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"William tell me that you know how to set up a tent," Aimee pleaded pointing to Mr. Weasley who at the moment was unsuccessfully trying to erect the tent.

"Yes I know how to do it I'm surprised you or Hermione don't know how to do it though you did grow up in the muggle world." Bill took the polls from his father and had the tent erected in only moments.

"Why yes William of course I would know how to do it I mean my relatives took me camping all time." Her words dripped with sarcasm.

"Right" He winced at the reminder of her life with her Aunt and Uncle.

"Well lets go get some water I saw there was a pump marked on this map," she swung the metal bucket she was holding out and looked at him with expectation.

"You're really bossy you know that," He took the bucket from her and followed her through the camp grounds.

"Your point being?" she arched her eye brow at him.

"That you're bossy,"

"You'll get used to it William," she winked and he just looked after her dumb struck as she walked away he followed her.

"Are you ever going to just call me Bill?"

She turned to him and looked thoughtful. "I don't think so I quite like calling you William it makes me feel special. "

"Oh well as long as you feel Special," he joked as he started the water at the pump filling the bucket and they headed back towards the campsite careful not to spill the water. When they got back Aimee had to hold in a groan Mr. Weasley was now trying to light a fire.

"Mr. Weasley here let me do that," she crouched down and took the match from him lighting the fire as Bill sat the pail of water down. The girls gathered some food that Mrs. Weasley had sent with them and made a quick lunch for everyone just as they finished the preparation Percy and Charlie showed each swiped a sandwich from the overflowing platter. "Hey, those aren't for you lazy bums I'm sure your mother just filled you up." Aimee swatted Charlie and Percy's hands away before handing out the sandwiches to everyone else.

"No fair" Charlie pouted.

"That's what you get for laughing at me this morning," Bill chuckled near his little brother as he took a bite of his sandwich causing Charlie to scowl at him. After lunch was consumed and Aimee had relented and fed Charlie and Percy they all decided to go souvenir hunting along the crowed camp site.

They all came back arms filled with things they would properly at one point or another throw into a dusty corner and forget about. Aimee wanted to clock Ron as he went on and on about his stupid Krum action figure.

"I swear if he doesn't shut up about that stupid thing I'm going to chuck it in the fire," Aimee mumbled as she got ready for bed that night knowing they were in for another early morning tomorrow as the Quiddich game was actually starting.

"Not a krum fan I take it?" she turned her head to see Bill looking at her.

"I have nothing against Krum, I do however have an issue with Ron's incessant prattle about the guy."

"Your grouchy I think you need some sleep Miss. Potter." He teased.

"Nope this is just my normal sunny dispassion." She stuck her tongue out at him.

He snorted "ok then Good night Aimee,"

"Night William," she smirked as she ducked under the flap of the girls tent. He shook his head and went into the boys tent getting ready for bed.

"Wow big brother you have it bad," Charlie slapped him on the back.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Bill scowled.

"Sure, sure," Charlie shook his head and got into his bed and Bill soon changed and found his own bed. He wouldn't admit the merit in what Charlie was saying he couldn't she was only fourteen he was nine years her senior it wasn't right it wasn't ok for him to like her.

Inside the girls tent Aimee was also getting the third degree. "You so like my brother," Ginny teased.

Aimee just rolled her eyes. "Of course I like your brother you idiot I've been best friends with him since first year." She deliberately misinterpreted what Ginny was saying.

"not that brother and you know it." Ginny giggled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about now I'm going to bed." Aimee pulled the covers over her head and tried to sleep not wanting to face the truth Ginny's words had brought upon her did she like William Weasley no she couldn't he was to old for her but he was all that was in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

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