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Chapter One:

An Ending

This night could not get any worse. She hadn't expected any of it, and yet, here she was. Lisa Reisert was stuck in a horrible situation. Here was Jackson Rippner, staring at her from where he stood out in the ocean. Lisa was frozen by his glare. It captured her to where she couldn't run. She couldn't scream. She couldn't make a sound.
How could this have happened? He was completely still, predatory even. He looked as if he might pounce on her at any given moment and it terrified her. His dark hair hung down in his eyes and water dripped from the loose ends onto his pale skin. He looked sickly in the moonlight. Jackson reached up and brushed his hair back out of his face, smearing his forehead with crimson blood.

Lisa felt her hand go up to her mouth, biting it to suppress her scream. She knew letting out the shrill cry that was aching to be released would only be begging for him to attack. Their eyes continued to be locked as Jackson slowly wandered from the water. He placed his signature K-BAR back in the sheath, still bloody.

She'd seen him in action. She'd seen him kill and had seen him attempt to kill her. Was this it, then? The end of it all? No. Lisa could stop this. She did it once, she could do it again. She had to bring him back down to Earth. It wouldn't be easy. But she'd fight.

Jackson stopped just on the edge of the water, letting it come up in soft waves around his ankles. His pale blue button down shirt was purple and navy where the water had mingled with the blood of his most recent victim. Lisa cringed.
He took a step forward and Lisa mirrored him, stepping quickly back. He cocked his head sideways, causing his hair to fall back into his icy eyes. A killer. That's what he was born to be. That's all he'd ever be.
"No more cat and mouse, Leese," he murmured, easing towards her once more.
Stand still, Lisa told herself. He has to come to you. She held her breath as he approached, stopping mere inches from her. She could feel his hot breath on her face. She watched a few stray water drops fall from his hair and onto the blood smeared on his forehead. This situation was all too familiar. It was like being back in the lavatory on the red eye to Miami, just before Jackson nearly strangled her. She shivered.
"You're cold."
It wasn't a question. It was a simple statement.

"Or frightened. I can't tell which."
"Both," she whispered.

Jackson hesitated a moment before he slowly closed the space between them, bringing Lisa into an awkward hug. Her muscles were tense and she hoped he only attributed it to her fear of him. His closeness set her on edge. Still, she wrapped her arms around his thin waist. Lisa felt his own muscles begin to relax as he accepted her false embrace. She eased her hand back down to his hip and pulled out his knife.

"What are you-"

Lisa closed her eyes and brought it down with extreme purpose, stabbing him in his lower back. Jackson cried out and threw Lisa away from him. She stumbled as she tried to escape his rage, tripping over her feet and collapsing in the wet sand. Jackson followed suit, clutching his back as he sprawled out on his side in the sand.

"What have you done?"
Lisa scooted away from him, knowing he couldn't come closer. Knowing if she needed to, she could race away. Jackson pulled himself further away from the water, his agonizing cries dying in the splashing of waves against nearby rocks.

"I… I couldn't let this continue," Lisa sputtered.

She looked down at her hands, sand sticking to Jackson's blood on her hands. She gagged and furiously wiped them off on her jeans. Blood oozed from Jackson's back and onto the sand. He was struggling. This was not her quick kill. This was not painless. Her eyes began to water.

"I'm so sorry," she called out to him.

Jackson cried out in pain and frustration. Lisa frowned and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands as she tried to stand. He will die.

"Get back here," he shouted.

Grunts of pain followed. Lisa was sure she had paralyzed him.

"I have to go," she responded flatly.

She wanted there to be more force in her voice. She wanted more assurance and more hate, but she couldn't bring it to the surface. Lisa turned and sprinted from the beach, crying out in anguish herself as she listened to Jackson's dying screams fade into the night. She only prayed she had done the right thing.

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