Tip of a Pen


"Doyu imi desu ka, Fuji Syusuke?"

Fuji frowned at the unmistakable hint of sarcasm on the woman's voice sitting across him. He has respected Leanne for being their company's editor-in-chief, and it was known to all that his obedience to her was genuine and unquestionable. Lately however, the blue-eyed boy started to notice the changes on his editor's manner of approach especially when it comes to the object of his current feature article – the renowned novelist, Kunimitsu Tezuka. Leanne was more like becoming much aggressive from time to time. He didn't care to find out the reason though.

Fuji loves challenges as well as everything which interests him, and he had to admit that Tezuka was among those few whom he considered as a rare specimen on his meticulous sense of admiration. But such impression eventually faded after a certain incident.

"I simply ran out of material to supplement my article, and I don't see the need to flaunt more unnecessary things from a person who is not as impressive as what you've been trying to tell me." he replied.

Leanne smirked, and Fuji knew he failed to convince her with such a weak excuse. They're journalist after all. Running out of material was simply a matter of how good you are in drawing out information from your sources, as well as how you play around with your contacts. And hell, was never just good. He was the best journalist in their department, so it was a given therefore, that he can gather all information he needs with the ability he's got. Never mind his divine smile which has its own way of finding things out.

Leanne seriously looked at him.

"I don't care what happened when you first had your interview with Tezuka-kun…but I hope that wouldn't ruin your career…you still have lots of things to prove…especially if you're aiming for the no. 1 spot in the Japanese news industry." Leanne declared almost sarcastically, as if reminding him of his place.

Fuji answered her with a knowing smile.

One thing he liked most about Leanne was her natural aura of superiority, which never failed to settle everything on its right place. Fuji once even wished he had the same gift as her – apparently for a change of atmosphere, he guessed.

"Wakarimashita." He finally said. "..but this will surely be the last." he added.

Leanne nodded assuringly.

2 days passed.

Fuji drew out a deep breath. 'This will be the last.' he once again told himself before he opened the door of his subject's room.

Tezuka and Leanne abruptly stopped what they were doing when they heard the soft 'thud' on the carpeted floor. The former glanced at the door and saw a dumbfounded Syusuke Fuji – eyes wide open, and lips slightly parted. Obviously in a state of shock. Well, who wouldn't be? He had just been a living witness of an occurrence which might be the next news headline if he wills to write something about it.

Tezuka, the legendary novelist, was comfortably seated on a couch with his 'respected' editor on the novelist's lap….and they were, by all means, gloriously having a kissing session – if that's how you call it.

Fuji's utter astonishment was cut off when Tezuka coughed – obviously to zap him back to the reality of the situation they are in. Leanne stood up, as if nothing happened, and hoisted her bag on her shoulder. She planted a quick kiss on Tezuka's lips before she settled her eyes on Fuji, who visibly flinched.

"G-gomen..I was….-"

"You dropped your notebook." Leanne casually declared as she looked at the thing on Fuji's foot, which was apparently the cause of the untimely intrusion.

The blue-eyed boy immediately picked it up and bowed down as a sign of his earnest apology. He wouldn't have wanted to say sorry for it was the two who shocked him to death; it was them who didn't inform him of whatever relationship they have; it was them who tricked him….'tricked'? – no, that was not the right term. Fuji sighed. 'Why didn't I knock in the first place?" he thought, condemning himself. He then uttered his apology.

"Cut the crap Fuji…I really don't mind. You're here for business, aren't you?" Leanne inquired nonchalantly.

Fuji slightly nodded without batting an eye to the two entities in front of him. Of course, he originally came to interview Tezuka whom her editor was dying to get a grip of. It never occurred to him in any way possible that the two shared such 'special' bond.

'Screw you, Leanne. You just don't want to jeopardize your name so you're letting me do this crap!' Fuji angrily thought.

Leanne walked closer and patted Fuji's shoulder.

"Gambatte ne, Syusuke-kun.." she said with a knowing grin.

She then fled the scene as if 'nothing' really happened, leaving her subordinate and Tezuka inside the spacious room with all the writer's stuff.

Fuji looked grudgingly on the novelist, who slightly tapped the couch, signaling the blue-eyed boy to sit beside him

"I'm leaving." Fuji muttered.

Just as he was about to turn on his heels, a dart flew past through him just few inches from his face, and landed against the wooden door behind him, where it got stuck. Fuji turned and looked at the pointed object before darting a sharp glance at Tezuka, who just gave out a mischievous smile.

'You demon..' he silently cursed.

"That dart was a gift from the Duchess of England during my last visit. She gave me a dozen, so you may have that one if you want." Tezuka offered.

Fuji's eyes narrowed into slits, which was only an indication that he's in the worst of moods. Who would not be? Even a feeble-minded person would surely lost his interest in whatever agenda he is up to, after being placed in such a despicable situation.

People say that Fuji is insouciant, and he gladly admits it. But it doesn't mean he's totally an exemption to the so-called 'lack of self-control'. In as much as he wanted to stay serene and calm like what he usually was, Fuji just can't rebel the urge to show his disgust and anger towards Tezuka and his editor.

For the first time in his entire life as a journalist, Fuji had wanted to be totally bias and subjective in writing the article about his subject.

"I know you've been dying to see me Syusuke…but you should have told me that you're coming.." Tezuka teased as he stood up and went closer to Fuji who was not a bit pleased by the sudden turn of events.

The taller guy gently grabbed Fuji's arm, and pulled him into a hug. The latter didn't show any resistance, though it was obvious that he did not appreciate the act as well. Fuji had despised Tezuka ever since he kissed him during the first one on one interview that they had, and Fuji very well knew how Tezuka can be so possessive if you try to resist from what he wants…

..and what Tezuka wanted at that moment was no other than the warm and fragile body against him.

"Hanase." Fuji commanded.

Tezuka willfully obliged without a word and went back to the couch, where he was originally seated. Fuji wasn't sure if it was just his imagination, but he thought he saw slight irritation on the novelist's face….and he practically didn't like that.

"I believe you came here for some sort of business, Mr. Fuji. …but I would appreciate if we do this quick. As you can see I have few unfinished – "

"You actually don't have to force yourself to deal with me if you don't want to Mr. Tezuka, and I'm sorry if I was a nuisance to your extra -curricular activity." Fuji sarcastically retorted.

He knew he was being sarcastic and mean, but Fuji just can't help it. Kunimitsu Tezuka was getting on his nerves, and the fact that this man was Leanne's lover didn't help much in the unwanted predicament he was in. If not because of the reputation he's trying to protect, he could have punched him right on the face. But of course, he wouldn't dare to do that.

"I see." Tezuka curtly replied – eyes fixed on Fuji.

Fuji heaved a sigh before he fought back Tezuka's piercing gaze.

"Thanks for your time Mr. Tezuka… I hope we don't see each other again." he said as he turned his back on him and left.

Author's note:

I have the feeling that this story would be the longest.

Thanks for the read! Comments are highly appreciated.