This is based on the Vampire Diaries show. With Vampire Diaries, this is taking place after the ball, Season 3 the ball episode, if you haven't seen it, you can still read it's okay. In VA, its taken place after Dimitri says the love fades crap. Rose ran away and is now staying in the mysterious Mystic Falls, where she doesn't know what waits in front of her. Any questions, feel free to review or message. And it'll probably be a short FF (fanfiction). Maybe not Idk.

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Narrator POV

Mystic Grill is the heart, or home, to the most interesting people.

Damon Salvatore spends his time there drinking away his sorrows, sadness, anger, and much more.

Alaric Saltzman used to be there to grade those darn old papers, now he goes there to drink, and maybe grade a few more papers.

Stefan Salvatore barely goes there, not as much as his brother, but now….he just might.

Elena Gilbert, or should I say, Elena the Human, does go there occasionally, but now has lots on her hands to deal with rather than getting a shot.

Caroline Forbes, the cheery human, scratch that, vampire, used to throw parties for her friends and her there, all about celebrating another year of life! Not so cheery anymore, she has her own problems.

Now I can go on and on about the reasons they go, but what about what's currently happening right now?

Damon POV:

I'm getting so sick of this love crap. I have done everything to try to get Elena fair and square, but of course it's always Stefan. What does Stefan have that I don't? His good ol' heart? Well she should now that that Stefan is GONE.

For God's sake, I even tried to bring him back! Well, I am totally on the edge of giving up and pushing myself to face the fact I'll never be the one for her, like I wasn't for Katherine. Pull yourself together Damon, it's just a girl.

That's what I've been telling myself all the time, she's just a girl, plenty like her, but the truth is, there isn't. No one can compare to Elena, she's everything any guy would want. I scoffed, I will not be thinking like this, I just gotta get a strong drink or two, get wasted, distracted, and go home.

I got it.

I have been on a No-Feeding-On-Humans diet practically since Stefan left, trying to show Elena I was being a good vamp.

Time to cut the diet. Someone to drink, that would be nice, besides, what would she care, like she cares, I'll go fish out some human and drink them slowly. Fantastic. Sounds good already.

I got in the car after my long thinking outside. Turned the engine and headed straight to where I always go in times like these.

Mystic Grill.

2 hours earlier.

Rose POV

After everything I did for him, for love, I just get it thrown in my face. Does anyone in this whole damn world care about me, what I did? Sure as hell Lissa doesn't because if she did, she would be telling him to…at least talk to me.

But now he can barely stand to look at me, what did I do? I didn't do anything, he should be the one calling me his damn savior, and I'M the one that saved him. It's like being stabbed in the back.

Well you know what; if they both obviously don't want me here I'll just leave. Somewhere away from here.

I got up from my bed after lying there for a couple of hours, stood up, and brushed myself off. If I was going to leave, I'll leave with a straight face.

I got out my suitcase and packed, well, stuffed, my belonging in there, clothes…brush..toothbrush.. all of that. After half an hour of packing and throwing away the stuff that obviously shows no means to me in the trash bin, I thought.

Wow, I'm really gonna do it, finally leave, without Lissa, or anyone. Just me. I need a plan.

I was feeling angry, sad, frustrated, stressed, so many emotions, need to shut them up.

Alright, I'll go to Adrian…..Oh my God, I forgot about him, after all I'm still dating him. How will I tell him, should I tell him?

I stomped my foot on the ground in frustration, and headed back to bed to thinking things down AGAIN.

Damn, what am I going to do?

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