Chapter 13: Your Accepted Romance

You snaked your once limped arms around Kenny's torso, moving one leg between his. His voice hitched, he shrunk away. It's the exact body language he made when your last had sex with him. You have to ease Kenny down, you got to show him that you won't hurt him this time. You ghosted butterfly kisses along his forehead, trailing them to his cheeks. When you reached his lips, your hormones told you to suck and bite at them. But you held yourself back, you can't pressure him. So you only kissed him. His and your lips moved together, you guided him easily.

After it seemed like he was used to it, you allowed your tongue to request for entrance. Kenny startling and abruptly moaned, you couldn't believe it. The blond pulled back instantly, looking absolutely ashamed and embarrassed.

"It's okay." You assured, you ran a hand through his locks. You were awestruck, your brother's moan sounded hot. In spite that you only heard it for a little moment, it was wonderful.

"" He mumbled and glanced away.

Ignoring the unnecessary apology, you had pushed Kenny down, so you were on top of him. He forced his coppers to gaze at you, blushing ever so vividly. He's not scared anymore, you observed. Kenny's expression was purely of hesitation and disgrace ridden. Maybe this will work after all. Maybe it's not hopeless after all.

You leaned forward to suck his neck, licking your brother's anxious sweat and biting the skin here and there. Kenny squirmed under you, whimpering and mewling. You're aware he's holding back, the actual noises he could be making. Deciding to try and calm him, you said through sucking,

"Mmm, do you like this?"

"Ah...ahh..nn..." You grinned, definitely an yes.

"Well(lick)you should know I used(bite)to sneak this same thing, back in our bed. While you were sleeping."

During informing this, you were taking off his T-shirt. Luckily you preferred to sleep in only boxers. It will make the 'teaching' process much more quicker.

"Really?" Kenny chuckled, groaned slightly from your fingers brushing his skin. "I don't-ah-know w-whether to feel f-flattered, disgusted, angry, or a-aroused."

"Just feel...nothing." You succeeded in removing his shirt. You now moved on to fondling his nipple between your fingers. You trailed your lips to his collar bone.

"Gah..." Kenny breathed, clutching your shoulders.

Your member was throbbing from the various noises the blond was making, not to mention his wiggling and squirming hips that's not purposely grinding you. I don't know how much I can take, you frustrated, possessing the nipple you were playing with in your mouth. Kenny's upper body arched, his hips hitting yours again. You had let out a moan, this was getting tough. The boy knew how to drive you mad, and how to move his body.

You chose to go a step further, humping against him in return to his accidental grinds. Before Kenny could groan, you caught his mouth with yours, exchanging saliva with your tongue.

"K..Kevin.." The blond panted your name. "...I don't-ahh-feel right.."

"Why is that?"

"W-we're boys..especially b-brothers. N-not there!" You had slipped your hands inside his shorts, rubbing his ass.

"If it doesn't feel right," You whispered, you kissed his eyebrow gently. "why are you hard?"

You could feel his member against you, pointing.

"I-I don't know.." The blond blushed darkly, more embarrassed.

"That's why I'm giving you this 'lesson'." In a swift, you discarded his shorts and hoisted his legs to wrap around you. "You have to learn."

"Ah, so s-soon?" Kenny exclaimed, predicting what's happening. You only smirked and nodded. "...C-can't we just cuddle?"

"Ha! What a laugh. Didn't you say that you wanted me to love you?" You licked your fingers, preparing the cheap lubrication.

"I-I do, I want to l-love you too! But.." Kenny appeared unsure. "..last time you..."

"Don't worry, that was my fault." You told him guiltily. "This time, it won't hurt as much, I promise. Just relax.."

Your younger brother nodded, inhaled and exhaled, then shut his eyes tight. He was ready. You slowly inserted one wet finger into Kenny's hole, he quickly tensed but soon calmed himself. While placing 2 others gently, you used your other hand to stroke Kenny's member. However you ached to swallow it, you simply denied yourself that chance. The blond wouldn't be all set for something like oral yet.

"Ahh, Kevin...!" Kenny moaned, no longer able to suppress it. You pumped his member firmer, which awarded yourself with the joy of having your hair yanked by him in pleasure. You didn't mind the sting.

"Kenny?" You whispered, taking out your fingers and kissing his lips hungrily. "Are you ready for the rest of this 'lesson'?"

"Y-yes." His face was braved, but cheeks still had glowed that redness. "Do it."

You parted the gap on the front of your boxers, unleashing your eager member. You lifted Kenny's legs up higher around you, filling in his hole with your erection. As you had let loose an shaking moan, your brother had tossed his head back, calling your name again. Kenny's palms laid flat on your chest, pawing them helplessly. Thrusting yourself as soft as you could, you leaned downward to tug at his bottom lip between your teeth. Your hand that was pumping Kenny's member, now massaged it.

You've done this before, but it felt like you are now perfectly connected to your brother. You wanted to cry from the beauty of it, the tension leaving you. This was how it was supposed to be from the beginning. Only Kenny and you, linked together in such an passionate physical way.


"Is this okay?" He nodded. "Does it hurt?"

"N-no..ahh..Kevin.." Kenny opened his copper eyes, they were pooling with tears. It made his orbs shinier. He looked at you almost pleadingly, though timid.

"Mm?" You moaned, the blond's pawing switched to fiddling your tits. "Ahh, What is it?"

"..." Your brother turned his head the other way. ""

"Can I..?" You whispered, nibbling his ear.

"Ah...g-go...d-deeper?" Kenny moaned embarrassed. Your eyes stretched wide. You sucked on his tongue, doing as he asked.

"Ugh.." Kenny is becoming mine, coursed through your head. His heart was pounding hard against your chest, you could feel his blood racing. The emotions abruptly made you ejaculated into your brother. Kenny's body shivered.

"K-Kevin..ahh.." The blond panted. "I'm g-going to c-come.."

Before you could tell him that it'd be okay, he did as he warned. Into your hands and some splattered on your stomach. You reluctantly took yourself out of Kenny, cleaning your fingers with your mouth. You wished it would have lasted longer.

Shockingly, Kenny had leaned forward and licked up his cum off your belly. Occasionally kissing and sucking the skin, you moaned. After he was done, you brought him down at your side, holding him in your arms. You wanted to propose that the bedroom would be an comfier place to sleep, but thought better of it. The blond buried his head in the nape of your neck.

"Ken? You alright?" You questioned, patting his head.

"I feel so d-dirty.." You flinched.

"You didn't like it?"

"N-no! I enjoyed it, strangely. But other people would.."

You sighed irritated, when will your Kenny learn? You kissed his small lips affectionately.

"Don't bother what would people think. Let them do whatever they want, it won't affect you unless you make it. Tonya told me that." You smiled, remembering your friend.


"How about this," You sighed once more, "Kenny face the fact. You've just got fucked by your older brother (again) and you enjoyed it."

His current blush had turned a shade even darker, if possible.


"I love you Kenny." The blond gazed at you adoringly, if you were correct.

"T-thank you. Hopefully I can give back the same feelings."

At the kitchen table eating breakfast, the atmosphere was lighter from than it was the week before, though awkward.

Kenny barely had spoke to you, considering he was still embarrassed about having sex with you. And you were nervous to say anything. But when he got up to leave you caught his arm, pulling him down into a smooch. He stared at you shocked, color tinting his cheeks. You only winked as he darted his eyes consciously at Karen, who saw the kiss. Kenny returned his attention to you, expression frustrated yet melted.

You smirked as you received an quick peck to the forehead.

"I'll be in my room K-Karen. Tell me when you're ready to go to school." Your brother grumbled, marching off.

Karen smiled, so huge you thought it would break her tiny face.

"Kev, Ken and you are brothers again?" She asked hopefully. "Maybe more than that?"

"Yeah," You grinned, your heart fluttered blissfully. Kenny had agreed to be your boyfriend this morning. "we are."

"Yay! I knew it, 'cause I heard ya'll on the couch last night! You two sounded so cute!"

Your jaw hanged as she trotted out of the kitchen whistling an cheerful tune. You have to keep watch on Karen, from now on.

"Tonya." You greeted your best friend in an monotone voice, with arms folded.

"Kevin." She mimicked the same voice, hand on her hip.

You embraced her in your bear hug, abruptly.

"I don't know how I can repay you!" You exclaimed. "Thank you! Thank you!"

"Let me guess," Tonya smiled with teeth. "my plan worked?"

"Yes! Kenny and I DID it!" Students in the hallway in range, gave you grossed looks. You didn't care.

"Really? Oh my gosh, Honey!" She jumped up and down, clapping her hands squealing. If you were a girl, you'd been doing the same thing.

"I'm so happy, Ton!" You laughed, feeling relieved to get the hyper energy out. You couldn't do it in front of the blond.

"Me too! Kev!" She hugged you again. "My god, do you mean Kenny likes you too?"

"Uhm," You stumbled. "Not yet. But he said he wants to."

"This is great. I'm happy everything worked out for you."

"Yeah." You smiled. "Thanks Tonya, you helped me."

A month later.

You are in love with the most wonderful person. The guy you care for is the most sweetest and funniest dude you know. When seeing him walk pass, you hold in your breath and enjoy the moment of bliss. When he smiles at you, you're flying. When he touches you in the slightest way, your breath inwardly hitches. The person makes you feel comforted and alive. You like it when he speaks to you, you crave his attention because you are envious. You like that he brightens your pathetic life. You like that he has hope in the crap of a house you two live in. You sigh softly since every time you think of this person, your heart beats 100 times faster.

The best part about it is, he loves you too.

You weren't sure about how it began, or how long it took for you to win Kenny. From the issue of you liking him, how needy you can be, or when you had raped him. You could remember arguing with Tonya a couple of times on the situation. You recalled Kenny's old confession of having a crush on Addison, the whore. You were so possessive and headstrong for your brother.

Although now a month later, you walked into the house you live in with your love. Kenny was waiting for you on the couch. He stepped towards you, wrapped his arms around your neck and kissed you.

"Welcome home bro." You kissed him back, smirking into it.

"Welcome home."

This, is your accepted romance.

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