Bad Wolf recently took up watching Sherlock, because apparently Doctor Who and Supernatural aren't enough to make her cry all over her pillow. Of course, poetry would inevitably ensue.

The pink lady bit it, killer laughed in her face,

Lestrade had to do it - Sherlock's on the case.

In the lab, with a friend, his deductions were effective

That's how John Watson met the consulting detective.

From 221B they unraveled a study in pink

Nailed the killer before Mycroft could even blink.

The blink banker was harder, a multi cultural riddle

And John couldn't figure out the graffitti down the middle

But after a circus trip and some mistaken identity,

Sherlock saved John and restored serenity.

Things got interesting when we began a great game

From the pink lady's phone Sherlock got a name

He set Holmes games and with each mystery,

Sherlock and John hunted Moriarty.

Sherlock offered the missle plans to stop all the fights,

but instead found himself covered in red sniper lights.

Moriarty strapped a bomb to John to bait our detective friend,

But Sherlock saved John and himself in the end.

Still that damn Moriarty - with his words insulting

He got away and kept criminal consulting.

Sherlock wasn't bothered about Moriarty's scheme,

Our consulting detective had eyes only for Irene

He thought that she could feel it too, but it turned out she was lying

Or so she says! It wasn't fake. But not for lack of trying.

At Irene's passcode we and Mycroft were all shocked

No one would have guessed that "I Am SHERLocked".

She was in witness protection - no, dead! Mycroft lied!

"Only Sherlock could have fooled me." He was there. No one died.

So Irene's out of the picture, John blogs, Sherlock's bored

(That is after he comes in carrying a sword.)

Holmes needs a distraction before his raving makes John ill -

well then, I guess, thank goodness for the hound of Baskerville!

Is there a real dog out there? Sherlock will not err.

Well there isn't an animal - just biowarfare.

John gets locked into a lab - "This is going on my blog!"

But the revelations on the minefield when "The drug's in the fog!"

His boredom's finally over when Moriarty's in our vision.

One thing is for damn sure - THIS IS NOT LESTRADE'S DIVISION.

He sets alarms in three places before a turn of the clock

Moriarty's got a single goal: "Bring Sherlock."

"In a world with locked doors, a man with a key is king."

Moriarty taps his cup, Holmes sees everything.

One last thing old Jim says before his trial comes around,

With a smile: "Honey, you should see me in a crown."

So the game is set and match, Moriarty's a step ahead

And he won't stop until you die, so careful where you tread.

He claims that Sherlock hired him, that Sherlock is a fake

John knows all about Mycroft's huge mistake.

Is it true what they say? Is Moriarty all talk?

But if I know one thing, it's I believe in Sherlock.

But still, he can't be stuck here! There's no way! It can't be done!

They're still thinking on it when John's called back to 221.

Homes meets Moriarty on a rooftop way up high

Where the only way to save is friends is for Sherlock to die.

He knows as long as Moriarty's around he can stop the worst,

But old Jim messes that up by killing himself first.

For John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock stands up on the ledge

And makes a final phone call while he stares out from the edge.

"This is my note," he say to John, then he throws away his phone

And not for the first time Sherlock's all alone.

Now Moriarty's dead and Holmes said farewell to them all -

So can Sherlock Homes survive the Reichenbach Fall?