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Amethyst Potter sat at the Weasley kitchen table a cup of hot tea in her hands and tears running down her face, the moonlight the only thing keeping her from being thrown into complete darkness. The nightmares wouldn't stop plaguing her and she had nowhere to turn to no one to turn to.

She couldn't tell Ron he wouldn't understand, Hermione would freak out, Dumbledore well she really didn't know what to do about Dumbledore sometimes she trusted him and sometimes she felt that he was the worst thing to come into her life. Sirius well Sirius had his own problems to deal with chief among them staying far away from the Ministry of magic, but what was she supposed to do she had dreamed Voldemort had killed that old man and it didn't' feel like a dream it felt so very real.

She took of her cooling tea trying to steam the tears that came from a mixture of pain and fear as her scar that horrid sign that Voldemort left her burned on her forehead.

Bill caught a glimpse of movement in the moonlight as he walked into the kitchen. He looked Closely and noticed the rich red hair gleaming in the silvery light to dark to be his sisters he knew it must be Aimee and then he noticed her shaking hands he stopped not sure whether he should approach the girl that was his brother's best friend. He'd never talked to her wouldn't she find it odd if he just started to talk to her suddenly in the middle of the night. He heard a sob escape her tiny body and he made up his mind he slowly approached her as not to startle her.

"Aimee." He called out softly.

She heard her name called in a voice she couldn't place she turned her head and her Green eyes met those of a deep stormy blue. Eyes that didn't' belong to Ron or even Fred and George no these eyes belonged to a completely different Weasley. These eyes that reminded her of the sea before a storm belonged to the eldest William.

"Bill." She smiled softly trying to hide her tear stained cheeks and wipe away the tears that still lingered in her eyes.

"Aimee are you ok?" Worry laced his words and he took in her appearance.

"I'm fine." She gave him a shaky and unconvincing smile.

He sat down next to her looking out at the moon. They sat there in silence him not knowing what to say and her not knowing anything about him. "Do you want to talk about it." He asked gently.

Something about the way he asked made her want to talk to open up to this man she didn't know but felt that she'd known her whole life. "It's just nightmares nothing really." She wanted to talk but she didn't' want to go into details.

"What type of Nightmare."

"Voldemort." She whispered staring into her now chilled cup of tea.

"What about him?" the words were whispered.

"He killed someone."

"You say it like he actually did it."

"That's just it." She looked at him. "It felt real so real and I know you must think I'm crazy but what can I say it's the truth."

"Aimee." He took her hand not sure what compelled him to do so. "I don't think you're crazy I think that you've fought Voldemort twice already saving my little sister one of those times. I think for a barley fourteen year old girl your amazing I don't know many people who could have done what you've done."

" I had a lot of help." She waved away his praise."

"Maybe so, but when it came down to it you fought him yourself." He wasn't going to let her down play her achievements.

"You know they Miss you?"

"What," Bill was taken aback by the change of subject.

"Ron and Ginny they miss , Ron always tries to live up to all you guys and Ginny well even though she won't admit it you're her favorite brother."

"Really." Bill hadn't really thought about his younger siblings and what his absence in their lives might mean to them.

"Yeah," she stood up and took her cup over to the sink dumping the cold contents down the sink. She turned back to him. "Well I should properly get some sleep." She glanced at the clock that read 1 AM "Your mom will be waking us up in only a few hours to go to the Cup." She walked to the kitchen archway and stopped she turned around and graced him with the Even's smile that smile she'd gotten from her mother the one that could melt anyone's heart. "Thanks Bill." She whispered and before he could respond she was gone, almost as if she'd never been there.

He looked at the spot where only moments before she had stood and he thought about all she must have gone through and he was glad that taking only ten minutes out of his day had put that smile on her face. he'd do it again just to see that look from her. When she smiled her eyes seemed to shine. He stood up and made his way back to his room thinking he should get to know Amethyst Potter better.

She snuck back into Ginny's room trying to be quite as to not wake up Hermione and Ginny she slipped into bed and under the covers and she thought about him the eldest Weasley, and as her eyes drifted shut she vowed to get to know him better.

A/N a lot of people asked for a Bill/Aimee story it has nothing to do with my George/Aimee story and if you want more back ground on it or to see where its headed check out my drabble series she lives for them. Though some things will change from that story. Also check out my George/Aimee story when a prankster falls in love if you want. This will go all through the books and past but it will take a while for Bill and Aimee to fall in love. It will first off be a friendship. Because she is only fourteen after all the idea of when to start this at the beginning of Goblet of fire goes to 917brat. I don't know if I could right so well without her encouragement. this will only be updated if I get sufficent intrest in it.