To say that Grell Sutcliff hated his life was an understatement. From a young age he had been kicked out of his home for liking boys over girls, and when he finally found someone to call his boyfriend, the man became a monster, abusing Grell every chance he got. On top of that, Grell was rarely able to visit the boy he had taken as his secret lover due to Grell's boyfriend – if the man knew about Grell's secret lover, he would probably end both of their lives.

Speaking of that man, Grell was trying his best not to cry as the man known as Sebastian Michaelis did everything he could to bring Grell down.

"You're so fucking ugly." Sebastian smirked as Grell's shoulders tensed once more. "Who could love a dirty thing like you? All you're good for is a fuck – and even then I can't stand to look at you. Pitiful little Sutcliff-mutt."

Grell wiped at the tears that dripped down his face steadily. He bowed his head in a form of submission, nodding as he fixed his gaze on the black carpet.

"…Okay, Bassy… " Grell whispered. "You're right…"

Sebastian sneered and raised his hand. He laughed as Grell instinctively flinched, and his dark eyes burned with amusement as Grell let out a loud squeak as he was slapped across the face. The force was so powerful Grell was knocked off the bed and onto the ground. The Michaelis kicked Grell roughly in the side before tipping the cup of hot tea he was holding on top of the Sutcliff.

Grell yelped as the hot liquid burnt his skin. He tried to crawl away but Sebastian grabbed hold of Grell's long, red hair and pulled him back onto the bed.

The butler of the Phantomhive family punched Grell a few more times for good measure before standing and leaving the bedroom. He locked the door behind him and left, humming a soft tune as he headed towards his master's bedroom.

Grell, however, couldn't stop crying. He had cut new scars in his wrists, unable to deal with his life for much longer. He laid down on the bed, eventually crying himself to sleep.


When Grell woke up the next morning, he was alone as usual. It was expected – Sebastian always got up early so that he could get Ciel Phantomhive ready for the day.

The fact that the black-haired man was gone was a good thing – Grell could leave the mansion and go to his secret lover's home for comfort. Sebastian wasn't going to bother with him today – if he was, he would have locked the door so Grell was trapped – but the door was hanging open.

The Sutcliff got off of the bed and pulled on his day clothes as quickly as he could, excited greatly by the thought of being free of Sebastian and with someone who actually loved and cared for him.

"I'm coming, Izuna…" Grell said softly, a large grin on his face. "I love you…"