Two weeks went by in a whirl of end of summer parties, visits from and to friends Blaine hadn't seen or saw little of since his being sent to therapy. Kurt noted with pride that Blaine turned down any and all offers of alcohol from friends not familiar with his recent struggles. When he asked about it Blaine would say it was simple to turn down when he saw what it nearly cost him and what he gained by letting it go.

They had a Saturday night to themselves, the first night neither friends nor family created obligations for them and they decided to see a movie then grab a late dinner, alone. Kurt asked Blaine to drive, he didn't have his license on him.

"You trying to get out of paying Hummel?"

"You always pay, no matter how much I argue. I forgot it at the garage today, can we swing by and grab it?"

"Your dad there this late?" Blaine changed direction to head to the garage.

"No, he's home, I have keys."

"Why did you take your wallet out at the garage?"

"I hate how bulky it makes the jumpsuit." Kurt fiddled with the radio.

Blaine chanced a look at him, "You wore the jumpsuit?"

He was fixed with a nonplussed stare, "Like I'm risking any of my clothes around all of that grease."

"I may need to see that some day."

"Do we have an umbrella? It's going to rain."

"It's going to thunderstorm; you want to get struck by lightning?"

"Calm down Ben Franklin, I'm not getting my hair wet, that's your look." Kurt was unbuckled and on his knees looking in Blaine's backseat.

"I'd be offended if I wasn't so distracted by your ass in my face." Blaine tried to keep his eyes on the road, "If I were a good boyfriend I'd tell you it's in the trunk, but I sort of like letting you look."

"Just drive pal, we know what happens when you get distracted." Kurt placed a quick peck on Blaine's cheek to show he was just kidding and buckled himself back in as the first fat drops of rain began to splash across the windshield.

The light was changing from dusk to dark as Kurt bolted from the car to the garage door, the thunder booming loudly around him. He thanked a deity he didn't believe in for his father's foresight at putting a small roof over the door to the office, saving him from most of the rain as he giggled the keys just so to open the stubborn old door.

He was certain he'd left his wallet and his cell in the top draw of his dad's desk but when he checked it was locked. He knew the key was in the safe but was striking out at the combination; his father must have changed it when he hired a new assistant manager.

"What's taking you so long? Are you putting on those overalls?"

"It's a jumpsuit, and in your dreams. The drawers locked and" the rest of what he said was lost in the sound of thunder. The sky opened up and it began to downpour, the rain nearly deafening on the primarily tin roof of the empty garage.

"What?" Blaine asked when the thunder passed.

"Need the key; key is in the safe, combination changed." Kurt tried to get out between loud bursts. "Gotta call Dad, lemmee see your phone."

He reached for the pocket of Blaine's khaki's and Blaine lifted an eyebrow before pulling Kurt in for a kiss. "I think" he kissed his neck, "we should" he moved to his throat, "skip the movie".

Kurt clearly agreed, pushing Blaine against the wall beside the safe and kissing him hard. Blaine grunted and grasped at Kurt's jacket, pushing it from his shoulders and tossing it to the desk. Kurt pressed himself against Blaine's full length thumbing at his lips while he nipped at the tip of his ear. Things heated up quickly, amidst slow teasing kisses and body exploring caresses they began a grinding rhythm against each other. Blaine began unbuttoning Kurt's shirt.

"Really? Here?" Kurt breathed.

Blaine's answer was a growl from somewhere primal inside.

"Okay, here." Kurt laughed. "But not in my dad's office. C'mon." He took Blaine's hand and led him into the service bays climbing into a dark corner where the rain was louder on the roof and they were able to watch it hit the windows far above.

Blaine followed finding himself on a soft pile of something he couldn't see. "What is this?"

Kurt lay back and pulled Blaine down on him, "Mats for when the guys have to lay on the floor, there's a stack of them back here."

"And you laid down on them voluntarily, in your clothes, wow, you must love me."

"They're the clean ones, and I'm hoping to be wearing way less clothes soon, stop talking please."

Blaine complied, relieving Kurt of his now unbuttoned shirt and the tank top underneath before quickly tossing his own shirt aside. It had been too long since they'd been skin on skin this way; there was electricity in every touch, each brush of flesh brought shivers and moans. They whispered things they hadn't been able to say, called each other beautiful, used pet names that would have made sense to no one but each other. Kurt reached for Blaine's belt and Blaine, eyes now adjusted to the dark, stopped tracing circles on Kurt's nipple to search his eyes. "We don't have to go further than this if you want to wait, it's been awhile since we even got this far."

"I'm ready." He stroked Blaine's cheek, "If you want to wait it's okay, but I"

The end of that sentence was lost forever to Blaine's lips on Kurt's. They each took off their pants, trying to not break the romance of the moment but the space was small and Blaine fell over trying to kick his off. Kurt couldn't stop laughing at him until he forgot himself and tried to sit up knocking his head against a tire rack. It wasn't a hard hit though and soon he was back on the mats giggling, "We're really good at this."

"I've got the smoothest moves you've ever seen." Blaine teased giving a little wiggle that nearly sent him back to the floor.

"Maybe you'd better hang on to me before you hurt yourself."

Blaine took him at his word, grabbing hold of his hips and sweeping his lips across Kurt's abdomen. It was finally time for him to take control, to let Kurt lie back and allow himself to be explored and tasted. Taking his time Blaine memorized every inch of him before bringing him to the exquisite edge of orgasm.

Lightning flashed through the window above and Blaine watched as Kurt's pale skin flushed, his eyes shining bluer than ever before. He was beautiful with his throat exposed, head thrown back begging Blaine to finish him with desperate whimpers. Blaine bent his head and took the length of him again, not leaving off until Kurt was sated and panting beneath him.

Blaine slid beside him and ran his fingers through Kurt's hair, smoothing it away from his face where it had stuck down with sweat. Kurt smiled and kissed him, not hating the taste of himself on Blaine's tongue. "Amazing." Was all he could manage. He tried to lift his fingers to twist them in the curls coming loose from the gel Blaine had used when planning for a tame night at the movies but his limbs were too heavy to move.

Blaine let him have some time to recover then kissed his cheek, "Kurt?"


"Can I…when you said you were ready…I'll stop whenever you say but I really want to…" He couldn't find the words so he slid his hand under Kurt's thigh and tried to gently massage his ass but ended more or less poking him in the upper thigh. "Sorry. I mean, that's not what I …"

"Shut up. I'm willing to try but won't we need some kind of lube?"

"I think, if we aren't going to use something, I mean, do you want to wait until we have condoms or something?"

"We don't need condoms do we?"

"Not if you're okay with it, there's no reason we should. Look, I think I can keep you comfortable, but if you want to stop at any point just say so and we will."

"Let's try it."

They kissed a little longer, now that it was finally happening Blaine was nervous, afraid to hurt Kurt, or that instinct would not take over and he would be a complete failure at this. Kurt stroked him as they kissed and soon he was as ready as he could be. Blaine kneeled and Kurt rested his legs on his thighs, a ragged breath escaping him as he did. It took some trial and error but with the aid of some saliva and great ability to relax on Kurt's part Blaine managed to ease two fingers in and out at a pace that made Kurt arch into, rather than away from the touch.

"I…I think I'm ready, Blaine, please.:"

Nerves on edge Blaine removed his fingers a little more quickly than Kurt was prepared for causing a squeaking yelp to escape his lips.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you? What happened?"

"It's fine; just keep the movements kinda slow for now huh?"

His hands were shaking when Blaine pushed himself inside. He wasn't breathing at all, just watching Kurt as closely as possible for any reaction at all.


"Good oh? Bad oh? I'm dying here."

Kurt reached out and Blaine gave him his hand. "Good, definitely good. This is…yeah, good. You can go further if you …ohhhhhh."

Years later, married and fathers of two children they would sometimes reflect on these micromovements finding them laughable but for now these were giant steps, taken together as they always knew in their hearts they would be. There would be no writhing or riding, no thrusting in sweaty pulses tonight, there was so much time for that in the future. Each was content to have crossed this barrier. It was Blaine who decided to stop, knowing he was close to losing control and slow would NOT be part of that equation. In appreciation Kurt cajoled him into lying back and letting him make him come until Blaine cried out so loud and long his throat ached.

They curled into each other, as the storm passed and the rain slowed to a gentle pitter pat. "Not exactly your dorm room on the first day of school like I promised."

"I gave up the dorm room for McKinley, remember?"

"I remember, you happy about that?"

"About getting to see you every day at school again? Yeah, I'm happy."

"Good thing, only one more day before we fall back into our old routines, studying, glee club, getting up at the crack of dawn." Kurt yawned and snuggled into Blaine's chest.

"I'm sorry you had to leave New York early because of me."

"I'd rather be there with you."

"You're mushy after sex."

"Don't get used to it, the sarcasm comes back fairly soon. Speaking of which, how is your mom?"

"She's getting a weekend pass in two weeks, Dad's really excited about it, it's super cute. He wants you to come to dinner at the house while she's home."

"Ask him if I can cook for everyone."

"You'd do that?"

"Is the alternative one of the two of you cooking?"


"I'd do that. Self preservation."

"And the sarcasm is back." Blaine kissed the top of his head.

"This was a hell of a summer."

"Sure was, and to think, I thought the camping trip was the most drama we'd have."

"I thought it would be that guy chasing us out of the stupid mirror maze. I still can't believe you made me do that."

"It's a good threat when you're being impossible, I could blindfold you and put you in there."

"Blindfolds huh?"

"Maybe next summer."

The End.

A/N Thank you to everyone who stuck with the Summer of Klaine over the few years it's taken me to complete. There are a few loose ends I may decide to tie up at some point with a new story set some time in the school year but for now this is the end of the summer and so the end of this series.