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Galinda sat atop her bright magenta comforter and wiggled her freshly fuchsia painted toenails. She sighed with glee and turned to see her bony roommate. Elphaba sat in a plain gray dress on her own bed with its single navy sheet, absorbed in a book. Her black glasses slid precariously down her razor edged nose. Galinda's smile turned into a frown. So thin. She has none of the womanly traits that a boy could love. Quite horrificus! Galinda's gaze cascaded down to Elphaba's socked feet. One toe protruded like an ear of corn from a hole in the black sock. Galinda's lip curled at the sight of the jaggedly cut toenail with its slight yellow tinge. Oh, Elphaba! You do need to try to be more lovable! Most ugly people make up for it with charm. I suppose some parts of you are tolerable, Galinda thought as her eyes surveyed Elphaba's exposed calves. Yes, those aren't bad. Moving further to her flat stomach. That's actually quite nice. Her gaze traveled further to Elphaba's scant breasts. Those…Those are… They were small enough that the tall girl always left them braless. Galinda tried to imagine the possible shades that her roommate's nipples could be. Verdant? Jade? Spinach-colored? A green so dark it was closer to purple? She visualized the coarse fabric of Elphaba's gray dress rubbing against them. Tickling them. They protruded and a cream colored hand approached them. Galinda's held her thighs together.

"Galinda, stop!" Elphaba said without looking up. Galinda's eyes went wide.

"I-I-wasn't-I-well-What exactly are you referring to?" Galinda maundered.

With a sigh Elphaba rested her book on her lap and looked over her glasses at Galinda.

"The staring. Surely by now the novelty has worn off."

"If you're talking about your greenness. I've long resigned myself to having an artichoke for a roommate," the blonde answered.

"Oh? If it wasn't my skin color, do tell, what has caught your eye?"

While her cheeks glowed ruby, Galinda played with the edge of her dress and hummed.

Elphaba cleared her throat and waited for the blonde to answer.

Galinda continued to hum.

"Well?" Elphaba interrupted.

More humming.


"Your toenail! It's absolutely disgustifying! Don't you have a proper sock that can cover it?" Galinda said, looking up. Elphaba gave a snort and for a moment glanced at the offending toe.

"I think I'd rather leave it out. It'll remind you to keep your eyes to yourself!" Elphaba said, pushed her frames back up her nose and continued to read.

Galinda huffed and thought unkind thoughts about the green girl, until she saw from the corner of her eye Elphaba curl her toes. Hiding them against the navy blanket. Galinda frowned and tapped her nails against her knee, biting her lip. Suddenly her back went straight - an idea had hatched. Stealing a glance at the green girl, she knew it was now or never. Grabbing her nail file and polish, she clutched them to her chest and whispered a short prayer. Then she did it.

She leapt onto Elphaba's bed. The green girl dropped her book and gasped from fright. Through narrow eyes she stared at the blonde who had perched herself at the edge of her bed. Dropping her polish and file, the blonde reached for Elphaba's foot. Elphaba quickly tried to retract her leg, but Galinda's hand was faster. The blonde girl held Elphaba's socked foot in an iron fist.

"I'm afraid the fumes have gone to your pretty little head. That is my foot. Your foot is attached to your own leg," Elphaba said, trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice.

"Hold still, green bean. I'm going to paint your toenails," Galinda said pulling off the tattered sock.

"You most certainly will not!" Elphaba answered. Her eyes went round with fright while Galinda kept a tight grasp on her bare foot and turned tucking Elphaba's lower calf under one of her arms. It lay wedged between Galinda's bicep and breast. The blonde with her back to Elphaba was holding the green girl's barefoot tightly in her slender palms. It tickled, making Elphaba twist and pull even more feverishly to regain control of her body. The sensation distressed the green girl who, unbeknownst to Galinda, couldn't remember the last time a person touched her, let alone touched her foot.

"Stop moving! I can't paint if you keep flailing about, the polish will smudge!" Galinda shouted over her shoulder.

"Galinda, I said no!" Elphaba shrieked and with a rough shake of her leg sent the blonde tumbling. Elphaba's eyes went wide as the coral pink ruffles landed on the floor with a thump and a squeak.

"Galinda!" Elphaba exclaimed and rushed off the bed to help the blonde.

"Don't - touch - me!" Galinda yelled, standing up and straightening her dress. "I've never met such a violent vegetable in all my life!" She said and swiftly turned her back to the green girl, examining the rug burn on her elbow. Elphaba standing tall like a tower, raised her chin and exclaimed,

"Says the girl who jumped on my bed and ripped off my clothes!"

Galinda eyes grew wide. She whipped around.

"Elphaba Thropp! I don't know what you're trying to say, but I'll have you know that nail painting is normally a peaceful activity between friends! If you were normal, you would appreciate my attempts at friendship."

Elphaba snorted.

"Friendship? Your last attempt at friendship involved a black hat-"

"Okay, Okay!," Galinda cut in, "There's really no need to dredge up the past. Last night was last night. Today I was only attempting to beautirize you. Honestly, Elphaba if you don't try at all, how do you expect to find a man?"

"Galinda, don't be stupid. I didn't come to Shiz to find a man and no amount of beautirizing will cover up this green skin. More importantly why should you bother your pretty little head about my marriage prospects?"

Galinda didn't know why she had thought she should help Elphaba find a date. Or why she had thought painting her toenails would help or why she had persisted against Elphaba's objections. It was somehow all tangled up with a glance and regret for snapping at her moments before and sudden curiosity to touch her emerald skin and surprise at finding it impossibly smooth and anticipation that other places of Elphaba would be even smoother. But, Galinda didn't want to delve into those thoughts now. She just wanted Elphaba to let her touch her again. She wanted Elphaba to enjoy the touching as much as she did. She knew none of this would make sense to Elphaba, it made little sense to herself. So instead she resorted to the familiar.

"Elphaba, do want to end up alone for the rest of your life?"

"Again, I fail to see how that's any of your business," Elphaba replied and turned away.

"As your new friend,-" Galinda started. Elphaba looked back at her and opened her mouth to protest, but Galinda kept going. "Listen, I'm sorry about the hat, but as you already know I risked my popularity to make up for it at the dance, so let's call that water under the bridge, okay?" Elphaba opened her lips again, but the blonde rolled on.

"And since we are friends now, you should know that friends look out for each other and participate in friendly activities, such as nail painting, hair styling, gossiping and shopping."

Elphaba wrinkled her nose at the list of options.

"What about study in quiet together?" She asked with a small smirk.

"Gross, Elphaba."

"Honestly, Galinda, I have to study for an exam tomorrow, if you leave me alone for today, perhaps we can try out one of your friendly activities on the weekend," Elphaba suggested, counting on the blonde to lose interest in her in two days time.

"Promise?" Galinda asked, with a wiggle in her hips. Elphaba raised an eyebrow and thought for a moment until Galinda's wiggling had almost disappeared. "Promise?" Galinda whispered again.

"I promise," Elphaba answered and pushed up her glasses.

Galinda grinned and retreated to her own bed, content to be quiet while she imagined all the "friendly" activities that she intended to pursue with her roommate.