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So this is the final chapter and in as much as we would like to take a peek on Tezuka, Fuji, Leanne, and Yukimura's lives after, we would have to trust our imagination to that honor.

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Atobe stomped up to Tezuka's room and slammed the door open.

"What the-!" Fuji said surprised as he pushed Tezuka away from him and pulled the bed's comforter over their naked bodies. "What the hell are you doing?!" he snapped.

Tezuka, who was as equally surprised by his 'editor's' entrance threw him a stabbing glare. Atobe just raised his brow and smirked. Trust him to act unaffected by the novelist's constant repulsion against his presence.

"I need the manuscripts." he said, extending his right hand to emphasize his point.

Tezuka frowned and brushed his hair with his fingers. Fuji and he were still under the bed covers, and he felt like his ego has been suddenly deflated to pieces.

"Fine. I'll get it. Just…..get out…okay?"

Atobe gave him a meaningful look, before averting his gaze to Fuji who then fought him with a sharp glare.

"Beautiful." Atobe said.

Tezuka rolled his eyes, as Fuji stared gaping at the editor. Atobe shrugged and went out.

"I don't like him." Fuji said when they were alone.

"I know. You said that before." Tezuka said with a smile as he pecked a kiss on Fuji's cheek.

Fuji smiled. "Alright. I think I have to go."

Tezuka frowned.

"I also need to work. And you have someone out there waiting for you."

Tezuka stayed frowning.

Fuji smiled and pulled his lover into a deep kiss. "Later."

"You're….seriously?" Yuushi asked his girlfriend in disbelief as he stared at her laptop over her shoulders.

Leanne has been staying in front of his laptop for more than 3 hours now, and Yuushi had to laugh of the idea that what his girlfriend was doing was nothing related to any of her job as the news editor-in-chief of their department.

"Wow….Leanne…this is….." he added, still amused, as his eyes continued reading the next lines of what Leanne had written.

"I never thought you'd love to-"

"Yuushi. Shut. Up."

Yuushi smiled, shook his head and pulled away. He mouthed a silent 'okay' before he went back on his original position on the bed.

Leanne sighed and reviewed the pages she had written.

Tip of a Pen

a Novel

written by: Leanne Arthurs

What matters most when nothing matters?...

Leanne once again sighed before turning off her laptop. She wondered how far she can go with her first novel. Then she realized how silly the question was.

18 months later…..

"Oh. My. God." Fuji said, clutching the newspaper at hand and staring intently at the headlines as if seeing the most unbelievable news he had ever seen in his life.

He read the entire article in a minute and swore that he couldn't believe what he just read. Leanne's resignation in their company few months ago was shocking enough on the entire news industry. How much more now that the entire Japan has to learn how Leanne won the Author of the Year's Award for a romance novel she just wrote for a record-breaking 2 months and a half.

Tezuka should be ashamed.


Fuji averted his stare at Tezuka's direction who was sitting right across him on their dining table. They started living together 3 weeks ago, and Fuji couldn't thank the heavens for more. Not only did he had extra time to play with his boyfriend at night, but also to discuss with him certain issues about their relationship. It couldn't be better.

"You knew this, didn't you?" he accused.

Tezuka took a sip from his cup of tea and went on taking a bite of almond bread.


The spectacle guy swallowed the bread he was chewing and took another sip from his cup. "A week ago, yes."

"And you didn't even tell me?"

"I forgot."

Fuji rolled his eyes. Tezuka? Forgetting something this important? No. That's not going to happen even after a century.

"Admit it. You're having a hard time accepting this fact." Fuji teased.

"What fact?"


"That Leanne's first book, written in less than 3 months is now a best-seller. Global."

Tezuka pretended not to be interested and took another piece of bread.

"Nothing new. A lot of newcomers make breakthroughs on their first books. And Leanne's no newcomer." he said.

Fuji smirked at Tezuka's lame attempt to sound diplomatic. It was obvious how his boyfriend was shaken with the news himself. Not only did Leanne manage to shame him by creating a best-seller fiction in less than 3 months which would have taken Tezuka more than half a year to finish. His former editor utterly robbed Tezuka off his 5-year title as the best author.

"I knew she's scary." Fuji said.

Tezuka shrugged and finished his food. He stood up and went out of the dining hall. Fuji followed his retreating figure. He smiled inwardly knowing that things from now would start to get a little more hectic than usual.

'Tezuka has a lot of things to work on.' he thought.

Yukimura smiled.

"Great." he muttered, reviewing the last paragraph he had edited.

"I know." Leanne said, smiling at herself.

When her first book went out as a best-seller, Leanne thought she has to do more. It's not anymore a matter of how good she is in writing. It's more on the ideas she has in her head. It turned out that Yukimura thought the same as his call was the first one she received a minute after the book was publicly released.

"So what do you think?" she asked, eyes glimmering in expectation.

"This will be another hit." Yukimura replied.

"No..I mean..you being my official editor."

Yukimura turned to her and smiled. "We work well."

Leanne nodded. "Terrific. Because I have plans on conquering the world, and I need you to be by my side."

Yukimura tilted his head and frowned. "Does Yuushi know-"

"Stop. Of course. He's my fiancée and I tell him what he needs to know. Now let's both get back to work, shall we?" she asked motioning to the screen in front of Yukimura.

Leanne went back to her desk and did her part.

Miles away from them, Tezuka and Fuji were doing much of the same work; something much more intensive.


"What? That's it?! Are you kidding me?!"

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