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I woke up on the couch in the bar, alone. I looked around confused. "Timo?"

"Timo went home to change, he said he'd be back in a bit to help Me and Leo to flip your trailer " answered Walter.

"Oh," I sighed rubbing my eyes.

"I know Leo and Mrs Farrell may say he's a bad influence but I disagree." said Walter, handing me a coffee.

"Thank you, but if I may ask what made you disagree?" I asked

"I may not know exactly what is going on, but I know love when I see it."

"What? We , I..."

"Save it, I walked by when I saw you two asleep on the floor of the kitchen, which may I say is not a nice place to fall asleep. But the point is, I saw how he was holding you."

"And?" I asked

"And I can tell Love when I see it."

"I wish," I sighed, "We're arranged to be married, that's it. He doesn't love me, he thinks of he as a sister. He doesn't love me."

"Trust me, the way he acts around you definitely is not how a brother acts around a sister. And I don't think brothers and sisters kiss."

"What? We, I ..."

"Again, save it, and listen. You guys have something, something that most people spend there whole lives searching for, I'm not gonna tell you what to do, because deep down, you already know." he smiled, handing me a plate of eggs and Bacon.

"Thank you Walter." I smiled

"Actually Leo made that." he said

I laughed, "I actually meant about the advice, and thank you for not telling Mrs. Farrell about me and Timo."

"yea, well its not my place to tell."

"So did you guys end up finding the girl?" I asked,

"Yea, Timo even helped out a bit after you fell asleep. He's an OK kid."

"Yea, he is." I smiled.

Just then the doors opened and in walked Mrs. Farrell, with Timo close behind. He gave me his signature smile, as he sat down beside me. "Good morning Sis."

I laughed, "Good morning Timo."

Leo walked out from the Kitchen, "So now that we're all here, shall we flip Willa's Trailer over?"

As the boys walked out I looked over at Mrs. Farrell. "Thank you."

"For what?" she asked as we walked out the bar.

"For not writing down the many possible violations to my probation that may have happened last night."

"Well those offences were for a good cause, to save those two girls."

I laughed, "thank you, your not so bad after all."

Just then we heard a clunk as my trailer toppled over right way up again. "Home sweet home, I hope."

"For the time being." She smiled, and i couldn't help but return it. "Also, I'm going to allow you access to the internet again, under supervision."

"Thanks, they really need my help with anything from the twenty first century." I smiled looking over at the boys, all of them had started to become like family to me. "I'm sorry for whatever happened to you, when you were a kid." I looked back at her as she looked into my eyes.

"Oh, thank you. It made me what I am today." She said, grabbing her sunglasses, "I made a choice, just like your going to have to." she nodded over at Timo, as he waved me a goodbye, walking back to his trailer.

I knew that I had to make a choice between my old life of thieving and a life on the straight side, but I just hopped that whatever happened I would have Timo by my side.

"I love you Willa."

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