything is going just as we planned," Rebecca answered.

"Now all we need to do is get rid of Emma and well I guess Thayer too, Ethan is gonna be all mine in no time!" Sutton exclaimed.

"Now Sutton, don't be so rash, Emma is my daughter too but you will always be my favorite."

"It seems like you are to only one who feels that way, everyone else is all in love with Emma, Emma, and Emma."

Thayer and Emma were driving back home not talking much but mainly appreciating each others' company. Thayer pulled up in front of the Mercer home to drop Emma off. Right as soon as she was about to get out of the car Emma got a text from none other than Sutton.

"Don't come in! I'm at home. Laurel and Kristine have already seen me"

Emma sighed. What was so going to do now? Suttons getting her life back and poor Emma was getting kicked out. She knew this day was coming but she never thought that Sutton would want her life back now of all times when Ted and Kristine were a few stepping stones away from divorce.

"Where am a going to go?" Emma wondered.

"Emma, I know what to do" was all Thayer said as he pulled out of the drive way and drove away.

He pulled up in front of the Ryback house. The two walk inside and collapse on the living room couch.

"Thayer I don't know what I would do without you", Emma pauses "I'm so sorry."

"We're gonna get through this, no matter what happens I'll always be there for you." Thayer repeated. He leaned forward gently patting Emma's arm then slowly drifts up toward her shoulders and her flushed cheeks.

Emma looks down at her knees while fiddling with her fingers, avoids Thayer's gaze but slowly raises her eyes to meet his stunning hazel eyes. Time flashed before both of them and the next minute both of them were hugging each other and crying their guts out.

Not too long later, both Emma and Thayer reluctantly pulled away and their consciousness returned.

"Emma…I'm…" "Thayer… you don't have to say anything." Emma smiled. "I can't believe this, I am so glad that I met you…but I don't know what to feel anymore."

"Actually, there has been something on my mind lately. I need to tell you something…important." Thayer prompted.

"What is it…?" Emma questioned.

"Emma, I don't think I can express what I feel in words, so…" Thayer trailed off; he leaned forward once again, but instead of giving her a warm bear hug, Thayer closed his eyes and inched closer towards Emma's lips until theirs met. He started to pull back when suddenly Emma followed and kissed him back passionately.

They shifted along the couch, and Emma rolled on to her back as she pulled Thayer down with her. With her gentle hands stroking his fixed short brown hair and his tender touch cupping her cheeks, Emma and Thayer embraced each other to mend each others' broken hearts.

Not long afterwards, Thayer pulled away. He looked down Emma with her happy yet confused eyes. The young Ryback was never more certain of anything else in his life, no matter how short a time they knew each other, he was falling for the girl head over heels. But another fact he understood very well was the virtue of patience and a little something called reaction from the girl.

Thayer put his hand under her cheeks to see her face clearly, she looked so innocent, kind, and beautiful; it was hard to resist kissing her again. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth, "Emma, I don't want to make you nervous and I realize that you and Ethan and Sutton are having problems right now. I'm sorry…if I came on too strong."

"Thayer, I know it so sudden, but I…I…really like you." Emma mumbled in her shyness. She raised her eyes, "Thayer…I don't know what to say so…"

This time she was the one to make the first move and tackle him. Thayer got a hold of her and with her legs on either side of his hips; he carried her over to the next room over. It was the guest bedroom.

"Wait, are you sure?"

Emma nodded and smiled.

"Never mind"

I hope you liked it. Its the first time I have ever written something so intimate haha. Its was a bit awkward for me but I just love this pairing so much that it was worth it. I hope to continue this story with more chapters. Wouldn't it be great if Thayer and Emma get together in season 2. I really hope so. Any suggestions on the story are more than welcome.