*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with John Green, nor any of his creations of literary art.

This is a Drabble based on The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

*Do not read if you haven't read TFioS.*

Augustus shook me awake, I opened my eyes immediately. (I had always been a light sleeper.) I saw his big goofy grin right above my face.

"HAZEL! WAKE UP!" He yelled

"I'm awake due to the simple fact you have created an earthquake of my weak body." My voice was breathy because the BiPAP was still running perfectly good air in and out of my perfectly horrible lungs.

"HAZEL GRA-" I interrupted him

"Just Hazel, Gus." I sat up onto my elbows as he sat on the edge of our almost sterile white bed.


"Is something wrong?" I unhooked the BiPAP and motioned for Philip's tubular arms to be inserted into my nostrils.

"No no no no. It's something GRAND!" He handed me Philip's trolley and threw the covers off of me. I looked over at the clock that sat adjacent to our bed. 5:37 am.

"Augustus Waters why have you woken me up at this hour?" To be honest I didn't care, but I wanted to give him a hard time about it.

"Hazel Grace, I have woken you up at this hour of 5:38 am because I found something in that little corner shop that we used to visit that is absolutely amazing and beautiful." He jumped up from his squatting position, I heard the soft jingling of our car keys in his jeans pocket.

"Alright then." I got up from my halfway laying position and threw on a light, blue jacket to protect myself from the elements outside.

We walked slowly, hand in hand to our small silver Volvo in our garage. He strolled a small bit faster than me so he could reach the passenger side first.

"Enter." He said as he opened the car door with a small bow.

"Thanks, Gus."

My eyes followed his body as he walked in front of our car to get to the driver's side of the car. As soon as he shut his door he leaned over the console and kissed me on the cheek.

"It's friendly." He said with a small crooked smile.

As we drove to the small corner store I couldn't fathom what could possibly be worth waking me up at 5:37 in the morning, but knowing Gus, It was something worth waking up for.

We pulled up to the corner store that was called " Sterren Worden Verweten." Gus's parents got most of their 'encouragements' from this small local, Dutch inspired store.

"Kay Hazel, close your eyes." He demanded.

"Augustus, the store probably isn't open anyway."

"I know," he said guiding me, "just look."

His hands, coming from behind me, grasped my hands and lead them off my green eyes.

"Read them out loud, Hazel Grace."

As my vision readjusted and my eyes darted around the store window, two light purple signs in the middle of a shrine of white curtains caught my eye. The first sign read;

"The world isn't a wish granting factory."

And the second

"But Hazel, will you marry me?"

I immediately turn my head to Augustus Waters, he was on one knee.

"Hazel, take a big breath through Philip." I did as I was told.

"Well?" He said.

"Gus, it would be an honor to read my vows to you," I realized that sounded dumb, "Uh, yes." I jumped into his arms like a little school girl.

"Hazel Grace, you just made me the happiest man ,with 1 ΒΌ legs, alive."

He pulled me close and kissed me like he never had before. He kissed me more passionately than when we were in the Anne Frank Huis, more passionately than ever. I took out my nubbins and threw them to the ground, sorry Philip.

It was the first time I kissed him with no support, I felt free. We finally broke out of our kiss.

"Augustus, pick up my nubbins, that was a bad idea." He laughed, placed them around my head, behind my ears, and kissed me again.

"I love you more than I loved the carrot risotto at Oranjee." He said

"That was pretty amazing." I whispered.