A/N: NOTE, you're Kevin. Also there is really no actual dialogue.

Chapter one: You're Rejected Romance

You are in love with the most wonderful person. The guy you care for is the most sweetest and funniest dude you know. When seeing him walk pass, you hold in your breath and enjoy the moment of bliss. When he smiles at you, you're flying. When he touches you in the slightest way, your breath inwardly hitches. The person makes you feel comforted and alive. You like it when he speaks to you, you crave his attention because you are a envious. You like that he brightens your sucky life. You like that he has hope in the crap of a house you two live in. You sigh softly since every time you think of this person, your heart beats 100 times faster. However you get sad, because the person you love so much is Kenny McCormick. You're younger brother. Who's also in the bedroom with you, which you share. He is gushing on about this new girl at school who he likes.

You sit there listening respectively, as the older brother should. Getting your spirit shattered as your love goes on about his newest crush. 'She's so hot!' Kenny says to you. 'The way she laughs is like music!'. As he's chattering, you admire his great looks. Your love has honey blonde spikes, feather soft to the touch. You think of how much you crave to rub your nose into his hair. You observe his shining light copper eyes. You study his short stature, he's only about 5'2, though slim. You gaze at the movement of his lips, which are pale and alluring. You long to put some color into it. You look pass his mouth to his teeth, perfect straight rows of white. You stare at his adorable freckles that cross from cheek to cheek. You start to compare his charming appearance to your own. You have shaggy brown hair, and dark blue eyes. You're 5'7 and lanky, with no freckles but few acne. Your lips are plump and full, pink. You feel low, you're not good enough for Kenny. He's a God and you're a mutt. He wouldn't even look twice at you if you weren't his brother. You hear him say, 'I'm thinking about asking Addison out tomorrow.'

You begin to panic. If your love dates this 'Addison' girl, your chance of kissing him will evaporate instantly. However you knew you've never had an opportunity to be with Kenny anyways. But what if you lose him completely? The blonde is the only one who you actually depend on in this dump. If he leaves, how would you be? What would you do? You get even more frantic, yet on the outside, you're calm. 'Yea, ask her out, she can't resist', You encourage, only since it's the right thing to do. You couldn't ruin your brother's or lover's shot at dating someone who's reasonable, not you. Kenny drops on the bed you also share with him and sprawls. You start to daydream about how fantastic it would feel, for him to squirm and whimper under you on that bed. How you will dominate him, Kenny will resist but can't hold back his pleasure for long.

You then slap yourself mentally for such naughty thoughts. He's your brother you freak. Your love's face looks worried. He gets up and presses his hand onto your forehead, Your breath hitches, of course. 'Are you alright? You seem depressed or sick.' ,He asks concern. Before answering, you muse about how caring Kenny is to you. One of the only people who tends for you in the house. He actually nurses you if you are ill, or talk to you deeply about your many irrelevant problems. Kenny listens to you, and again, all you want is his attention. You assure that you're not sick or depressed, although you are. You force a smile onto your hideous face for you're love's handsome one. He returns it and say that you know you could tell him anything. Not everything, you think miserably. Knowing if you confess to him about your feelings, the brother relationship will surely be crushed. So instead, you simply nod. Karen, your little sister, walks in. Complaining to Kenny and you about the bullying at school. She doesn't whine about this to your parents because, what would they do? Karen doesn't know of your secret of loving Kenny, no one does. Except for one girl, one special girl who's your best friend. So leaving your siblings to speak about the bullying, you decide to go to your friend's house for advice. Knowing that you might be dragged into witnessing your love kiss another, probably hearing Kenny talk about 'Addison' each day. Knowing that the blonde will NEVER return your feelings. Knowing how envious and needy you could be, you might try to harm the relationship. You will be force to watch your dear one be with another. This, is your Rejected Romance.

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