Vampire Hunter D: Rebirth

Part One: Catch a Train

I was going to do it. I was going to escape. I had been planning it for weeks. After my fiancé had struck me for the first and last time I finally decided to leave. Six months before I met my fiancé, the mayor's son, he was nice and kind and had good money but it wasn't what I wanted. However I started seeing Philippe and six months later we were engaged but Philippe wanted me to be the perfect bride, the one who stayed at home with the kids and never went out or had a job. Last night we argued about that again for the millionth time and he slapped me. Just once and once he had done that he apologized. I yelled at him and told him to leave and he did and after he left I started packing.

I packed my clothes, food and water and money that I had saved up. I left my warm cottage, dressed in a flowing green dress and a cloak to keep me warm. Normally no one and especially women went out after sunset because of vampires. None had actually ever come to our small village but there were always fears, so people put crosses on their doors and roofs, we had all our windows and doors locked and we never left after sunset. Tonight I ignored these rules as I headed toward the train station. It came to town once a month and tonight it would be here.

As I turned the corner I saw the train, there was no one around except for the conductor. I walked up to him, gave him my ticket, he clipped it and I headed inside. The train was elegant; it had beds and a dining area. I chose room one and went inside. It had a nice bed, nothing too special and a small closet. I put my bag in and sat on the bed. I looked at my stomach as it growled and decided to see what they had at the dining cabin. I closed my door, moving past a tall tanned man and went to the dining cabin. Inside there was a small shop that had muffins and snacks but no real dinner. There were also sandwiches, I bought a vegetarian sandwich and whole grain muffin and headed back to my room.

Lying down in my bed made me think about how lonesome Philippe was going to be when he went home and found me not there. I sighed and realized I should have left a note. "Stupid Lottie," I said to myself. Now they would think I was kidnapped. I was about to ask the conductor how long they were going to be staying when the train whistle whistled loudly and the train started moving. I puffed up my pillows, my dark brown hair like a halo around my head. I had planned on watching the scenery but the stars flew by so fast that soon my eyes were closing heavily and I was fast asleep.

So this is my first Vampire Hunter D fanfiction and I hope you like. This is the first part and hopefully I continue. I would love it if people reviewed and tell me what they think. Also I was wondering if I should go from one point of view to a next. What do you guys think?