Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

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Chapter 11: I Love You

"Katniss we have an invitation." Peeta calls from downstairs.

I put my book down and walk slowly downstairs. Being 8 months pregnant, it is harder to go down the stairs. Peeta hands me the invitation and I quickly read it.

"They are opening a tribute museum here in District 12 for all those part of the rebellion. And they want us to come." I give back the invitation and slump down on the couch.

I take a moment to think about this. They are opening a tribute museum for all those people part of the rebellion. That means Finnick, Prim and Rue's pictures might be there. A tear falls down my cheek and a few more follow after. Peeta takes a seat beside me and encircles his arms around me.

"Katniss what is wrong? Aren't you happy that they are opening a tribute museum for Prim and the others who died?" He asks tightening his hug on me.

"It is not that. I still think I am not ready to enter that museum. I have to face the feeling. The feeling felt everyday when I first came back here. It was my fault that Prim died. I should have ran faster to save her. I should have shouted her name louder. I should have done more to save her. It is my fault Peeta my fault. And seeing Rue, I didn't have the chance to save Rue. I feel responsible for their deaths." I cry into his chest.

He takes my face in his hands and wipes all the tears away.

"Katniss, it is not your fault. You did everything you can to save the both of them. I am sure they are looking up from where they are now and they love you and they miss you. It is not your fault Katniss. Don't feel that way. And sometimes to remove that heavy feeling from your heart you have to move on. This is the best way for you to move on. Prim and Rue are in a safe place now. And they have never left. They have always been in our hearts. Don't cry anymore Katniss, don't cry." He comfortingly calms me down.

He wipes all the tears still falling from my face. And he kisses my cheeks, temples, forehead and then my lips.

"Do you know how much I love you Mellark?" I ask him playfully.

"Yes and I love you too." He says kissing my cheek.

He goes off to work and I go off doing my regular activities.

I am in the middle of cleaning the kitchen when I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and see my mother. I look at her stunned and I give her a hug. I haven't seen her in so long. We had our differences before but I want her to be part of my life.

"Katniss you are glowing. You look beautiful." She tells me taking a full look on me.

I give her a laugh and let her in.

"Thanks mom." I tell her glad to see her.

We sit down on the couch and she smiles.

"So I got these for your baby." She tells me handing me a paper bag.

I take the paper bag and open it. And inside are baby bottles, disposable diapers, pacifiers and some relaxing tapes to help babies sleep.

"Wow this is a lot of stuff for the baby but thanks mom." I thank her setting the bag down.

She then hands me a paper.

"Oh I almost forgot Finn sent you a drawing." She tells me giving me the paper.

I open up the paper and see a cute little drawing of me holding a baby in a pink blanket.

"Aww this is so cute!" I exclaim.

I pin it in Aster's room and go back to my mother.

"Tell Finn I said thanks." I tell my mother.

"I will." She just smiles at me.

"So what do I owe this visit?" I ask her nicely.

She gets something from her bag and sets it on the table.

"I wanted to help you choose what way you want the baby to be born." She tells me setting more stuff on the table.

"I haven't decided yet honestly." I tell her honestly.

"That is why I am here to help."

She takes her clipboard and her pen.

"Do you want your baby born in the hospital or here at home?" She asks me writing something down.

"I want her to be born here. I want a peaceful environment. And in the hospital there are so many doctors who will crowd the baby." I explain to her.

She nods her head and continues writing.

"The number of doctors you only want for your delivery?" She continues asking me

"Maybe 3 at the most. Maybe 2 doctors and 1 nurse. Just to be safe." I answer back.

She continues writing more stuff on her clipboard and nods.

"I think the best type of birth for you is a water birth. I got your pregnancy records from the doctor and I saw that your baby's position in the womb is perfect. It is calm and peaceful. And the birthing process is natural." She explains.

I consider it for a moment.

"Where will she be born?" I ask.

"We could use your bathtub or we can use your garage and rent you a special birthing pool. It is your choice." My mom answers.

I accept that answer and nod.

"I think water birth is perfect." I smile.

She writes extra stuff on her clipboard and finally closes it.

"Good I am staying here for the rest of the week to help you plan your birth plan." She tells putting everything in her bag. "I am just going to negotiate things with your doctor and I will be back to tomorrow discuss more birthing stuff. I got to go bye Katniss."

She gives me a hug and goes to the medical center. I do a few more chores and head to Delly's house. I knock on the door gently and she opens it with a smile as always.

"Katniss, it is nice to see you." She tells me hugging me warmly.

I give out a little chuckle.

"It is nice to see you too." I pat her back a bit and pull away from the hug.

"Are you going to the opening of the tribute museum?" She asks me closing the door.

I slump down on the coach and take of my shoes.

"Yeah me and Peeta are going. It took me some convincing but I just finally agreed to go." I tell her swirling circles on my enlarging belly.

She lets out a little happy squeal.

"Yay Katniss is going!" She says clapping her hands.

I smile at her and ask her something very random.

"Are you going with someone?" I ask looking up at Delly.

She takes a sit beside me on the couch. She takes a deep breath and looks at me.

"Arden, Peeta's apprentice from the bakery asked me!" She says happily. "I really liked him since he moved here and it is so great he asked me to go."

I give her a hug and share her happiness

"That is great. How did he ask?" I ask her curiously.

She tucks a hair behind her ear and composes herself.

"I lately have been buying bread in the bakery. And Arden is always at the front counter. Peeta has been insisting to give me newly baked bread and we had time to talk. Then this morning he just asked me and I said yes!" She says leaning down on the couch.

"That is great Delly. I am so happy for you." I tell her rubbing my belly as Aster kicks start to tingle. "Well I got go and get ready. See you tonight."

Delly helps me up and I head back to my house to start and get ready. As I open the door to my room, I see a sight of bright orange pin curls. I fully open the door and see Flavius inside my room.

"Flavius?" I call from behind him.

He instantly snaps his head and he flashes me a eye burning white set of teeth.

"Katniss! Hi, I am just here to drop of your dress and do the simple things like your hair and make up nothing else." He tells me grabbing the hanger with my dress.

He hands me the hanger and he looks at me with a smile.

"Hope you like it. Me, Octavia and Venia had been researching the past sketches of Cinna and this is the dress we made."

I unzip the hanger and look at it in amazement. The dress is a beautiful Navy blue one-shouldered dress. It ends just below the knee and the material is soft and stretchy so it will be easier for me to put in because of my growing belly. We start the prepping like normal but with some special modifications due to my pregnancy. They plucked my eyebrows, wax my legs and instead of spray tanning me, they apply bronzing powder to areas needed but I didn't need a lot since my pregnancy is making my skin glow. After prepping Venia and Octavia help me slip into the dress. Luckily it actually fits. The material is very comfortable in flexible so I am pretty happy with the outcome of the dress. Flavius does my make up with light, neutral but gorgeous shades since the dress is already an overpowering color and we want it to stand out. Venia works on my hair and makes big ringlets cascading down on my shoulders and she twists the side of my hair and clips it into place. It looked simple but beautiful. I place on the bracelet that Peeta has given me when we are newly married. I go downstairs to see Peeta all prepped and ready. He is wearing a simple black tux with the inside lined with the same color as my dress. He kisses my forehead and we hold hands on our way to the tribute museum. I can't help but feel nervous. Peeta feels my tensions and kisses my cheek.

"It will be ok Katniss. If you keep reading the same page over and over you will never finish the story." He tells me warmly.

I slightly calm down but I still feel very anxious and tense. We reach the tribute museum and it looks beautiful. I go my separate way with Peet and promise to meet him later here again. I see Annie, Johanna and Delly and go to them to give them a hug. They all compliment on my growing belly and we took sometime to catch up on things. I finally notice that Robin is here but Finn is nowhere to be found.

"Where is Finny?" I ask Annie curiously.

She looks at me and for a second I saw the Annie I met in District 13.

"He... He is at home with my mom because I don't want him to see this yet. I-I would like to wait until he is a b-b-bit older." Annie stutters.

We let Annie stay quiet first until she gets back to her regular self. She hasn't stuttered in over 3 years. We finally enter the museum and the first pictures I see are Glimmer's and Marvel's. The inscription at the bottom of both of theirs were "Tributes from District 1 for the 74th Hunger Games. Died because of the sickening Hunger Games." I felt a bit guilty since they tried to cover up that I indirectly and directly killed the both of them. We go around the museum and I see that the pictures were arranged by District. We are in the District 4 area and we stopped a bit longer for Finnick's picture. The inscription wrote "Tribute and victor of the 65th Hunger Games, as one of the members of the rebellion team that barged into Snow's house. Died because of Mutant Lizard creatures created by Snow." Annie cried in grief infront of Finnick's picture. Johanna holds Annie and tries to soothe her with comforting words. After she has got Annie to calm down we move onto the next District and I see foxface. Her actual name is Selendra Michaels. Her inscription is almost like Glimmer and Marvel's except for the night lock part. We go to the next districts until we stop at 11. And there laid the picture of Rue. And her inscription wrote: "District 11 tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. Died at a young age because of the sickening games. Helped give fire to the rebellion through her death." I touched her picture and I couldn't help but tear up. She was like a family member to me in the games. And I could have saved her if I was fast enough. I decided to control my emotions as we went along the District 11 pictures because more of them were close to my heart. Once we reached District 12 me and Peeta have met each other. I find the picture of Prim and I completely forgot about my control of emotions. I cried really hard. Peeta took me into his arms. His eyes were also a bit puffy so I guess he cried it out before I came. When I finally stopped crying. I went my separate way with the girls and spend sometime with Peeta. We go outside of the museum and sit on a bench with Peeta. He takes my hand and draws circles on it with his fingers. After a few moments of comfortable silence he lets go of my hand and speaks.

"Katniss have I ever told you how scared I am to be a father?"

I wrap my arm around him and pull him closer to me.

"Peeta there isn't anything to be scared of. Between the two of us you are the one born to be a parent, with all the love and compassion you have in your heart. Everyday it makes me think that I married the best father that the world can offer."

Peeta kisses my forehead.

"Katniss, I am really afraid. Our baby will be here soon. She will be in my arms in less than month. And when she does I need to protect her. Make her happy and never hurt her. What if I accidentally hurt her on my 'bad days'? That is what I am scared of the most." He tells me looking down at his hands.

I take one of his hands and kiss it.

"Trust me Peeta. I know you will be the greatest father for our little Aster. You will give her everything you can offer to her. You will nurture her in an environment filled with love. You will give her the world just to see her smile."

Peeta takes my hand and with no doubt only love tells me those special words he tells me every single day.

"I love you Katniss."

I give him a kiss on the lips to reply back with no words needed and we just sit beside each other. Enjoying each other's company.

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