This is a story about my life kinda. Mostly My point of veiw. Probably gonna be boring to you. But I hope not. I'll try to make it intresting. Not very good at this stuff :/

All through elementry I was bullied and made fun of. I wasn't the best looking kid out there unlike every other girl. It was mainly because of my teeth. I needed braces. I remember what they called me. Back then I was a child and took things too seriously. I got into fights...tried to defend myself miserably and just made things worse. Finally after years of bad grades,fighting and getting introuble Middle School hit. My teeth were fixed, I had matured and my grades became better. I got bullied very little because I have learned how to ignore it and they finally left me alone. I felt free. You're probably wondering if i had any friends. Yes indeed I actually had only one friend that I met back in second grade. Her name was Navneet. She always helped me with bullies even though it didn't help much. I was gratful anyway. We are still friends to this very day. She and I always worked together. Finally High School. My freshmen year is where i'll begin my story. -

*At Lunch* Sitting with my friends Navneet and Ashlee Taylor is how every day goes at lunch time. Ashlee is my next door neighbor whom we met once while I was walking down the street. Once we talked awhile we became friends. She pulls out her packed lunch that her grandma made her. A sandwitch of course is always what she gets and an apple, but she's always satisfyed. "So..What is everyone doing Friday?" She asks, taking a large bite out of her sandwitch,chewing. "I have homework and tests to study for, sorry..." Navneet replies not really paying attention to Ashlee's annoying chewing. "You always study for tests, you're honor student! Come a little!" Ashlee smirks,chewing more noisly. I roll my eyes. "Ashlee you're acting a little strange today...what happened?" I ask her, alarmed that something may be wrong. She just shrugs her shoulders and starts eating her apple. Something was wrong so I asked again. She sighs "Alright..I'll tell you..." She kinda looks sad now as she puts her half eaten apple down. "I'm moving to New York..." She looks away as if she said something emmbarrising. I was shocked, my mind feeling with questions like "What? Why? Why didin't you say anything? New York?." Navneet looked at her also, sadness creeping in both of us. Awkward silence held all of us, sitting there with our mouths closed, not moving. Then the bell rings. I was the first to leave trying to push the awkwardness away wanting to hide somewhere and never come out. I ran to the commons and sat there in silence, ignoring the fact that I was skipping class. I didn't care. My mind was going crazy. What was I susposed to do now? I sit there for what feels like hours when I notice someone at the door. It's a girl. My age...Same height and hair color and she looks new. The door was locked and she was waiting for me to open it. I stood slowly, approaching this mysterious girl.

How was it? Boring? Probabbblyyyy...Yeaaah..Maybe it'll get better...Sorry for the miss spellings or any other things I did wrong. I'll continue if it's good.