Summary: In school, he may be known as Dame-Tsuna, but in Italy, where he spent the first five years of his life and where he spends every summer vacation, he's respected as the future Vongola Decimo. He likes keeping his two lives separate. Too bad Boreen-sensei has other ideas.

SkyGem: Hey guys! So, this fic was inspired by the lovely and talented xerochitentoppakai's "That Trip to Italy," and the idea was so intriguing, I decided to give it a shot. I hope you all enjoy, yeah?

It was a hot June day, and Tsuna was sitting in his seat in homeroom, daydreaming about where he would be this time next week; unpacking his things for yet another wonderful summer in his childhood home.

Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, the brunet was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts.

Taking it out, he read the text that had just been sent to him courtesy of his best childhood friend, Hayato.

You look tired; why don't we just ditch the last week of classes and go home a few days early?

Looking up at the silveret, who was sitting only a few seats away from him, Tsuna smiled and shook his head; it was a tempting idea, but Reborn would seriously kill if he even thought of trying that.

Looking back down, he shot back a reply, saying:

I'd love to, but you know we can't do that. Just be patient and before you know it, we'll be on the plane to Italy~

Ignoring the snort he heard come from his storm guardian, Tsuna turned his attention to the front of the class as a murmur picked up among the students.

Nezu-sensei's droning had been interrupted as the door opened to allow the principal to stride in, followed soon after by a certain very familiar infant dressed as a teacher.

Immediately alert at the appearance of his tutor, Tsuna quickly sat up, wondering what the baby could possibly want.

As everyone listened intently, the principal began speaking with quite a happy tone to his voice.

"Congratulations, students of class 2-A! Your class has been randomly chosen for an all-expense paid, two month long field trip to Italy, courtesy of our very generous benefactor, a very close friend of Boreen-sensei!"

There was a moment of dead silence before the rest of Tsuna's class burst into deafening cheers.

Tsuna and his two other guardians, meanwhile, just stared with open mouths.

When the class had finally quieted down, the principal gestured behind him, saying, "Boreen-sensei is here to give you all the details."

And with that, the man excused himself.

The students of class 2-A would have started celebrating again, if only there hadn't been a deadly aura coming from a certain infant-hitman-turned-teacher.

When there was once again pin-drop silence in the room, Boreen-sensei finally spoke up.

"Seeing as this trip has been planned for a while now, all legalities have been dealt with. All that is left to be done is for those who are planning to go on the trip to sign these waivers here, and your passports will be sent to you. The plane to Italy will be leaving at noon the first day of your summer vacation and you will all be arriving back in Japan three days before the beginning of the new term. Any questions?"

"But don't you need our signatures to make passports for us?" asked Minami Miyu.

"No," was Reborn's short reply before asking, "Anyone else?"

"What will we be doing while we're there? There's no project or anything connected to this, is there?" asked Kitanami Kei.

"Your time in Italy has been scheduled as follows; the first week is to be spent in Sicily, getting used to the place that will be your home for two whole months..."

Tsuna didn't hear a thing after hearing the word "Sicily." There could be no way...

Turning to look at Hayato, he saw that his best friend was staring at him with the same expression he must have on his face right now. Then turning to meet Takeshi's eyes, Tsuna saw that the boy looked curious, and it was obvious they were all thinking the same thing.

"Where will we be staying?" asked Kurokawa Hana, and Tsuna saw the corner of Reborn's mouth quirk up sadistically at this question.

Despite the fact that his gaze was still trained on Hana, Tsuna couldn't help but feel that his tutor's next words were directed at him as he said in a smug voice, "The friend of mine who has offered to sponsor this trip has graciously agreed to allow us to stay at his most humble abode, otherwise known as the Vongola main mansion."

After Boreen-sensei had left, there were only three people in class 2-A who weren't chatting happily about their upcoming trip or their extraordinary luck.

"I can't believe Reborn would do this to me," moaned Tsuna, cradling his head in his arms. "He knows there's no way I can be 'dame-Tsuna' around the Family."

"This is a good thing, though, isn't it Juudaime? Now those idiots will stop belittling you."

"But I don't want them to start liking me because of my position, Hayato! That's why I came here, remember? To get away from all those rab- I mean adoring fans…" The brunet shivered as he said this, as if recalling a painful memory.

"Then what do you want to do?" Takeshi asked his friend, sounding concerned.

Tsuna let out a sigh of defeat as he looked up from his arms and shrugged, saying, "There's only one thing I can do, I guess; respect that sadist's wishes and abandon the 'dame' attitude."

It was three days before the beginning of the summer vacations, and the school day was almost over when Reborn interrupted Nezu-sensei's lesson, dressed in his Boreen-sensei disguise.

Their teacher quickly wrapped up what he was saying before giving up the floor to the infant.

"Now," said Reborn, looking down at a piece of paper in his hand, "It seems that there are still three students that haven't handed in their waivers. Gokudera Hayato, Sawada Tsunayoshi, and Yamamoto Takeshi; are you three not planning on coming on the trip?"

There was a silence as the two older males looked at Tsuna, and finally the young Don said, "No."

There were gasps of disbelief throughout the class, and there was a snort as someone said, "I always knew Dame-Tsuna was lame; probably doesn't want to be separated from his mommy for too long."

"And why is that?" asked Reborn, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

Tsuna, though, wasn't going to cave this time.

"Because summer is one of the only times in the year that I get to spend at home with the Family, and not even you will be allowed to ruin it for me," said the young Decimo, his temper rising. Then, switching to Italian, he said, "I'm still going to Italy. I just refuse to waste my summer catering to your whims, Reborn."

And amidst the sudden quiet, the young Don stalked out of the classroom just as the bell rang, his two best friends following him.

Back in the classroom, though, Reborn wasn't upset at all, as one would have expected.

No, in fact, he was smiling, seeing as his plan was unfolding perfectly.

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