Kingdom Hearts: Darkest Daydreams

Chapter Three: What is a Phearmonger?

Pmiranda13: The story takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2. And in case you're wondering, for the Super Smash Bros. timeline it's after the Smashers defeat Tabuu in Brawl.

A blue blur was quickly dashing over the mountains, moving from the foot to the peak of each in about a second. Sonic the Hedgehog loved running more than anything in the world, the rush of the wind in his fur, the feeling of adrenaline pumping through his body, the thrill of seeing the landscapes pass in blurs as he sped through them, but every now and then he stopped to take a look at the beauty of the natural world. But when he looked this time, the picture perfect land was marred by a crater that he was certain hadn't been there before.

In the blink of an eye he had rushed down to see the cause of the gaping hole in the valley the mountains overlooked. He found in the crater's center the most unlikely sight, a young man of 15 or 16 with silver hair sitting up and rubbing his head.

"Hey!" he called out, the crater was surprisingly deep, "How'd you get down there?"

"That's what I want to know," the boy called back. He got up and made his way up the steep slope the force of what was apparently his fall had carved in the ground.

"You're not from around here, huh?" said Sonic.

"No," replied the boy, "I was separated from my friends when something attacked our world. Have you seen anyone else about my age around here?"

"I haven't, but I've got some friends who might," said Sonic, remembering that he had skipped out on an important meeting, "I can take you to 'em, c'mon, follow me."

"Thanks, my name's Riku, by the way," said Riku.

"I'm Sonic," he replied, "Sonic the Hedgehog."

"I'd hoped for them to be a little more scattered," said the ever-vigilant entity, "But I suppose it makes it easier for Paracitus to remove them, although, this does increase the likelihood of them figuring it out. Well, too late to change plans, I suppose I'll just have to hope for the best."

"Is that what attacked you?" Zelda asked Sora.

"No, but the face is familiar," said Sora.

"That qualifies as a face?" said the man in gray.

"Not the time, Snake," said Samus. Judging by the roar it had emitted, the thing was too dull to speak, but smart enough to know when it had been insulted. It angrily extended its neck and tried to sink its fangs into Snake, but he grabbed onto the Cypher and flew above the thing's jagged maw. He dropped down to the left and threw a grenade at it, but its head retracted and avoided the explosion.

"Wario time," said a fat man in a biker outfit that Sora and Kairi hadn't noticed as he stepped out from behind Bowser. His nose was enormous and there was a moustache in a lightning bolt zigzag above his mouth. He hopped onto a motorcycle (which he seemed to have pulled out of thin air) and attempted to ram the creature. Unfortunately, it anticipated this and moved out of the way, causing him to scream comically as he barreled into a rock. At any other time, Sora noted, it would have been hilarious.

Wario growled angrily and tossed his dented bike at the thing, striking it in the head. The force knocked it back, but after issuing a few spluttering noises, it righted itself. The thing extended its neck, this time latching itself onto Wario's stomach. The sound of something being pumped accompanied by bulges in its neck made Sora want to throw up. When it let him go, Wario seemed a little tired and any sign that damage had been done to the beast were gone.

"So it's a parasite," said Samus, "Well suck on this, you freak." She fired a charged ball of energy from her arm cannon that struck the thing in the chest. The tube of liquid cracked from the blow and the edges of the armor were singed.

"Damn!" she said, "I don't know what that armor's made of, but it's strong." While Ganondorf tried his luck, she used her armor to scan the thing, whatever it was. After the suit processed the thing the results appeared on her visor.

Species: Unknown.

Subject has no bones other than vertebrae. Current body structure is the result of artificial enhancement. Armor's molecular structure is extremely dense and is capable of withstanding high amounts of force and energy. Armor composition: Unknown. Subject is capable of siphoning energy from opponents orally. Organic body seems to stem from an unknown chemical compound stored in the chest containing genetic information.

"Hey, Ganondorf," she called out, "Try to break the container on its chest." Ganondorf didn't understand the point of that, but he knew she probably didn't have time to explain her reasoning. He ran up and punched it. The thing let out a shriek of outrage as it grabbed him with one of its tentacles and through him at the bounty hunter.

"Whatever's in their must be important," Samus addressed everyone as she sidestepped Ganondorf's airborne body, "It's obviously trying to protect it."

"Lemme at him, I'll pound that thing into dust!" roared Bowser. He ran at the thing and blasted its head with fire as a distraction. The head writhed in pain and just as Bowser was about to smash the glass, it detached from the rest of it and began the slow process of burning to ash. Bowser laughed triumphantly, thinking he had killed it, but another head sprouted from its chest and bit his neck.

As it sapped Bowser's energy, the cracks in the glass repaired themselves the small burns on the armor disappeared.

"The liquid must contain this creatures DNA," said MewTwo, "When part of it is destroyed, the genetic code regenerates it."

"I'll handle this one," said the small monkey as he pulled out two wooden guns. He began firing peanuts from it at the monster, but only managed one small chip in the glass.

"Allow me," said MewTwo, as he created a dark orb in his palm. The ball hit its target dead on, but did no more damage than Samus' Charge Beam. There was a flash of light and a strange sound as the warriors looked up to see a glowing orb with an odd symbol on it.

"Now's our chance!" cried Zelda, "Samus, use your Zero Laser!"

"I'm on it!" Samus jumped up, attacked the orb, and then started to glow. She took aim with her arm cannon and fired a gigantic energy beam. This seemed to do the trick. The thing's armor was destroyed along with the liquid and what was left was badly burned. Before it could react, Bowser ran up to it and blasted it with fire, laughing as it was burnt to a crisp and silenced once and for all.

"That was amazing!" said Sora as he turned to Samus. He was shocked, and slightly embarrassed, to see her in a very tight blue jumpsuit.

"It's rude to stare," she said in an annoyed tone as Kairi smacked the back of Sora's head. At that moment, a gigantic ship appeared, the front of its hull in the shape of Meta-Knight's mask. The Halberd had arrived.

"About time," said Ganondorf.

"It took me a while to get everybody in," said Meta-Knight in a 'just shut up and be glad I helped out in the first place,' sort of tone.

"While you were taking care of seating arrangements, we were fighting for our lives," said Snake.

"What's got his sword in a knot?" Zelda murmured to MewTwo.

"Probably lost to Kirby again," whispered MewTwo.

After boarding the ship and a painfully long introduction, the Smashers explained Smash World and Master Hand to the two young Keybearers.

"So what's this Master Hand look like?" said Sora.

"Well, as the name implies, like a giant right hand in a white glove," said Lucario.

"So he's just a hand?" asked Kairi.

"'Just a hand,' she says," said Mr. Game and Watch, "That hand has more magic power everyone on this ship put together."

"He's also a very important person," said Peach, "As Smash World's ruler and creator he's invited to all the big meetings."

"Meetings?" asked Sora.

"Of the ruling powers of the universe," said Zelda, "They discuss what's happening in each other's part of existence, debate course of action against the forces of darkness, you know, this and that."

"So, would he know King Mickey?" said Kairi.

"As in Mickey Mouse?" said Pit, "Yeah, they go way back. They've been good friends for a long time."

"Speaking of friends, looks like Sonic finally decided to show up," said Meta-Knight, indicating a blue blur that had made its way to the front of the ship and was headed for the main deck. In a matter of seconds a blue hedgehog was standing before them, setting down a young man with silver hair.


Meanwhile, something stirred in the ashes the creature had left behind.

"You can come back now, Paracitus," said a voice, "They're gone. You fooled them." A black portal opened and the creature rose up out of it.

"Go, intercept them at Final Destination," said the voice, "The Hands must not tell them what you are." Paracitus responded with a gurgling sound then departed.

After an uneventful flight and a series of already answered questions, the Halberd made its way to the sea that surrounded Smash World.

"So, where is this Master Hand?" asked Riku.

"There," Meta-Knight said as he pointed out the window and began punching something into the ship's system.

"I don't see anything," said Sora.

"Wait for it," said Samus. A portal suddenly tore open and the ship flew straight towards it.

"Wow," said Kairi as the Halberd flew through space. They arrived at a large rectangular platform with ornate symbols floating in darkness. On the left side was a large huddled white mass. The thing was muttering to itself and twitching.

"What is that?" Kairi asked.

"That's Crazy Hand," said Zelda, "He's Master Hand's counterpart."

"So… it's normal for him to act like that?" asked Sora, thinking that if he had Crazy in his name then surely odd behavior was to be expected.

"No," said Link, "He's always been a little off, but never like this."

"Someone must've done something to him," murmured Lucas as he looked around as if expecting for that someone to jump out and attack them.

"Someone should probably go down there and see if he's alright," said Meta-Knight.

A moment later they were all standing on the platform (which, surprisingly, was more than big enough for all of them) and Mario, Zelda, and Marth were slowly approaching Crazy Hand.

"Meh, no, blast it, gah!" he muttered.

"Are you alright?" asked Marth, apparently startling Crazy Hand out of his delirium.

"Wha? What? Oh, it's you," said Crazy Hand as he levitated off the platform's floor, "'bout time too. Where were you lazing about, then?"

"What are you talking about? Where's Master Hand? What's going on?" asked Zelda.

There was a sound like gears turning in a large machine as Crazy Hand called out, "NYAH! That's going on!"

"But what is it?" asked Zelda.

"It's the-" he was interrupted by a sudden strike from a familiar looking claw that sent him careening off into the space around the Final Destination.

"It's that freak from before!" shouted Samus. The Keybearers and Smashers readied themselves for a fight, but no sooner had it taken a step toward them that a large white glove balled in a fist collided with it and sent it flying off the platform.

"Master Hand!" the Smashers called out.

"Did that beast harm any of you?" he asked in concern.

"No, but it certainly tried," said Ganondorf.

"What was that thing, anyway?" said Captain Falcon.

"That was a Phearmonger, a creature bent on destruction," said Master Hand, "It's been millennia since they've caused any trouble."

"Then what's this one doing here? And why have there been so many Heartless attacks?" asked Pit.

"That's a matter of great debate among the powers that be," said Master Hand, "I missed the last meeting on account of Tabuu's attack, so I'm not completely sure myself what the situation is. Give me a moment to contact someone who can explain it to you better."

"Oh, wait, you haven't met-" began Link.

"I know who Sora is, he's made quite a name for himself. Xemnas and Ansem, that's quite impressive," said Master Hand, "Hello, King Kai, can you hear me? It's Master Hand. Could you direct your attention to Smash world for a moment? I want to talk to you."

"Yes, yes, what is it," said a voice that filled the whole area, "Will this take long? I'm a little busy."

"I wouldn't bother you if it weren't important," said Master Hand, "I need you to explain the Phearmongers to the Smashers, if you remember I couldn't attend our last meeting."

"Oh, yes, I remember," said King Kai, "The whole incident with Tabuu. Well, you missed quite a bit, we've actually figured something out, Kami meant to call you, but he was distracted with his own world's affairs. Anyway, where to begin? I guess I should start with Phear, uh, that's actually a pretty long story. Get comfortable, this might take a while."

That's right, it's everybody's favorite catfish-faced wise guy, King Kai. Next chapter will include an explanation, and the story will finally really kick off.