The First Time They Brought Ian Home

Sherlock carried the car seat from the hospital room to the car Mycroft brought over. Of course he had, Sherlock was all about that baby and nobody, not even John at times, was going to touch him without consent.

Sherlock did not care that the doctors and nurses have degrees. "So does my husband." he'd said. Sherlock did not care that they knew what they were doing, "Not for my child you don't." Sherlock did not care that John had barely touched him since he'd arrived, "You're too tense, John. And wash your hands."

Sherlock was like the overbearing mother, and John did mind a little bit.

"He's my son too, Sherlock."

"Oh, I know, I'm sorry. It's just…" Sherlock touched his palm against Ian, feeling his light breathing. Sherlock was mesmerized.

They arrived at 221B and Mrs. Hudson was waiting for them. She had the flat nice and warm, not that it was that cold out, and she had enough food for John and Sherlock to last them at least two weeks, probably longer because Sherlock never ate. Sherlock had supplied the flat with baby necessities already, of course he had. He'd had baby necessities ready since the pregnancy test Amy took turned out positive.

"Welcome home, Ian." John whispered to the baby as he lifted him out of his car seat. He walked around the room pointing to things and telling Ian what it was. "That's Daddy's skull, he talks to it every once in a while. You get used to it. And that there, that's Daddy's favorite part of the whole flat: the sofa." John chuckled, "But don't worry, I'm sure he'll share with you."

Sherlock approached John and wrapped one arm around him. "We did it, John."

"Yes, we did," John looked into Sherlock's eyes, "I love you."

Sherlock kissed John, "I love you, too."