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One week later found Izuna and Grell sitting together in the young Uchiha's bedroom, talking. As expected, Izuna had been the only one who was able to get through to Grell and help him recover.

"What are you doing today?" Grell asked quietly as he played with a strand of red hair.

Izuna kissed his older lover's cheek before resting his head on the Sutcliff's shoulder. "I don't know. Mada-nii wants me to come with him to his therapy appointment today."

"…" Grell looked down at the ground, biting his lip. "…I wanted you to stay with me…"

"I'll talk to my brother, Grell-koi. He won't force me – it's not even my appointment, anyway."

"Why does he want you to go, then…?"

"To show me that it's okay to talk to someone about what happened…"

"You talk to me about it…" Grell whispered, reaching out to stroke Izuna's silky hair.

"Yes, but he wants me to go to therapy, too."

"Madara has always seemed fine to me. Why does he need therapy?"

"He has emotional and mental trauma like I do." Tears welled up in Izuna's eyes at the thought. "His nightmares make it worse and sometimes he finds it too hard to block out the memories."

"Poor guy…"

Izuna nodded in agreement. "He's strong, but not invincible… Grell, when will we make love…?"

"…" Grell looked away with an emotionless mask covering his face. "…I don't know…"

"…Why don't you know…?" Izuna whispered as tears dripped down his cheeks.

"I…I honestly thought that you didn't want it… I understood completely, so I never brought it up…"

Izuna sighed, wiping at his eyes. "…I only want it… If it's you giving it to me… Mada-nii makes love with The Undertaker… And he always tells me that I should try it… That I'll like it with someone that I trust… I want to feel what aniki feels…"

Grell frowned as he wrapped his arms around the younger before wiping at Izuna's tears. "Don't cry, Izuna… I'm sorry… We've never talked about this before… I didn't know… We can make love tonight… If you want to…"

Izuna looked up with his large onyx eyes wide and shiny with tears. He reached up and stroked Grell's cheek before leaning up and kissing Grell. His bottom lip quivered as he pulled away.

"…I…" Izuna whispered, sniffling. "…I want to make love now… I'm ready…"

Grell rubbed Izuna's cheek with his thumb tenderly. "…Okay…"

With that said, the Sutcliff gently laid Izuna down onto the ground before claiming his lips in a passionate kiss. Izuna moaned softly, pulling him over his body. The younger watched as he shed his shirt. Izuna's eyes filled with lust.

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The next morning, Izuna awoke to someone shaking him gently. He groaned, not wanting to open his eyes. He tried to roll over, but he was struck immediately by severe pain in his backside.

"Ahh!" Izuna cried out, wincing. "A-ahh!"

"Izuna, I have painkillers." Konan's sweet voice rang through the air. "Wake up, sweetness."

Izuna only groaned again – despite his pain, he was just too tired to open his eyes.

"Izuna, I know it's exhausting," Konan continued, "but you need to get up."


A familiar sigh came from what sounded like the doorway before Madara's voice spoke.

"Izuna, I know how tiring a hard night is, but you need to get up."

"…" Madara sighed again before coming into the room and picking his brother up.

"Nngh!" Izuna cried out. "A-aniki…!"

"Konan-chan, please fetch me the softest pillow you can find. He's eating his breakfast – whether he can open his eyes or not."

Izuna was slung over his brother's shoulder and carried away downstairs. Izuna knew instinctively that Madara was taking him to the dining room so that he could eat breakfast.

"Aniki…" Izuna moaned. "Why didn't you wake me up for dinner…?"

"Izuna, we tried – but you wouldn't get up."

"…" Izuna yawned and closed his eyes again, nodding. "Okay… I'm so tired…"

"I know that you are, but you need to eat. You're already so skinny as it is. You need your strength."

Izuna nodded again, snuggling in close. It was quiet for a few moments more until they reached the dining room. He moaned at the sight of the hard, wooden chair. This was going to hurt…

Madara chuckled. "I know. Konan-chan is fetching a cushion for you now."

Izuna smiled softly and kissed his brother's cheek. "Thank you, aniki. I love you…"

"I love you, too. Here she is, now."

Izuna lazily glanced over Madara's shoulder, seeing that Konan had already arrived with an armful of the softest cushions that she could find.

The woman carefully placed a couple of cushions onto Izuna's seat. The older Uchiha carefully sat his brother upon them, frowning at Izuna's small cries of pain.

"Are you okay?" Madara whispered.

Izuna wiped tears from his eyes and nodded. "Y-yes…"

"I know that it hurts at first," Madara whispered, "but the pain isn't as bad the next couple of times."

Izuna glanced up at his brother. "But you still use cushions…"

Konan laughed. "That is true. I would think that you would be used to it by now – you're almost thirty and you seem to do it with Undertaker a lot."

Madara chuckled. "Yes, you've got me there."

Izuna giggled next. "Where is Grell-koi?"

"He's out in the living room with The Undertaker."

"I wanna go see him!" Izuna whined. "I don't wanna eat…"

"You're eating." Madara growled. "Now. And that's final."


"No. No more boyfriend until after breakfast. Eat."

Izuna pouted but nodded anyway, knowing that he was worrying his brother with his sudden defiant act. The older male's stoic expression immediately turned into a happy one. He left to go and make Izuna's breakfast.

Izuna looked up at Konan with a curious look in his shining eyes.

"What?" Konan smiled at the boy.

"Did Grell say anything about last night?" Izuna asked shyly.

Konan laughed. "Oh, he sure did."

Izuna smiled before blushing as he remembered how the door had been opened.

"Who…" Izuna licked his lips before glancing down, a small blush tinting his usually pale cheeks. "…Who saw us…?"

"We all did. We were worried at first. Madara-dana was nice enough to let me film everything."

Izuna blushed scarlet at the woman's words. "Y-you did…?"

"Yeah! I've never seen something so… So sexy before!"

"…Can…" Izuna pointedly looked away. "…Can I watch it tonight…?"

Konan laughed before smiling. "Of course you can. Do you want me to set up your flatscreen again for you?"

Izuna shyly nodded. "Please…"

Madara entered the dining room again seconds later with a bowl of steaming hot porridge. He placed it down on the table before Izuna and ruffled the younger's hair.

"I heard Konan telling you about the video." Madara laughed.

Izuna smiled shyly. "Yeah…"

"I have a new star of my collection now." The woman smirked. "Sorry, Madara-dana, but you've been replaced by your brother."

"Y-you watch aniki, too?" Izuna gasped in shock. He knew that his brother didn't exactly try and hide when he was having sexual relations, but he didn't think that he would actually let someone watch him.

"Of course she does." Madara smirked. "Half the time she's sat in our bedroom and told us exactly what to do."

"Such perfect, willing little actors that you and Undertaker are." Konan grinned. "I'll need to start training Izuna and Grell, too."

Izuna (wisely) kept his attention on his porridge while his brother and carer stood behind him, discussing all aspects of Madara's sexual life.


One half-hour later, Izuna wandered over to the living room. He found Grell and The Undertaker sitting together peacefully, talking.

Izuna hurried to Grell's side, climbing into the Sutcliff's lap and snuggling in close.

"Hello, baby." Grell smiled. "Madara said that you were very sore. Do you feel better?"

Izuna shook his head. "No… It hurts so much…"

"Did you have painkillers?"


Izuna fell silent after that, listening to Grell and The Undertaker talk. He was content with just being in Grell's hold.

Just before the young Uchiha had fallen asleep, he had come to realise just how lucky he was – he had the most loving, awesome big brother in the whole world, a carer who genuinely cared for him, and the most sexy, devoted boyfriend ever.

Izuna's life wasn't perfect, but he was happy with how things were right now, and he wouldn't change one thing about it for the whole world.