Naruto Namikaze:

The Path of a Kami

Chapter Ten

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"Bijuu Talking"

'Bijuu Thinking'

*Bark Bark* -Dogs

XXXXXXXXX - Scene Break

Chapter Begin!

"MMM Yeah Naruto-san right there."


"Yeah right there that's feels so good."

"Glad I could be of service Samui-chan."

Right now Naruto was giving the Kumo Kunoichi a shoulder massage. He was roped into doing into doing it by Samui herself who had walked right up to him, grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the couch.

"How did you get so good at this?" The busty asked with her eyes closed greatly enjoying his handy-work.

"Hmmm well I grew up around a lot of women and they taught me how to give massages."


"Yeah." He smiled as he continued to rub her shoulders.

"Ooohh." Samui couldn't help but moan as his hands touched a particular spot.

"Dinners ready!" Tsunami's voice rang throughout the house.


'So not cool.'

Stopping the massage Samui stood up from the couch with a small frown etched on her face.

"I guess you won't be eating anything again."

"Hmm I suppose I should this time."

"That's good because I'm sure that even Jinchuuriki have to eat sometime so come on." She told him grabbing his hands and helping him off the couch.

Sighing dramatically Naruto followed the busty blonde into the dining room mumbling something that sounded suspiciously to Samui like "Yes dear" which put a small smile on the girls face.

It took a few minutes for everyone to situate themselves around the table but everyone was settled in they started talking about meeting Zabuza in a couple of days when they were interrupted.

"Why do you all try so hard, it doesn't matter what any of you do Gatou is going to kill you." It was Inari.

"Tch, you don't know what you're talking about kid." Karui said through a mouthful of food.

"What would you know, Gatou is too powerful, he can't be stopped."

"Gatou maybe a powerful corrupt businessman but we are Shinobi, we are trained in the art of stealth and assassination."

"Stop trying to be heroes, there's no such thing, don't you see you're all going to die, you should all just go back to your villages.

"We're not going anywhere kid, we have a mission and all of us here intend to see it through to the end whether we die or not it doesn't matter." Naruto told him sternly.

"But never mind that, Gatou will die either by my hands or someone else's….and so will Zabuza."

"How can you be so sure of yourself?"

"He has been gifted with the power of the gods."

As everyone besides Naruto turned toward Yugito who had been the one to talk, Shino was the one to ask.

"What do you mean by that?"

"His eyes bug boy, the Rinnegan only appears when the gods themselves believe their help is needed."

"And why do the gods think their help is needed now?"

"That's not for you to know."

"For now anyway." Naruto finished for her.

"Your joking right Naruto-sama it's none of their business."

"And it's none of our business either Yugito." Killer Bee told her.



"Fine but it really isn't any of their business."

"And do you really think it that its any of ours?"

"Yeah, I mean he is one of us isn't he?"

"That may be but he is the one with the Rinnegan not you or me, he is the one with the destiny and all you and I can do is follow him along his path and help him if he requests it. Until then we will just stay out his way."

'Besides he's a lot more dangerous than any other Jinchuuriki out there. We are all being 'tainted' by the Biju's presence but unlike the others the Kyubi feeds off of Anger and hatred and if Naruto's emotions slip even once he could destroy an entire village with a wave of his palm which is part of the reason why I don't want to get in his way. Speaking of which perhaps I should tell him bout the Chunin exams.' Killer Bee rubbed his chin.

"That may or may not be such a good idea."


"You do realize that telling him that his village is going to be attacked is just going to get him angry, on ther hand if you do tell him may I suggest you offer him our services."

'What? I can't do that, that would mean betraying my village and my brother.'

" Idiot Kyubi is my sister and naruto is my…no…our master so trust me betraying your village and your brother is a hell of a lot safer than betraying my sister."

'I don't know about that."

"Fool! He could kill us all!"

'Couldn't we stop them?"

"I may be the second strongest Bijuu in existence and I can withstand the majority of my sisters brutality but even I'm not dumb enough to piss that fox off."

"And I also believe that Nibi and Yugito have already accepted the fact that it's better to follow Naruto than to be on the receiving end of a Demonified Kami ass-kicking."

"So if I were you I would think about your options very carefully."


"Kurenai-sensei I'm going outside to train." Inuzuka Kiba whispered to his sensei being careful not to wake a sleeping Naruto who was laid out on the floor with the three Kunoichi from Kumo sleeping on the floor around him.

'How does he attract so many women…seriously it's like moths to a flame….the lucky teme.'

"Alright Kiba don't stay out there too long ok, Shino, Hinata why don't the two of you go train with him."

"Alright Sensei, what will you be doing?"

Looking at Hinata, Kurenai glanced at Naruto with a small smile.

"I'll be right here looking after these guys."


As her students left, the woman was left to her thoughts.

'Is it respect or is it fear that Killer Bee and Yugito have for him? I wish I knew more about you Naruto-kun especially the Rinnegan. Maybe Hinata knows something and if not maybe Mikoto knows something. And what happened out there when you found Tsunami-san and the Kumo-nin? You certainly are a very curious man Naruto.'

Settling herself on the ground with her back against a nearby wall her thoughts began to drift toward an entirely different matter..

'I don't know why I've been teasing you this entire mission, it's been fun, I guess I've been hanging around Anko for too long'

*Sigh* 'I Still can't believe I stood there while Anko gave him a blowjob and I still can't believe I ended up tasting his sperm when Anko kissed me. In a way it's further then I've gotten with Asuma. Not only that but I still can't get over the fact that a twelve year old has a bigger penis than a grown man.'

'It's all Anko's fault.'


The next morning everyone minus Kiba was sitting around the dining room table eating breakfast.

Where was Kiba?

According to a shadow clone of Naruto, the Inuzuka was asleep in the woods.

And why was he sleeping in the woods?

He tired himself out after too much training.


'Who's that? And why is he sleeping in the forest?' A young woman couldn't help but ask herself when she came across a boy her age asleep on the forest floor.

*Bark Bark*

Freezing in her tracks she looked toward a couple of tree's where the barking came from only to see a small white dog that started growling at her.

Looking back at the sleeping boy she saw a Hitai-ate on the floor next to him slightly covered in dirt.

'So he's a Shinobi from Konoha like the blonde boy Zabuza-sama wants to fight. So this dog could be a Nin-dog.'

Taking a couple of steps back in case she was attacked she watched as the white dog woke up its owner.

"What is it boy?"

*Bark Bark*

"Hmm….ohh…ahh hey there, what are you doing out here?" Kiba asked trying to pretend that he hadn't just woken up on the forest floor.

"I could ask you the same thing. You could catch a cold if you sleep out here?"

"Hehe yeah I probably could. I guess I fell asleep out here after training."

"Training? So you're a Shinobi?"

"I sure am."

"So why were you training?"

"I need to get stronger."

"What for?"

"One day I'm going to be the head of my clan but before that happens I need to get stronger."

"I see, is that you're only reason?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do have someone that you would consider precious?"

"Precious? Well there is Akamaru here."


"And there is my friends and family."

"Do you want to protect them from harm?"


"Then I believe that one day you truly will become strong."

"I know so, now if you will excuse me I really must be going."

"Ahh yeah I guess I should be getting back to my team they're probably really worried about little old me."

"I'm sure they must be. It was nice meeting you."

"Watching as the young woman turned around and began to walk away the Inuzuka realized one thing.

"Hey I never got your name."

"It's Haku."


"Hey everyone I'm back sorry for worrying you."

"We weren't worried dog-boy." Yugito told him from her position on the couch

"Agreed we were actually enjoying the peace and quiet." Naruto smiled sitting next to Yugito.


"It is so not cool to be that loud in the morning."

"Be that as it may Samui-san it is a good thing, it means that he has all the energy he needs for the fight today." Kurenai has to resist the sudden urge to roll her eyes. Despite what she said it really was too early in the morning for Kiba's exuberance.

She did however consider herself lucky that Maito Gai wasn't here.

'How does Samui put it? So not cool.'

"Oh yeah that's right today is the day we are meant to go and fight Zabuza."

"Yes is it Kiba, so good luck out there." Naruto told him.

"Aren't you coming with us?"

"Nope I'm going to be right here."

"What? Why?"

"Well while you were busy sleeping, we all figured that while everyone went to the bridge to fight Zabuza and whoever else may or may not be there, Gatou and his thugs may try something here or in town."

"Why wouldn't he be at the bridge with Zabuza?"

"That is a possibility, which is why everyone besides myself will be going to the bridge.."

"And how do you plan on handling things if Gatou and all of this thugs do turn up in town?"

"Naruto smash!"


"So where's the blonde brat?"

"Naruto? He was smart enough to know he didn't stand a chance against you, so I'm here in his place."

"So he turned tail and ran like a coward."

"He didn't run Zabuza, like I said he was smart enough to know when he's outmatched so he decided to stay in town in case Gatou and his thugs showed up."

"Tch, I still think he's a coward. A real man would have shown up for the fight whether he was outmatched or not."

"Then I guess it's a good thing he's not a man, He is only twelve after all."

"So what? When I was twelve I already killed all of my classmates at the academy."

"Believe what you will Demon of the Mist, I already know your story so don't bore me with the details. Whether you like it or not I am your opponent now."

"Whatever, who are you anyway?

That question put a smile on the Kumo-nins face.

"Haha I float like a butterfly and sting like a Bee, I am the Hachibi Jinchuuriki; Killer Bee!"

"You're a Jinchuuriki?" 'That's just great.'

"I'm also a swordsman."

"So what we're going to have a Kenjutsu fight then?"

"You know something, I remember Naruto once said that there would be No honor in this fight if we did not have a Kenjutsu Fight."

"We may specialize in Kenjutsu but we are Shinobi, we lie, we cheat, we steal, honor has no place on a battlefield."

"I do have to agree, but in respect for the Uzumaki , we will be doing this the honorable way."

"Even if the brat is an Uzumaki, you seem to hold him in high regard."

"I certainly do."

"Why? He's only a Genin isn't he?"

"That may be, however he is a lot stronger than that, he may even be stronger than the both of us."

"This wouldn't have something to do with his Rinnegan would it?"

"Humph, maybe."

"So is it respect that you have for him or is it fear?'

'That's a good question.' Kurenai told herself from behind the pair.

"And what would you know about the Rinnegan?"

"Only a little bit, perhaps you should take a trip to Demon Country one day."

"Perhaps one day I will. Now are we going to do this or not?"

"Let's get wild."

Activating his Hachibi cloak, Killer Bee was now holding eight swords.

'Eight swords? That's not good and I still have the rest of the group to deal with."


Chapter End!

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