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Time stopped, yet everything happened so quickly at the same time.

I couldn't hear anything but the sounds of my own screams. "Rose!" I rushed to her body and tried to feel her pulse, she was dead. I cradled her body and begged to see her brown eyes. "Rose wake up, wake up! Please I need you!"

I felt someone shaking me, it was Bonnie. "Damon! Listen to me, she's okay!"

"She's not okay! She's dead!" I heard my voice began to crack and barely noticed Dimitri and the rest of Rose's friends begging her to wake up near me.

Bonnie harshly grabbed my arm and I noticed she had blood streaming down her nose and she looked like she could pass out, but with strength laced in her voice she said, "She's fine. I charmed the stake to protect her. She's going to wake up." She smiled as she said it, pleading with me to understand.

She's going to be okay. She's going to wake up. I found myself repeating those words and as I looked at Rose's face, I took in everything. She saved my life, she didn't even know she would survive. She did it all for me. And for that, I looked at her and pushed back a strand of her hair.

"Wake up for me…" I murmured, looking at her friends as held the same expression of anticipation etched on their faces while gazing at Rose. "Wake up for them…" I stroked her face and felt calm, at peace. I believed Bonnie because I believed in a world she must be alive in.

Then all of a sudden, she gasped for breath as she sat up and looked around her, anxiously searching for something. I immediately felt happiness and disbelief, she was alive.


Wake up for me...wake up for them.

I kept hearing those words. Who was saying them? The feeling of death was starting to fade away yet I still felt paralyzed. I fought to regain consciousness. I realized that I was still alive and something was pushing me to wake up, and as I kept hearing those words, I began to wake up.

I couldn't breathe. I didn't realize I was breathing so hard until I anxiously looked around searching for someone...Damon! He was alive!

"Damon!" I gasped as I saw his tear stricken face and saw that he was looking at me with a mixture of disbelief and happiness. As if on instinct, I hugged him and he held onto me just as tight as I was.

"Rose, oh my god you're alive, you're alive, you're alive" Damon kept saying while clutching onto me so tight I could hardly breathe. God I missed his smell, his warmth, him.

"I love you Damon." I whispered. "I love you more, don't do that again please." Damon pleaded, pulling back to stroke my cheek.

"Rose!" Lissa screamed as she enveloped me into a tighter hug than Damon's if that was possible. She couldn't stop crying as she held onto me. I was so happy to have her back in my life, in that moment I knew I loved her and cherished our friendship so much. "Lissa, you're okay." I told her, relieved to see she wasn't hurt and felt a streak of relief and happiness in our bond.

"Yeah I am, thanks to you, don't ever scare me like that again!" She said as she laughed and gave me one last hug.

"Yeah Rose, we all know you're a badass." Christian said next to her but I could tell he seemed shaken up too, relief written all over his face. He hugged me as I told him, "Yeah right Ozera, you love me".

I finally looked at Dimitri and he looked devastated. I remembered how much I loved him and felt so happy when I saw him. "Comrade…." I whispered as he rushed to hug me and whisper "Roza...I thought I lost you". Although I couldn't see his face, I knew he was still shaken up and stroked my hair. I held onto him and said, "Never, I love you comrade". He pulled back and looked at me with immense joy, and we both knew that as much as I couldn't be in love with him, we had a profound bond history created for us. We weren't exactly friends, but more like companions.

I couldn't hear the commotion in the back but felt shocked as I saw Bonnie being taken away by Caroline and the rest of them, Damon included.

"Bonnie! Oh my god is she okay?" Elena shrieked as she saw the blood on Bonnie's face. Bonnie appeared to be asleep as I could tell she was breathing. Stefan carried her, saying "She's fine, she just used a lot of magic and needs some rest. Let's take her to Elena's house." Stefan and the rest of them looked and me and smiled.

"We're glad you're okay Rose. Thank you for risking yourself for us, you didn't have to do it." Stefan said as he cast a worried glance at his brother.

"Of course I did." I said as I smiled at Damon, the love of my life. As if Damon could read my thoughts, he smiled knowingly at me and winked. I heard Stefan telling Damon if he could burn the body and the rest of them would go back to Elena's house.

Damon walked towards me and held my chin in his hands. "You gonna be okay? I have to take care of him but I'll see you at the house?" He said gently to me as he looked like the last thing he wanted to do was burn and body and be apart from me. I completely understood, but duty calls.

I glanced at my friends and knew that as much as I needed Damon, his touch and warmth to make me feel fully alive, my friends needed me just for now. "I'm gonna stay at Lissa's hotel tonight, they need me and I'll be back in the morning if that's okay? I'm sorry I just-"

"No, no it's alright. They need you." He smiled and stroked my cheek with his thumb as he gazed at me with so much love in his eyes. "Just promise to come back to me" He said with a desperate tone.

I smiled and couldn't help but think how lucky I was to find someone who loved me so intensely and wonderfully once again. "I will." We kissed and felt so much longing but knew I needed to be there for Lissa. We went our separate ways but felt comfort in the fact that we would be reunited the next day.

"You're not going with them?" Lissa asked looking confused as she saw Stefan drive off in the car and Damon carrying Klaus's body as he sped towards the woods. I glanced at them and shook my head.

"They're not who I need right now." I said as I grasped her shoulder and smiled at her. She returned the smile and hugged me, "Oh Rose, thank you!"

"Does this mean I have to sleep on the floor?" Christian groaned but I saw a teasing smile on his face. I laughed and looked at him and Dimitri, "Too bad Sparky!"

We all laughed as I laced my arm with Lissa's making our way to the car.


I hated burying bodies, but not as much as I hated it even more at this moment because it was the only thing keeping me apart from Rose. Well she went with Lissa but still.

As I scooped the last pile of dirt to place on the spot of Klaus's body, concealing any detection of a body there, I sighed as I threw the shovel away. "Good riddance." I grinned as I looked down at the area where his body was. "Goodbye Klaus, rot in hell." I said angrily, glaring at that spot.

Klaus has caused so much harm and I was giddy to know that he was gone forever. Suddenly I remembered that he gave Rose some of his blood to drink before he died. The grin I just had died on my face. Wait, but Rose seemed fine when she woke up, no signs of bloodlust or craziness. This was all too much, maybe I'm just being delusional, she probably didn't drink enough for the process to happen. After all, she technically didn't die, right?

I needed to see Bonnie, but knowing she was asleep I had to keep my mind at rest till the next day. I couldn't help but worry about what could've happened. I needed a drink.


It felt like old times with Lissa as we gossiped about the snobby vampires who dared to condemn Lissa for running in Court even though she was a princess. Stupid royals, if only I was there!

Christian was with us too, telling me about a particular prank he pulled on a royal who yelled at Lissa. I laughed and looked around, wondering where Dimitri was.

"Hey, where's Dimitri?" I asked curiously. Although I killed Klaus, I still felt like my friends were in danger.

Christian shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno probably outside."

I frowned, feeling bad because he was alone. "I'm gonna go check up on him." I got up and walked outside, it was a bit chilly out here.

"Roza, why don't you ever bring a jacket?" Dimitri asked from behind me, chuckling at me as I shivered and stroked my arms. "Because I'm not afraid of some cold weather." I said as I put on a straight face, refusing to look defeated. He laughed and took off his damn duster. "Here" He placed it on me as I quickly rushed to take it. It was warm and nice like always.

"So why are you outside in the middle of the night?" I asked looking at his pensive face as he gazed at the steady rush of cars nearby.

"I was thinking of what just happened. And how much I care about you." He looked at me and I could tell that he still deeply loved me. I sighed and sat at a bench next to us. "Dimitri…"

"No, I know. I'm trying okay? I know you have fallen for another and I'm happy for you. I could see how much he loves you and it was my mistake for pushing you away. I didn't realize the importance of who you are in my life until it was too late. And for that, I will always regret it. But I know this was meant to be." He sadly smiled at me as he sat next to be on the bench. I looked down, couldn't bear the idea of seeing his face. I nodded and allowing him to go on.

"My grandmother, Yeva, always had a way with words. One time, she gave me a bird and it was beautiful. Blue feathers but if you looked really closely, it had streaks of gold in it. It was perfect and when she gave it to me she told me to always treasure it as if it held my soul." He smiled, shaking his head and looking out in a distance. "I always thought she was crazy when I was little, thinking that a bird couldn't hold my soul, so I took the bird less seriously. One day, I decided to let it loose and open it's cage door, thinking it'll just fly back to me or it wouldn't leave me at all. But then it flew away so fast and I couldn't believe it. I rushed back to my grandmother and screamed and cried. She just shook her head and smiled and looked me straight in my eyes and told me I didn't treasure it enough because I didn't believe it held my soul. She told me I was soulless and my sisters kept telling me I was a strigoi when they heard that," he laughed and I caught myself smiling, I loved hearing stories of his family.

"So after a couple of weeks of thinking I was a strigoi and staying in my room, I believed then that that bird held my soul and asked Yeva what I should do to have the bird come back to me. She told me to wait patiently and it'll come back. So one day I was playing outside and there it is. That beautiful bird perched on a tree looking down at me chirping. I smiled so big and felt like I couldn't move because if I did it would go away. I was so happy Roza, my soul was back! Yeva came up to me and told me that because it came back, I had my soul and understood the importance of treasuring what you have when you have it." He took a deep breath and looked at me and smiled.

"I obviously didn't think I learned my lesson as I learned that you left and came back only to leave again. The same principle still applies Roza, you had my soul and I didn't treasure you. I should have rejoiced when I saw you but could only push you away, fearing that I would hurt you again. But you came back, and even if it wasn't for me, I saw you and realized that a piece of my soul would always be with you just like the bird did. Thank you Roza, thank you for coming back and being who you are." He pushed a strand of my hair back as I smiled at him, the man I deeply loved and knew that he carried a bit of my soul too.

"Although I love someone else, you will always have a part of me in you too comrade. Don't ever forget that and thank you for the story." I smiled and touched his cheek, I really do love him. I hugged him and felt so grateful for everything, no longer feeling guilt or anger, just content with my friendship with him.

"Thank you Roza." He said. Thank you too Dimitri.

I headed back to the room as Dimitri parted ways to his own room and saw that Lissa was already asleep next to Christian. Just as I was about to go my own bed, she whispered, "Rose, you should go back to Damon". I frowned and looked at her, "What?"

"Go back to him, we'll be fine, breakfast tomorrow?" She asked hopefully, smiling at me.

"Yeah okay, thanks Liss. I love you, see you tomorrow!" I whispered, feeling so excited to surprise Damon. I grabbed my things and took a taxi back to the Salvatore residence, back to Damon.


Damon sulked around, lying down on his bed and gazing at the roof above him. He still couldn't believe everything that happened tonight, the miracle given to him. He had to talk to Bonnie tomorrow but couldn't sleep knowing Rose wasn't there.

All of a sudden he heard a knock at the door, he wondered who was there. He didn't think his brother would come back and knew Rose was staying with Lissa. He opened the door and smiled so big.

"Oh! I'm sorry, is this the right house? I'm looking for Stefan Salvatore, you know? The more handsome brother? He's the one-"

"Oh shut up" Damon said as he pulled Rose in and kissed her as if he hadn't in forever. Rose laughed and kissed just as fiercely back. "I couldn't be away from you tonight." Rose said looking desperately at Damon.

Damon looked at her and thought to himself, all he wanted was a drink. But instead, he got her. Her smile, her laugh, her selflessness, he got the love of his life, and he was ready to treasure her like she held his soul.