'people thinking'

"People Talking"

"Gods/Bijuu Speaking"

"Shiki Fuin" The Yondaime screamed actvivating the Fuinjutsu (Sealing Technique) that would seal The Kyubi No Yoko inside of an Uzumaki for the third time.

"Forgive me Minato-kun" The Kyubi said as she watched her friend the Shinigami start to take the soul of her blonde friend.

"It's alright Kyubi-chan, I know that this is not your fault." He said as he cradled his son In his arms and watched as his friend The Kyubi disappear into the seal printed on his son's stomach.

The last thing Minato saw before the Shinigami finally took his soul was a pair of purple eyes that had three black rings surrounding a small black pupil that looked like dot.

A pair of purple eyes that belonged to his son.

Meanwhile at the same time the sealing was happening, Minato's wife, Kushina Uzumaki was resting rather painfully in a small cave where she had just given birth to her son Naruto an hour ago.

She was worried….very worried, The Kyubi wouldn't just up and attack Konoha like that after being forcefully released from her seal by some random Shinobi wearing a very weird orange mask with a swirl like pattern on it which lead to a small eye hole on the left..

'What kind of Shinobi wears orange anyway, I'm telling myself right now, no son of mine will ever will ever wear orange 'ttebane .' She thought to herself. Shaking her head clear of silly thoughts like that she realized that someone was walking through the cave.

After several moments of hearing the man stumble around the cave and curse from time to time about stubbing his toe on a rock, she realized through the man's voice that the person was the same man who attack her and Minato before.

What had happened?...Had minato failed in sealing the Kyubi inside of her little Naruto,? was Konoha destroyed?

All of those thoughts and much more like why was the man wearing an orange mask were swimming around in her head as she tried to stand up.

"You shouldn't be moving right now Kushina Uzumaki, Even though, thanks to your bloodline, you will survive giving birth to your son and having the Kyubi forcefully removed from your seal, it, I'm sure, will still take some time for you to recover from something like that."

Seeing her about to speak, he raised his hand to stop her. Robably some insult or something like that. He didn't care though, he had a more pressing issue he had to deal with right now, like the fact that he was dying.

'That's what you get when you use the Sharingan to try and control one it's creators' he surmised.

He could say he deserved it though, some kind of divine punishment that Kami-sama was dishing out because he had failed her. So what if he was evil and wanted to control the world.

A man can dream…..Can't he?

"Before you start rambling" he told her. The Kyubi has been sealed inside your son and, as I am sure you are aware, in doing so, your husband is dead" he stated as Kushina began to cry.

'Kami, crying women make me uncomfortable' He thought to himself.

"Listen closely to what I'm about to tell you Kushina."

"I have a message from Kami-sama herself." He said getting the red heads attention.

"your son has a destiny. I was told by kami-sama herself to give the one named Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki Senju." He spat out the last to names. "the gift of my Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan." He finished getting a gasped sob from the crying woman.

"Now if you will Kushina" he said unsealing a jar from a scroll he pulled out of his pouch.

"Take this and give it to your son." He held up the jar, which, when she took a closer look through her blurred vision, she recognized the same eye that the man in front of her had.

"Only one with the power of two can free the one born of the eternal flames" He quoted before handing Kushina the jar which she accepted with shaky hands.

'I have no idea what's going on ttebane' She thought.

"AARRGGHHH" the man suddenly screamed falling to the ground and clutching his head in pain.

"Forgive me Kami-sama!." The man yelled.

"I told you what would would happen if you betrayed me again Madara." A heavenly voice spoke out as the cave was suddenly bathed in a bright white light.

"kukukuku it looks like I get another bad boy to play with." Another voice spoke out equally heavenly spoke out " Before who ever it was starting laughing. Kushina shivered at that moment, the laugh did not match the voice….at all, in fact it sounded…evil.

"Kushina Uzumaki" The first voice spoke getting the second one to stop laughing.

"It seems fate has other plans for you right now." She spoke.

"As it is. I will take that eye and I will give it back to you when you reunite with your son." She said as she took the jar from Kushina.

"Wh-who are you?" Kushina asked more confused now then ever

"And what do you mean reunite with my son, what's going on?"

"Forgive us for not introducing ourselves. I am Kami and this is my sister Yami." The named woman spoke as she pointed to the second woman who smiled a waved at her.

"As for what's going on, well you will find out soon enough." She said before the cave was once again bathed in a bright white light.

Before she knew what was happening, her entire world went dark. The last thing she felt was someone picking her up off the floor.

A few minutes later atop the Hokage tower stood the Newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and behind him were the Members of the village council, both Shinobi and Civilian.

Hiruzen had told the people of his village that he had an announcement to make. So here they were anxiously waiting for said announcement.

"People of Konoha" the old man began. "I have gathered you all here today to tell you some news. First off I would like to begin by saying that the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze has passed away." He said gaining a lot of gasps from the gathered people.

"His death was not in vain though, that I promise you. He sacrificed his own life to save this village from the Kyubi No Yoko. He sacrificed his life by using Skiki Fuin, a Fuin jutsu of his creation, that makes a contract with the Shinigami. In activating this jutsu The Yondaime gave his life so that the Kyubi would be beaten and sealed away."

"However." He went on "The Kyubi can not be sealed into just anything. The kyubi can only be sealed into a newborn baby. As it is, there was only one baby born today and that was this one." He said holding up the bundled blonde baby. This babies name is none other than Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki Senju. Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Senju. Minato sealed the Kyubi into his own son to save this village from destruction.

Everyone waited with baited breath to see what the villagers reaction would be. Would they see him as a hero or would they see him as the Kyubi.

'See him as a demon you fools, see him as demon so that my plans for him can begin' Hiruzen thought smirking slightly. Meanwhile to his right a man known as Danzo Shimura, one of Konoha's elders was thinking the exact opposite.

'See him as he is meant to be seen, see him as a hero.' The man thought.

All of their respective thoughts were interrupted when an old man shouted

"He is a hero!, He is our savior!"

that old man just so happened to be Teuchi Ichiraku of the Ichiraku ramen stand. He knew what a Jinchuuriki was since he knew that his number one customer Kushina Uzumaki, the boy's mother was one as well.

As many people started to shout out their agreements, Hiruzen cursed them all under his breath while Danzo smirked at his former friends misfortune.

'Hmm what are you going to do now you old bastard' he thought to himself watching as Hiruzen handed the baby over to…Minato's number one fan girl, otherwise known as Kiyomi Haruno.

'That was a bad move' many thought. Of course they all figured that they could work something out. Something like, maybe they could all look after the son of the now deceased Hokage's son. However many of them backpedaled. Hiruzen never mentioned anything about Kushina. Where was she? Was she dead? Did she leave the village? If so, why did she?

Contrary to what everyone was thinking, Kushina was still alive and inside the village.

''What the fuck is going on here?.' She asked herself as she looked around and noticed that there was a toilet and bed nearby, but no doors or windows. As she continued to look around trying to find any clue as to where she was, she heard what sounded like a door opening even though there was none, Snapping her head in that direction she saw Hiruzen Sarutobi walking through a door she could have sworn wasn't there before.

"S-Sarutobi,? Did you do this to me? Is my son ok? What's goin on?" She asked rapidly

"One of my plans has slipped through my fingers." He said, more to himself then to Kushina.

"Now that the village see's your son as a hero, I can not touch him. But youthey are all starting think that you abandoned your son because you lost your husband." He said smirking

"Wh-what are you talking about 'ttebane? Let me go you old bastard." She said getting a hard slap to the face that echoed around the room.

"No one except me knows that this room exists, after all I am the one who built it for this exact purpose." He stated

"You are mine Kushina and as far as I'm concerned you never leave this place. Quite ironic really isn't it. An Uzumaki being held captive by one of their own creations." Hirzun smirked.

While that was happening Kiyomi Haruno was watching Naruto sleep next to her own baby a girl by the name of Sakura Haruno.

'Maybe one day they will be together, like I wanted us to be Minato' she said to herself as fresh tears started to stream down her face.

Little did she know that when he grew up he would fall in love with her and not her daughter.

'Please be alright Kushina, even though we never really did get along, a baby needs its mother.'

Up in the heavens Kami and her sister Yami were watching everything that was happening.

"Do you really believe that this Naruto will be the one to free her?" Yami asked her sister who was watching everything visibly displeased with what was happening.

"I mean he could turn out like Madara or him for that matter." She said glancing at Kami.

'Hopefully you don't get too involved with this one sister but maybe judging by how attractive his father was and by the fact that he was Kyubi's host. Maybe this is one human I can have some fun with.' Yami thought to herself as she started having perverted thoughts about a Minato look a like doing some 'naughty' stuff to her.

Kami looked at her sister when she suddenly heard giggling.

'She must being having some perverted thoughts again. Hopefully there not about me again, I told her that that was a one time thing even if it was Incredibly kinky.'

Deciding to leave those particular thoughts until later she decided to speak

"Shinigami-chan should be here soon." She said to her sister who was in the process of wiping some blood away from under her nose.

As if on cue a black cloud of smoke appeared next to them.

"You called Kami-chan" Shinigami said with a smile on her face and a glint her eye that both Yami and Kami both recognized.

'Kami, taking souls sometimes just really turns me on, especially if the soul is as good looking as Minato.' Shinigami thought to herself.

'Damn/excellent she's horny' both of the women thought.

"How did things go down there." Kami asked.

"Very well, he seemed at peace with what he's done, you know saving the village and all that. His eternal suffering is and endless amount of sex with redheads." Shinigami said giggling as she got a nosebleed.

'what kind of suffering is that?' both of them asked themselves as they too got nosebleeds.

"How is his son doing?" Shinigami asked changing the subject.

"Well, so far so good for him but his mother, not so much."

"What do you mean frowning slightly, did she not survive like she was supposed to?" the death god asked.

"She is alive and she has nearly recovered, but right now she is being held captive by Hiruzen Sarutobi." Kami said.

"For what purpose?"

"I don't know. Which makes it even more troublesome." Kami said looking irritated.

"Maybe he's doing it so that he can try and turn the little one into a weapon or something." Yami Said.

"It is a possibility." Kami said.

Meanwhile Yami was getting hornier and hornier thinking about an older Naruto doing certain things to her which is something that the Shinigami noticed so she made her way behind Yami and cupped her C cup breasts making Yami Moan slightly as Kami, hearing this, just rolled her eyes at the two of them.

Yami and Shinigami deciding to take this elsewhere disappeared in cloud of black smoke and a burst of fire.

After a minute went by and Kami was sick of watching Kushina and Naruto she decided that she had had enough and left to go join her sister and Shinigami, but not before thinking,

'I hope you are the one who will free her Naruto Namikaze.' *sigh* I Miss you Amaterasu-sama and so does Tsukiyomi-sama."

Somewhere in Demon country a woman can be seen sleeping inside of cave dreaming of the man she once loved. Before she suddenly opened eyes and screamed to the heavens.

The only thing that could be seen in the cave was a pair red eyes with what looked like black flames swirling around inside them.

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