Author's Note: I have a lot of feelings about these two and am slowly starting to feel less guilty about shipping siblings. Also, I was rewatching the Spring Cleaning episode the other day (which is one of my favorite episodes) and the very fact that Sue gave Axl a Best Brother Oscar made me squee a lot. Anyway, this little one shot is mostly pre-Sue/Axl-hooking-up.

Disclaimer: I don't own, I rent.

Comforting people has never been Axl's thing. To be honest, there are a lot of things that aren't Axl's thing. Unlike Sue, where it seems almost everything could potentially be her thing, if she just tried hard enough.

Everyone knows that Axl and comforting are two words that just don't go together. He'd ignore and stare and most likely run off. He'd run off sure that someone else would show up and do the comforting instead.

He couldn't comfort people. Because the fact that comfort is kind of lame, he was stiff and awkward and he always ended up making things worse instead of making them better. But he can't walk away or wait it out with Sue. For some stupid reason, she always expects more from him (more from everyone, more from everything) and Axl has always loved defying her. But when he gets home from hanging with Sean and Darrin one Sunday afternoon and sees her sitting on the couch, dejectedly staring at the TV, he pauses.

A small part of him hopes she hasn't noticed him and he can scurry off to his room. But she glances up quickly before dropping her gaze away.

He knew they were only two home because otherwise Frankie would be attempting whatever damage control was needed this time with Sue. But instead it's just them. She's just sitting there, with her heart on her sleeve like always. She looks so lost, so crumpled, so un-Sue-like, it's freaking him out a bit. He cringes inwardly but he still can't turn away from her.

Sue is so difficult to upset for longer than a minute. She's so irritatingly good at turning a negative into a positive. So Axl is more than a little confounded at her current sadness. Sue is rarely ever sad but when she is, it's hard for him not to feel sad too.

So he sits down next to her awkwardly. At least she's not crying. So there's that.

They both sit in silence, staring at the reality show playing across the screen.

He's breaking the tradition and she doesn't know how to react so she doesn't. Even though he can tell she clearly wants to say something. Possibly tell him her problems. Bleck.

"I'm not even gonna ask why you're upset," he declares, "But I will sit here with you for the next five minutes in complete and utter silence then I will retreat into the kitchen to make a sandwich like this never happened."

Apparently that was all she needed to hear because she's suddenly laughing.

Still, he walks into the kitchen five minutes later with her following behind like it never happened.

Neither knows how it will affect them yet, but a change has been made.