(The next morning at around 8:00 am)

Emma woke the next morning, and blurry images from the night before start rushing back into her consciousness. Ethan, Alec, Rebecca, Sutton, The wedding, the arrest. Everything was a blurry mess. And of course the one thing she was embarrassed to even think about…Thayer.

She soon realized he was in the bathroom taking a shower, as the water was running. Emma just lied back down absorbing herself of the recent events. Yesterday her life was tumbling inside out and upside down. Yet someone saved her, and that person…she felt so overwhelmed with intense feelings. Emma was in utter confusion, but one thing was for sure. She really really liked Thayer, yet there was still a hint of guilt in her gut.

She did make an illumination revelations, her relationship with Thayer was so sudden, unexpected yet if felt so right, if felt so comforting. He was so comforting, and that was all that there was too it. That young man taking a shower across the hall, he was something else all right.

The bathroom door opened, and Thayer walked out with only a single white towel wrapped around his lower body.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were up, did I wake you?" Thayer asked.

"Good morning Thayer, its fine. I was just laying here being lazy." Emma replied.

"All right then, did you sleep well?" Thayer continued.

"It was sudden but, I slept amazingly. Your bed is very comfortable." Emma stated.

"I really don't know what you're supposed to say in this situation" Thayer admitted.

Emma paused, "Honestly…neither do I. One thing I do know is that whatever this is; I don't want to rush into this."

"I agree, in fact how about I take you out for breakfast?" Thayer suggested as he put a clever grin over his intellectual stare.

Emma smiled and shacked her head, "I am curious, about your work that is…I happen to be quite the gamer!"

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