Chapter 13

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Note: Previously, in "Freedom isn't Free," Stefan wakes up from the anesthesia and is reunited with Caroline, and attempts to propose to her, which isn't met with success. However, when the family is gathered, she changes her mind and accepts his proposal.

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Damon & Elena's House – 4 Months Later...

Damon smiled as he looked at the cribs in the nursery. The room had been painted blue on one side for the boy and pink on the other side for the girl. It had been Elisabetta's idea, of course, but Damon had indulged his mother, since she was not only getting twin grandchildren, but she was also getting a daughter-in-law now that Stefan and Caroline were getting married soon. Damon was happy for his brother, because he was finally going to have the family he had only dreamed of during the time he spent as Klaus' prisoner/partner.

"Enjoying the quiet while you can, Daddy?"

Damon was startled out of his reverie and turned to see Elena standing there, her hand gently rubbing her belly, which looked like it was about ready to pop at any given moment. He smiled again at just how beautiful she looked.

"Yeah, and also imaging how cute the babies will look in their cribs."

"You won't have to imagine much longer, because they'll be here before we know it," said Elena. "As much as I'm looking forward to holding them in my arms, I'm going to miss having them in my belly. Funny how I originally thought I was having just one baby at first, but then, I found out I was carrying twins the whole time."

Damon nodded. "True, but I'm still looking forward to being a father." He approached her and carefully hugged her, kissing her belly before kissing her cheek. "I'm going to be a better father to these little ones than my father was to me."

"I know you are," said Elena. "These babies are going to love you just as much as I do." She kissed him softly. "Damon, I..."

She never got to finish because she then felt a sharp kick in her belly. "Shit, I think my water just broke!"

"Now?" said Damon. "But, the doctor said we have another week."

"Tell that to the children," said Elena. "Damon, call your mother. Tell her that we'll be meeting her at the hospital. Call Stefan and Caroline too, let them know what's going on."

Damon nodded. Quickly, he took out his cell phone and dialed his mother's number, waiting patiently as it rang. After the third ring, he heard her pick up on her end. "Damon?"

"Mom, it's time," he said. "Elena went into labor a few minutes ago and I'm going to take her to hospital. Once I hang up with you, I'm going to call Stefan and Caroline."

"You'll do no such thing, Damon," said Elisabetta. "I'll call them, you just focus on getting your wife to the hospital."

She hung up before Damon could protest. However, he knew she had a point. Elena was more important at the moment. Grabbing the suitcase that he had packed well in advance so that he didn't have to rush, he escorted Elena out of the house and into the car, placing the suitcase in the back before getting in the driver's side, starting the engine and driving off toward the hospital.

By this time, Elena was starting to feel some contractions coming on and immediately launched into some breathing she had learned when she and Damon attended Lamaze class last month. Damon gently placed his hand on hers, breathing with her as he kept his eyes on the road. While this was a surprise, the good thing was that soon, they would be meeting their children.


Damon arrived at the hospital and escorted Elena inside, seeing the sweat that was beginning to cascade down her face from the pain she was in. Kissing her forehead, he escorted her over to the desk.

"My wife went into labor about an hour ago."

The nurse signaled for an orderly to bring a wheelchair for Elena. "Your mother already called, Mr. Salvatore. We've got everything ready for your wife."

Damon blinked at that. Shit, was there nothing his mother hadn't already done for them? Guess she really is looking forward to being a grandmother, he thought. In either case, I'm glad that we have her around to make sure everything is taken care of.

The orderly brought the wheelchair over and Damon helped him place Elena in it, kissing her gently. "I'll come see you once they've got you settled. I'm just going to wait for Stefan and Caroline. Knowing Mom, she wasted no time in calling them before she called the hospital."

Elena said nothing, just nodded and let the orderly wheel her to a room. Damon watched her go and went to wait for Stefan and Caroline to show up. He wanted to call Elisabetta, but he was sure that she had already left and was on her way. No sooner did he get to the waiting area than his brother and future sister-in-law arrived.

"We came as soon as we got Mom's call," said Stefan. "No way in hell we're going to miss this."

Damon smiled. "Yeah, and neither am I. Then again, I have no choice, seeing as how I'm the father."

Stefan nodded and smiled as well. It was here that Damon noticed that something was rather fishy going on and didn't hesitate to speak. "Stefan, is there something you want to tell me? You've got a rather goofy grin on your face."

Stefan laughed nervously and looked at Caroline. "Should we tell him?"

"Yes, brother, tell me," said Damon. "What's going on?"

"Well," said Caroline, answering the question for Stefan. "It would seem that your mother isn't just going to get grandchildren from you and Elena. She's also going to get grandchildren from us as well." She saw the confused look on his face. "I'm pregnant, Damon."

"You're pregnant?" said Damon. "How long have you known?"

That's when Stefan spoke up. "About four months. You see, Caroline and I sort of celebrated our engagement shortly after I got home from the hospital. One thing led to another and...well, I think you can pretty guess what happened as a result."

"We wanted to tell you sooner, but we didn't want to upstage you and Elena," said Caroline. "You two had just reunited after your ordeal and the timing just wasn't right."

"And you think that the timing is right now?" said Damon. "Elena is about to give birth to twins, for crying out loud. I hardly think that announcing that you're pregnant now is the best thing." He sighed. "Regardless of the circumstances, I'm happy for you. You're not only getting married, but you're also having a blessed event, and congratulations are in order." Curiously, he added, "Does Mom know?"

"We haven't told her yet," said Stefan. "The only ones we've told were you and Caroline's mother."

Damon said nothing, just nodded and went to see if Elena was settled yet. He found her in a hospital gown and sitting in the bed. He didn't know why, but he thought she looked exquisite that way.

"There's my angel," he said. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything?"

Elena shook her head. "No, I'm okay for now." She smiled at him. "Are Stefan and Caroline here yet?"

Damon grabbed a chair and sat by her bed, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. "They just got here. Mom called them as soon as I hung up with her." He sighed. "As for Mom herself, no doubt she'll be here shortly, provided there's no traffic from here to Atlanta."

Elena then noticed that her husband was a little tense. "Damon, are you okay?"

"I'd be lying if I said yes, so I won't," said Damon. "I just found out from Stefan that Caroline is pregnant."

"What?" said Elena. "When did that happen?"

"According to Stefan, they got busy after he got home from the hospital."

Elena blinked as she listened to what Damon was telling her. She knew that Stefan and Caroline didn't want to be apart from each other given what happened four months ago, but to get down and dirty soon after he was released from the hospital?

"Shit, this is big news," she said. "What I don't get is why they waited until now to tell us."

Damon squeezed her hand. "They didn't want to upstage us. I mean, you're about to have twins, and Caroline felt that her news would take away the joy that we're about to have."

Elena was about to answer him when she felt another wave of pain hit her. "Damon, I think this might be it."

Damon saw the doctors coming into the room at that moment and looked at her, keeping her hand in his. "Just relax and keep breathing. We'll be meeting our son and daughter before we know. And I'll be right here with you."

Elena forced a smile. Truth be told, she wasn't sure if she would ever be able to do this without Damon here with her. The nurses placed her legs onto the stirrups just as the doctor got into position in front of her.

"Okay, Elena," he said. "The second you feel a contraction, I want you to push really hard for me."

Elena nodded and as soon as she felt a contraction, she pushed as hard as she could, screaming out as she pushed. The doctor saw the first baby's head pop out and smiled. "You're doing great, Elena. I see the first baby's head. Just keep pushing and you'll have the baby out in no time."

The sweat cascaded down Elena's face as she nodded again and when another contraction hit, she pushed just as hard as the first time. Damon winced as he felt her squeeze his hand. Of course, he'd take all the pain in the world for his wife, he loved her that much.

As she continued to push, she heard the doctor say, "Keep pushing, Elena. The first baby is almost out. Just one more big push."

Without fail, Elena pushed as hard as she could and then, she heard the first cries of the first baby, a boy, the one she knew about. Damon smiled when he saw his son and then gently kissed Elena's forehead, not giving a shit if it was sweaty.

"You did great, amore mia," he said. "Our son is here. He's so gorgeous."

Elena smiled and panted. "Just like his daddy."

Once the baby was weighed and cleaned off, he was brought over to Elena, who struggled to keep from crying herself as she kissed him hello. "Hello, my angel boy. Mommy and Daddy are so happy to finally meet you."

Damon kissed his son as well. "So, what are we going to name this little man?"

Elena mused on that for a moment and said, "I think I know what to name him. Christian. Christian Damon Salvatore."

"That's a great name," said Damon. "It's strong, important, and it's just as handsome as our little boy is."

Elena smiled and before she could answer him, she felt another wave of pain as the second baby was making its way out. The doctor got into position and just as he was about to assist in the delivery, he noticed that something wasn't right. The second baby wasn't coming out headfirst, it was coming out feet first.

He looked at Elena and said, "The second baby is coming out feet first, unlike the first one. I'll have to go in and shift it manually. If we continue to let the baby come out the way it is now, there's a good chance that it won't end well."

Elena looked at Damon and then back at the doctor. "Do what you have to do then."

"All right," said the doctor. "Now, you're going to feel a little pressure, so just stay still for me, okay?"

Elena nodded and stayed perfectly still as the doctor reached in and turned the baby around so that it could come out the way the first did. While she couldn't understand why the second baby had done that, the good thing was that it was caught before things went any further. When he was done, the doctor got ready to catch the baby as it came out the right way this time.

Feeling a massive contraction, Elena pushed harder than she ever pushed in her life. The doctor saw the head and the arm come out at once. "Keep going, Elena. You're almost done. Just one more push and you'll have your second baby."

"Oh God, it hurts so much," said Elena. "I...I don't think I can do this anymore."

Damon heard what she said and was quick to jump in with the pep talk. "Elena, listen to me. I know it hurts, but you can't give up now. You're so close." He used his free hand to brush her sweaty face. "I have faith in you. You can do this."

Elena wanted to protest further, but decided against it, mostly because she knew he was right. She nodded and then pushed really hard, hearing the first cries of the second baby, the girl she found out about four months earlier. Damon smiled as he caught sight of his daughter.

"She's beautiful, just like her mommy."

Elena panted and smiled. "And I think I know a good name for her. Anastasia Rose Salvatore."

"That's a beautiful name," said Damon. "I like it." Curiously, he added, "By any chance, love, did you get the idea for these names from a particular book you were reading before you went into labor?"

Elena laughed nervously. "Maybe. But, you've got to admit, the names do suit our children, so it doesn't matter where the names came from."

"I guess so," said Damon. "And as I said, they're fine names."

The nurse then brought little Anastasia over to her mother, and Damon held Christian. As they held their children safely in their arms, Damon and Elena considered themselves the happiest pair in the whole hospital. After all the bad stuff they encountered, it was good to know that their lives were finally taking a turn for the better.

Note: Big update, huh? And, in case you're curious, the inspiration for the twins' name came from Fifty Shades of Grey. Stay tuned! I might do a sequel to this, but I'm not sure. Depends on how I feel after I do the next chapter.