Vampire Hunter D: Rebirth

Part Four The First Encounter with D

I woke up this morning for the first time since I came on this trip because we stopped at a small city. We were going to be there all day and I wanted to go shopping. Sadly I wanted to go shopping with Meier but he couldn't go out in the sun. I walked down the streets of the city called Roselyn and found a small shop with some beautiful dresses and accessories and shoes. The women were very kind, I chose three dresses, one pair of heels and one pair of boots with laces and a charm bracelet that had one charm on it, a rose, a banner said the rose was a symbol for this city.

As I headed back I felt someone watching me, I pretended to look at a map and noticed a dark clothed man with a sword. I got nervous so I continued walking to the train when suddenly my arm was grabbed, I turned towards the man and pushed him away.

"Calm yourself," He said, "I will not hurt you."

I looked at him and saw fangs, "Really? A vampire that doesn't hurt a human? Will it rain cats and dogs too today?" He let me go and I stepped back but didn't run away.

"Your family has been looking for you," He replied.

I sighed, this is why I should have left a note, "They didn't need to hire anyone to find me. I left because I wanted to. You can go tell them that, I have not been kidnapped by vampires or anything else. I promise you."

His cold stare was unnerving and I almost felt the urge to say I met a vampire but instead I smiled and headed back towards the train. I felt odd after but shook off the feeling and dressed in one of my new dresses, a light blue one with gold trim. I put on my new boots, dark chocolate ones with black laces and put the charm bracelet on. Before I headed to dinner I stepped outside and watched the sunset, a sense of sadness touched my heart because I remembered that Meier couldn't even watch the sunset. I decided to make him something; I took a page of my journal and drew the sunset with my pencil. I didn't have any colored pencils but this would have to do. I stepped onto the train and headed to Meier's room. I entered to see Meier and I smiled, he smiled back, I curtsied and sat down.

"How was your day?" He asked.

I was served spring rolls, I started eating, not realizing how today had made me so hungry, "It was good. I went shopping and watched the sunset. I actually have something for you." I wiped my mouth and took the picture out of my pocket. I handed it to him and he unrolled it. He smiled and stood up; opening a drawer he took out a frame and put my picture inside.

"There. A beautiful picture," said Meier, "So you draw?"

I nodded, I was blushing because he was so kind, "My mother taught me but I don't think I'm that good."

"You are," He replied. I blushed again and continued eating, "So what did you do today?" I then stopped, "I'm sorry I forgot that you sleep during the day."

"It's quite alright, even my aides sometime forget," said Meier, "I do plan to read and listen to music. There aren't many things to do on a train. In a few more days we'll be at the city. What do you plan to do once we get there? You did say you were starting a new life."

I swallowed my last bite, "Yes. I plan on finding a place to stay and a job, saving money. I don't really have a plan. When I left my home it was a heat of the moment type of thing. What about you? What do you do in big cities? Business?"

Meier laughed, "No. I've been travelling, looking for someone actually. I think I've found her actually." I looked up, a little suspicious of what he meant. I swallowed dryly, as if a hard piece of bread was stuck in my throat. "Oh?

He smiled, "I'm sorry that was a bit too much. I just meant I've enjoyed your company and maybe when we get to the city we shall continue to see each other." I smiled and was served but I didn't notice the food, "I think we should." After I continued eating and instead of going to my room we continued talking and then Meier decided to put on music. It was classical music and very beautiful. Meier walked over to me and held out his hand, I realized that he wanted to dance.

"Oh no," I said, "I don't dance."

"I'll teach you," He said.

"You'll laugh."

"I promise I won't," He said. I decided to take his hand and he led me past the table. I looked up at him as he put my hand on his shoulder and his hand on my back. He moved forward and I stepped back and then he moved to side and I stepped on his foot. I let go and frowned, "See I'm bad." He softly tapped my nose and took my hand again and put my hand on his shoulder and we continued to dance. After an hour and five stepping on toes I wasn't all that bad. Except I was yawning terribly. Meier turned off the music and took my hand, guiding me to my room. I leaned against the door and couldn't help but smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow night?" Meier asked, I nodded and moved closer, kissing him on the lips. I headed inside and locked my door. I wrote in my journal and then headed to bed, wondering if I should tell Meier about the meeting with that strange vampire that could walk in the sun.