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Everyone: *Claps*

Raven: *eating Chocolate bars*

Seris: Hey those are mine! *Grabs*

Raven: *Dodges*

Me: *Grabs them and flies on my magical dragon while eating them*

Everyone: o.o Da fudge…

"Make sure William doesn't die." Was all that went through Eve's head.

"Who was that girl? What did she mean?"

Eve hacked into William's computer last night, and discovered the location of his no longer secret laboratory. She raced through the forest while the rain poured. As soon as the location was reached she stopped and her drones turned into spikes, she began to drill into the ground as mud splattered on her face. "Keep going! Moby, Reby!" She clenched her teeth. The rain didn't affect how hard the ground was, but she continued anyway while the mud drenched her clothes. Soon there revealed a small steal door. "I wonder how William keeps this so well hidden?" Oberon and Opelia destroyed the door and they all jumped into the sewer.

Eve raced through the sewer while attacking anything that tried to stop her. She quickly got through many levels, but didn't expect the boss to be so… tough. Low on mana and health she fought to her last breath.

"Gah! I do not think I will make it!"

. . . . .

"Have you seen Eve?" Rena asked Raven.

"No… But I'm pretty sure she's out doing the missions or something." Raven lazily said while dangling Aisha by her legs.

"Weeeeee!" She cheered.

"Ah… But doesn't Eve usually come in the morning?"

"Maybe she left before we awoke?"

"Maybe… But I really want to be sure. I'll be right back." Rena exited the castle and headed off to see Vanessa who was in charge of collecting their missions.

"Hello Vanessa."

"Ah, Rena. How may I help you?"

"Did Eve receive the missions?"

"Oh don't worry. She took the day off today and a nice young girl accepted the missions instead."

"Really? What was her name?"

"I'm not sure… I forgot to ask, but she's really fast on her missions so I can always send her over to your castle room."

"Do you happen to know where Eve went to?"

"Well I believe she went somewhere out to the forest."

"Oh okay thank you." Rena started to walk back to her castle room.

"Good luck with you two children!" Vanessa called out. "Tell Raven I said that too!"

Rena paused, "I-I… Will!"

"Oh my god… Please tell me she knows that it's Aisha and Elsword in baby form…"

. . . . .

She walked through the castle halls and reached Vanessa's room. Quietly opening the door.

"Hello Vanessa. I've completed my tasks. Is there anything else you would like me to do?"

"Oh no that's it for today…. You really do work fast don't you?"

The cloaked shadow nodded.

"But please do tell me why you always hide in the shadows."

"Oh I get that ability from my father, but also I must not be seen by some people. That's all."

"I won't hurt you, you can show me your face." Vanessa smiled.

"Um okay." Seris showed her face and took off her hood and whipped her hair she had long black hair, with bangs that covered her eyebrows. The bangs had a dyed little white path.

"You look just like this man I know." Vanessa pointed out.

"You have no idea." She giggled.

"Oh by the way. Rena asked me to invite you to come to their house."

Her eyes widened. "Um… I don't think that's such a good idea…"

"Really? You sure? They're very nice people."

"I'm sure." She smiled, "Bye now."

. . . . .

"Man I'm stuck on shopping duty AGAIN today…" Raven walked through the streets. "How much does Elsword need to eat seriously?" He recalled this morning's event when Elsword knocked over all the food in the fridge and ate about ninety percent of what was in it. Including raw meat… And milk of the floor…

"I wonder what Rena does while I'm gone… If I find her watching TV or relaxing without me… I'm gonna kill her…" He thought about all the possible ways she could be relaxing without him. "Nahh.. I couldn't kill Rena if my life depended on it." He went over to the market and bought some more food. "We're running low on ED... Wow… Having children is expensive." He sighed and continued shopping.

He finally finished after a few minutes and walked back to the castle with the bags over his shoulder held by his claw. He walked in a cool way with his normal hand in his pocket; some girls giggled and blushed near him. "Tch… Teenagers…" he laughed to himself.

He saw Seris walk past him, but he didn't realize because he could see was without her cloak hood , he finally noticed and took her by the arm with his free hand and dragged her with him. "Wha-"

"Hey!" She yelled and kicked, "Stop dragging me!"

"Nope you're not getting away this time. And you're going to give me some answers. Se-Ri-s"

She tried struggling out of his grip, but decided to keep quiet. People stared at then and some girls turned red. "No I am not his girlfriend." Was all that she would say the rest of the way.

The walk seemed very long so she finally whined, "Can you buy me some chocolate?" she pointed to the chocolate stand.




"Pretty please?"


"But I'll buy it! I have money! And my stomach is growling!"

He paused just in time to hear it growl.

"Fine, but don't even think of running away." He let go and she ran toward the chocolate stand and got… about… thirty chocolate bars? "How come she looks a lot like me? Seris wasn't that like me before… But at the same time this girl reminds me of Rena."

Raven looked at Seris confused.

"What? I've been helping you guys out with your mission all d-" She cover her mouth with her hand.

"What was that?"


"What did you do to Eve?" He glared with fiery eyes.


He dragged her by her hand again so the rest of her body was on the floor and this time he made sure she got hurt on the way, purposefully walking over sharp rocks and needles.

"Hey… You're cutting me." Raven stopped and she held out the palm of her hand which was scraped, bruised and cut, but there was absolutely no sign of pain on her face. She chomped at a chocolate bar as he continued to walk, this time avoiding any sharp rocks or needles.

After what seemed like a five hour long walk, they finally reached the castle.

"Hi R-" Rena paused once she saw the girl Raven was dragging and pointed, "Who's that?"

"Right now she's an enemy if she doesn't give us any answers."

"So I don't get any snacks?"

Raven locked the door and let go of Seris's arm, but kept his guard up, she just stayed seated on the floor while eating her chocolate bars. The man noticed this so he crouched down and took them away from her. "Unh unh, you're not getting the rest of these until we GET answers."

"HEY!" She tried reaching for the chocolate, but Raven was still taller even when crouching down.

"So are you going to talk? Or do I have to make you?" Rena watched, confused, but she thought Raven knew what he was doing.

"What exactly is this about?" The anxious elf asked.

"Well Seris here has been following us, and she's been doing our missions instead of Eve all day today."

"Ohhh! So you're the girl that Vanessa was telling me about." Rena sat down next to her. "My name is Rena! What's yours?" She smiled.


That name caught her attention. "Ohhh… Are you Raven's finace?"

"N-no…" She blushed.

"Well that answers one question." He sat down with them.

"So wh-" Elsword and Aisha came running into the conversation trying to distract everybody. Annoyed, Raven pulled out a pair of kitty ears and put them on Aisha's head while putting on a pair of micky ears on Elsword's. "There! Now go chase the mouse!"

Aisha smirked and ran after Elsword, teleporting and blocking his escape routes. "MUHAHAHAHA!"

"SO who are you Seris?" Rena asked.

"I don't think I can tell you…"

"Why not?" Raven raised an eyebrow at her.

"Because it might damage a lot of… things…"

"Fine… Then where's Eve?" He skipped onto the next question.

"I told her… To make sure William doesn't die."

Both adults looked at her shocked and stared. "Why and how do you know that?"

"Umm I can't tell you how I know, but I know that if William dies, then Aisha and Elsword stay babies and have to grow up again." She sighed.

"How EXACTLY does that affect you?" They both asked curiously.

"I can't answer that either…"


Seris looked frightened, but kept her cool.

"Now, now Raven… Seris didn't do anything bad."

"But what if she lured Eve into a trap?" he growled. "She looks like a dark elf to me."

"Impossible… Dark elves only use bows and arrows." Seris stated.


She sighed. "Don't worry, your friend is fine. I even checked up on her. She successfully reached William and has agreed to protect him until he is able to make the cure."

"I'm so confused…" Rena rubbed her temples.

"There is only one answer you need, but I'm afraid I can't tell you."

Raven slapped her with his claw across the cheek. His temper had reached its limits. Rena gasped. "RAVEN!"

"Gah.. Temper has reached its limit… Just tell us everything already!" He yelled so loudly that Elsword hid under the bed with Aisha.

All Seris did was keep her cool as blood trickled down her cheek. Raven suddenly looked startled. She was smirking!

"That could've broken my jaw…" she growled.

"Should I break it this time?" he growled.

There was an intense predator and prey fighting aurora around them as they growled at each other. Rena shrunk under their immense deadliness.

"Is that a challenge?" She smirked devilishly.

"Heh… Not much of a challenge if I don't have to fight at all." He cracked his neck.

Her scythe flashed into her hand as Raven took out his sword. They jumped out of the window attacking each other. Seris was epic with a scythe! But so was Raven with a sword. He shallow cut her arm a few times, but she shredded his shirt and left some blood trickling. Rena thought quickly. She took her bow and arrow. "Maybe I can help Raven by pinning her down." She shot one of her arrows after aiming, but Seris quickly noticed and twirled her scythe at the speed of light and the arrow was bounced off! The man looked at her very impressed.

"Hmm. You must've received special training from SOMEONE." He declared.

Seris was quiet.

"If I defeat you. You have to tell me all the answers to my questions." Raven stated.

Seris was silent for a moment, but declared, "I will win, and when I do. You have to let me go."

"Fine." And in a flash Raven was in front of her about to punch her with his claw, but she evaded and he ended up punching through a wall.

"Raven!" The elf shouted from the window. "Don't damage the city we don't have enough money!" she acted like this was normal, because IT WAS. "I'm so used to this by now. I shouldn't even care." She sighed and went back inside. (OMG THAT RYMED)

Raven and Seris were still slashing at each other. They were both injured, but not terribly. Just a few cuts and bruises. It seemed that the girl was winning!

She snickered, "What happened to you?"


"Another question I'll answer if you win." She declared.

This got Raven even more tempted to win. "GROUND IMPACT!" The ground shook and Seris fell down, but counter attacked with a move he had never heard before.

"Hell Fire chain!" Raven jumped into the air before anything happened. Through the cracked ground came several fire chains that snaked out whipping randomly at the air. They finished off by leaving the area on fire, but the fire disappeared after a minute. The two continue to fight. This was the longest battle he had ever been in!

"X CRASH!" He quickly clawed at her, but she dodged the rest of the attack.

"X SCYTHE!" she countered. A giant X was made and it clung onto Raven's chest.

"Guh!" He tried to attack, but as soon as he moved a loud slash was made in his chest, but luckily it was shallow. He knew that neither one was trying to kill the other, but he still had to win either way.

He panted for air and she did too. "Arch…Enemy!" He rushed at her and the javelins attacked, but again Seris twirled her scythe so quickly that they bounced off. "No ranged attacks can affect her."

"I don't want to hurt you anymore! FROZEN ESSENCE!" Her scythe blade turned into ice, and every time she crashed the blade to the ground, it left a blade of ice. Raven was about to dodge, but to no avail and found himself trapped in a cage of solid ice! He tried to break it, but it was unbreakable!

"There's no use trying… It's unbreakable ice. It lasts for about a day."

He was about to jump out, but the ice started to get taller! Sadly Raven was no good at jumping.

"So I guess I win!"

The man growled at her.

She sighed. "What happened to you?" And hid into the shadows.

Raven: …..WHAT? I LOST? *Glares at Cheryl."

Me: o.o;;;;;

Elsword: *holding Aisha upside down by her feet* Hey this is fun!

Rena: …

Aisha: *Kicks Elsword in the nose*

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Seris: *laughs at Raven* :D

Raven: Cheryl…. *nasod arm catches on fire* *Chases Cheryl*


Eve: ….Please R&R

Rena: What she said…