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III – Fantasy [Reiichi x Okuno] [Takara x Kiyomine]

-Dialogue: Reiichi, Takara, Akira, Kiyomine-

A long, ornate thrown room sits at my feet. From the tapestried walls to the marble floors to the coffered ceiling, this is where I rule from. What I rule? Everything. The tall blonde stud who serves as my military commander enters the room. He bows and reports successful containment of those in uprising - they've been taken as slaves.

A timid maid implores entrance; I summon him. I can tell he feels out of place in the apron and dress, but he's so cute- OW!

I'm not in this story!

It's my fantasy...

My cousin, the crown prince, bursts into the room in a rage, as normal. He demands the commoner I took captive to be released to him. He will not forego chit-chat, so I simply pat the sandy tresses of the boy in question, now kneeling at my right, completely submissive and for the time quiet.


Shush. Let me finish.

Sir Kiyomine draws his sword, and Yoshiya mirrors the action. A standoff. A match of power. Metal devastates metal as each parry and counter matches swing for swing. Finally, growing bored, I call them off. He can have the commoner.

Kiyomine's at the front of the room in a flash, sheathing his sword with heroic flourish. He sweeps Takara from his kneel, breaking the curse of the evil king. Takara clings to him, scared and disoriented as the raven-haired beauty passionately-

Get out, Akira.

But this is the best part!

Sorry, this is the boys' dormitory.


So were we? Oh yeah, so then Kiyomine passionately-

Then Takara realized what's going on and punches baka Kiyomine in the mouth.

You're no fun.


Oi! *punches*

Ow! Damn...

The end!

-Switch to narrative-

Takara got up to leave.

"The rest of us didn't get to share our fantasies," Aritono pouted.

"I wouldn't want to know yours..."

"Are you sure? It involves Sakura, onsens, you-"

"I'm going to bed!" Takara interrupted, grabbing Kiyomine by the wrist and pulling him from the room.

"G'night," Okuno said, somewhat bewildered as the door slammed.

Aritono, dejected, asked, "Can I still share?"

Reiichi laughed airily and looked at the clock on his DVR. "Actually, it's past curfew. You should go back, too."

"Sakura will listen to me..." Aritono mumbled as he was leaving.

"Good night," murmured Okuno again as he shut the door behind him. Reiichi sighed heavily and lay back against the couch. Okuno cleaned up a bit from their friends' stay, but he had been wondering... He looked over at Reiichi, who'd been watching him. "Just curious; what was the rest of your fantasy?"

Reiichi smirked and said, "For Kiyomine to hurry up and leave with Takara so my hunky military general and I could be alone."

"Oh." Okuno returned to cleaning.


"What" Reiichi shot him a look. "Neither are you royalty nor I a commander of martial forces. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for." Reiichi deadpanned.

"You must try to be that dense..." Okuno gave him a confused look. Reiichi laughed and decided to leave things as they were, unwilling to explain and enjoying Okuno's adorable ignorance.

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