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Akiko tried to stay focused as she walked through the enemy camp with Jack. Bakemono-jutsu required focus and concentration. One wrong move could give them away. And yet…

And yet Akiko was distracted and with good reason. Licking her lips where they had touched Jack's, she allowed herself a small smile. After all these months with her feelings growing for Jack in a way that went well beyond friendship, Akiko had FINALLY kissed him. Admittedly it wasn't exactly the way she'd envisioned it, underwater and saving his life, but still.

She had been so scared that she'd lost Jack, that he had drowned in the tunnel and as a result of her plan. Diving for ama pearls had given her considerable lung capacity, but it was a skill that Jack lacked and it had almost gotton him killed.

It was one hell of a way to have a first kiss. But it was still a kiss. And with the loss of so many friends and fellow students, Akkiko felt a touch of warmth that at least she still had that.

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