As Reborn sat quietly beside Nezu-sensei in one corner, he watched Tsuna with a barely visible proud smirk on his face. He'd taught his student well.

The infant hitman suppressed a short laugh when he noticed that the stupid Ohmae brat had wet himself and focused his attention on his secretly sadistic student, who had started talking again.

"You know, I think we should have a little heart-to-heart," said Tsuna suddenly, not even acknowledging the fact that Ohmae's skin was starting to flush red from the heat. "I'll start by telling you a little about myself and my Family! You see, my great-great-great grandfather started this Family as a vigilante group, but it wasn't long before they became a part of the mafia! During Grandpa Giotto's time, it was all well and good, the Vongola had a great reputation, but that all changed when his cousin Ricardo took over."

Despite their growing horror at what was happening, most of Tsuna's classmates were listening to the tale with rapt attention, and Reborn felt even more pride well up within him. Even when being downright terrifying, his student still had a kind of charisma that just drew people to him, that made them hang onto his word.

"You see, under our Nidaime's rule, the Vongola became known as the bloodiest and most ruthless Family in all of Italy and it wasn't long before we had the title of most powerful Family under our belt as well."

As all the students' and Nezu's eyes widened at this, Reborn took note that Ohmae looked about ready to faint, and not just from the heat either.

"And while I am trying to change our reputation of being ruthless, it would do you well to remember that you are in a mafia household and that personal insults and/or threats to anyone within this household will not be taken to kindly…especially towards our kids."

Due to Reborn's exceptional vision, he could make out that heat blisters were already beginning to form on Ohmae's skin, which showed just how hot Tsuna's flames must have been. Tsuna, though having probably noticed it as well, didn't even bring notice to his captive's worsening physical condition.

"Our kids may be better able to defend themselves defensively than the average child, but they are still children, and not to mention that they are still emotionally immature as well. Lowering their self-esteem is almost worse than attacking them physically. And not to mention that they're our future. What they do with their lives in the future will be our legacy…whether that be within the mafia, or not. Have you understood what I have told you?"

Ohmae didn't reply, merely turning his head away, and the mafioso in the room had to marvel at how infinitely stupid this boy was proving to be. It was obvious he was scared of Tsuna at the moment –believe you me, they all were – because this calm, quiet fury was much, much worse than when Tsuna shouted at them. It was only at times like these that one really, truly, understood completely that sweet, adorable Tsuna had been raised by mafioso; mafioso that adored and respected him for a reason.

Having grown tired of this little game, Tsuna raised his hand and shot out a ball of flames that singed Ohmae's hair and came dangerously close to his face.

"Am I understood?" asked Tsuna again, and this time, he received emphatic nodding in reply. "Good."

And, much to the disappointment of everyone else, the brunet stood up from his chair and extinguished his flames, causing Ohmae to sigh in relief.

But unlike everyone had anticipated, Tsuna didn't untie his poor victim, who looked dangerously close to dehydrating from all the sweating he'd done.

No, he brought up his hands in a very familiar stance and proceeded to encase Ohmae's full body in ice using Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

When that was done, Tsuna promptly turned to stroll out of the room, but stopped and turned to face his sun guardian, saying, "Onii-san, please unfreeze him with your flames before his frostbite scars get too bad, and be ready to treat him once he's unfrozen."

"Hai, Sawada!"

"And let this be a lesson to everyone else not to mess with my family," were Tsuna's last words before the really did leave the room.

The Nami-chuu students, along with their sensei, were well and truly terrified, but Mukuro looked a little disappointed.

"Why…? Why didn't he do more?" asked the pineapple head in a genuinely heartbroken voice, and Chrome just patted him gently on the arm.

"That's the most Bossu could do, considering he's not a part of the mafia…"

Lambo as well looked pretty put out that he hadn't seen any blood and guts, but was distracted with the promise of sweets later.

As everyone slowly filed out of the room with varying degrees of disappointment and satisfaction, some kindly asked for Ryohei to inform them before he unfroze Ohmae, wanting to be there when it happened. They probably wanted to rub salt in the wound…or get their own revenge on the boy.

By the time lunch rolled around maybe half an hour later, Tsuna had calmed down somewhat, but it was pretty obvious he was still upset.

Reborn, though, completely cleared that up with an announcement that made even Tsuna want to murder the baby for what was probably another of his nefarious plots to ruin the brunet's life.

"I understand," started the baby soon after everyone had finished eating, "That the students wish to return home."

When this statement drew eager nods from the students of 2-A, Tsuna frowned.

It wasn't that his classmates wanted to leave; no, that was actually rather good news.

No, the reason Tsuna frowned was because of the grin on Reborn's face.

"Well, unfortunately, seeing as it is only the second day since you all arrived here, and no one expected such a thing, it will take at least a month before we are able to return you to your home country."

The students all let out defeated groans and terrified squeaks when they heard that, but Tsuna just kept watching Reborn, sure that the infant wasn't done yet. And he was right, because the next moment, Reborn continued.

"And it just so happens, that near the end of that month, the Vongola have a very important party to host."

Tsuna's face drained of all colour as he realized what Reborn was planning. "He isn't…" he whispered to himself.

"So I have decided that, for everyone's safety, you are all to attend that party as trainee recruits. Practice starts right after lunch."

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