This is based on the latest episode "Eye of the Storm" Willa and Timo are my new ship so please tell me what you think, and if I should continue (if you guys like it I might add more chapters and make this a story) And did anyone else see how Timo grabbed for Willow's Leg in the episode, like hell there Cousins.

So this story starts at the beginning of the episode with Timo going to Willa's trailer:

Willa's P.O.V:

I heard a knock on the door, his signature knock, of course it was Timo, who else would dare wake me before ten am. I grumbled, as I made my way to the door, unlocking the little hinge that kept the door from swinging open.

"Loving the outfit." Timo smiled, I sighed pulling my shirt a bit further down as I looked for some pants to put on.

"What do you want?" I asked, turning around to change.

"Is it a crime for me to visit?"

"No but sometimes I wonder why you come here so early in the morning." I replied, "Or maybe its because you want to see me in my underwear?" Our little banter was always one of my favourite pass times,

"I don't really need an excuse to see them, besides I'll be seeing enough of you by the end of the year." His flirtatious come backs still shocked me, and it was taking me a while to get used to this side of him. As a young girl I had seen him with enough girls to know that he was a smooth guy, but I was never on the receiving end of these flirts. And until about a month ago Timo had been hell bent on ending this arranged marriage situation, I wondered what had gotten him to change his mind, though not wanting the flirting to end I dared not ask.

"Cocky much?" I asked, laying down on my bed beside him, he rolled onto his side, so as to get a better look at me.

"Very" he smirked. I tried to hold back a girly giggle, but it was hard, he always had this affect on me, ever since I was a little girl. We looked at each other for a second before I hurt a car pull up. I looked through the window to see my probation officer get out of her car.

"Shit, shes here, hide." I hissed, pushing him into the bathroom, before getting the door.

"Open up willow..."

"Do you have a warrant?" I asked, opening up the door, she pushed passed me saying something about not needing a warrant. I stood if front of the bathroom, as she searched my trailer. After Finding nothing to bust me on she left. I slammed the door right as Timo pocked his adorable head out of the bathroom

"She gone?" He whispered,

"Yes, she hates me." I sighed,

"Your not allowed a visit from your own cousin?" He smirked sitting back down on the bench beside me.

"She thinks your a bad influence, and I don't need the aggravation. And like anyone believes that were cousins with the way you act."

He tilts his head, giving me his best smirk, something I've been seeing a lot of lately.

I leaned towards his as I looked through the blinds. "Don't leave till the car's gone." I said as I walked out the door. I had to get to work before Lio came looking for me, and I also needed to get away from Timo, clear my head a bit.

So this is really short but I wanted to post something and see how you guys take it. Let me know what you think.