Tomorrow will be Kinder

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Chapter 1: Hope, Love and Everything in Between

"Katniss" Peeta calls my name. "Are you alright? You seem a bit pale today." Peeta asks me as he cleans our plates.

"I am totally fine Peeta just a little dizzy I am sure I will be better in no time." I tell him reassuringly.

We have been married for 2 years already and he still is very concerned of me. I help him clean our plates, and after he heads off to work. I fix his working clothes and give him a peck in the lips.

"Have a nice day at work Mr. Mellark." I tell him playfully

"Have a nice day too Mrs. Mellark. And please make sure you rest and get well. Because if that doesn't go away tomorrow I am bringing you to a doctor."

"I am sure that I will be fine by tomorrow. No need to bring me to a doctor Peeta." I tell him reassuring him again.

He then goes out of the house and heads to the bakery. I close the door behind me. Lately I have been having massive headaches and some nausea. I really hope that I will be better soon so I won't have to go to the doctor. Just the thought of a doctor makes me shudder. I immediately wipe that thought away and do my regular activities. I clean the house, hunt in the woods and trade in the hob. And by the strike of the afternoon I am exhausted. I go home and take a nap in my bed. I wake up to the sound of Peeta voice.

"Katniss I am home." He calls from downstairs.

I stretch my legs and comb my hair before going down to greet Peeta. I kiss Peeta shortly and we eat. After we are done eating I go straight to bed. I close my eyes once my head touches the pillow.

I am in my old house and my mom is rocking herself in the rocking chair. I take a step closer to her and see she is carrying something.

"Little Kat I want you to meet Primrose Everdeen your little sister."

I stare at them in pure excitement to have a sister.

"Do you want to hold her?" she asks me nicely.

I simply hold out my arms and my mom puts Prim in between my arms. I take a look at my sister and see that her eyes are close and she has blonde hair sprouting from her head.
I hold her for a few more seconds till' Prim just gets engulfed in flames and is turned into ash and grime.

My mom's calmness is replaced by pure anger and hatred.

"What did you do to Prim, you little vermin!"

I crawl to the floor trying to get away from her but she takes steps toward me.

"It's your fault Prim died! It is your entire fault. You just had to leave her to die."

I then hear a different sound.

"Katniss, sweetie, are you alright?" my mom suddenly says.

I then feel someone shaking me lightly. I wake up and see Peeta hovering on top of me. He sits down on the bed, letting me sit up straight. A shot of pain runs through my head and I feel dizzy. Peeta sets me down gently and gives me a cup of tea. I drink the tea slowly and I get worried looks from Peeta. When I finish the tea I set the cup on the nightstand.

"Did you have a nightmare Katniss?" Peeta asks me worriedly but normally.

I nod my head and go in between his arms.

"I dreamt that I let Prim die and she turned to ash and grime. My mom thinks it is my fault and I really think it is." I tell him in between sobs.

"Katniss it is not your fault. You didn't have the chance to save Prim but if you did I assure you that you would have." Peeta tells me comfortingly.

I cry for a few minutes before I really need to stop crying. I run to the bathroom and I emit that little that I had this morning, once my stomach brought up everything I just dry heave. Peeta rubs my back the whole time.

"Katniss I really think it is time to bring you to a doctor." He suggests apprehensively.

"I am fine Peeta. No need to bring me to a doctor. It is just a waste of money." I tell him firmly.

"You are not fine Katniss. You have massive headaches, you are always dizzy and you are always tired. And now you are vomiting it is time to bring you now."

"Peeta I am fine. And you know I don't like doctors." I grumble.

"But you are still going Katniss no arguments." He tells me with his my way goes tone.

I raise my hands up in defeat and I stand up. I am eating some bread when Peeta goes to the dining room in his work clothes.

"I set up an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. The doctor's name is Dr. Harrison. So before I go to work tomorrow we are going to your doctor's appointment." Peeta tells me.

I simply nod my head

"I love you Katniss." he reminds me again.

"I love you too Peeta." I respond.

I kiss him like the usually and he goes off to work. I spend the rest of the day figuring out how to brace myself for the doctor's appointment

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