Ian's getting tired of his dads' excuses. Five year olds have short patience, but this. "There's a case, son…" or "I've got to go to the clinic…" It's been four days since he started asking, and Ian wants the Christmas tree up now.

The first excuse was that there are too many toys everywhere, so they can't put the tree up. So Ian starts there. He picks up two toys from the sitting room floor, runs upstairs as fast as he can, and tosses them through his open bedroom door. He repeats this until the floor is clear and there's a pile of toys right in front of his doorway.

After that, he decides he needs a snack. He walks into the kitchen where his dad is hunched over his laptop viciously hacking away at the keyboard.

"Dad?" Ian asks.

"Yes, son?"

"Can I have a snack?"

"What do you want?" Sherlock doesn't look up from his laptop.

"Fruit snacks?"

Sherlock quickly grabs a pack from the cabinet and hands them to Ian, but Ian hands them back so he can open them. When the exchange is over, Ian goes to the sitting room to watch cartoons.

When he's finished, Ian decides it's really time to get to work. The tree they've set up every year is located in the basement, but the box of decorations is in the hall closet. Since he can't get in to the basement, he goes to the hall and swings the closet door open.

He stands staring at the large box on the top for five minutes, trying to figure out how to get it down. Finally, he decides a broom will do the job.

He goes to the kitchen and gets the broom John left. Sherlock doesn't even notice him or question what he's doing, so Ian goes back to the closet and pokes at the box with as much force he can. He does it six times, manages to get it loose, then hits it one last time and it falls on top of him.

Nothing in the box is heavy enough to hurt him, but it startles him so much that he screams and cries. This catches Sherlock's attention. He rushes to Ian.

"Ian! What happened?"

Ian pushes ornaments and decorations away and pulls garland off his head. "The…the box…fell on me!" He sniffles between each word.

Sherlock kneels next to him and pulls him out of the mess of garland and lights. "What were you doing?"

Ian wraps his arms around Sherlock's neck. "I wanted to decorate. And you're too busy."

Neither of them hear John enter 221B or walk up the stairs. "What's going on?" he asks.

Sherlock looks up at him and strokes his son's hair. "We've been too busy for Christmas, John."

John looks at the damage; none too bad. He kneels next to Sherlock and rubs Ian's back. "Are you ok?"

Ian nods into Sherlock's shoulder.

John stands and turns to walk down the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Sherlock asks.

"I'm going to get the tree. The decorations are already out."

Ian's head quickly lifts in excitement. His smile is wide and his eyes bright. "Finally!" he says.

John and Sherlock both laugh.

*I've been away a while and haven't had time to write. But here's a little thing.