A/N I found this on my hard drive back from late 2008, early 2009. I thought I would finish it up and post it :)

"You fucking idiot, Morty!' Shouted a brown-haired man at his smaller companion.

The smaller man flinched at the yell but knew that he should have expected it – the man named Eusine did shout a lot.

"I mean – seriously!" Eusine continued on. " Fucking dipshit - everyone knows how to use a phone! Why didn't you just get Falkner to ring me? You're always together – it couldn't have been that hard!"

"I'm sorry, Eusine…" Morty replied with a trembling voice. "I didn't think –"

"You never think!" Eusine yelled. "You're never all there, and when you are, what use are you? We had plans, but I guess they mean jackshit to you, Morty! Two-hundred dollars on the ferry to Kanto and you don't even show up!"

"I was sick, Eusine… I was exhausted –"

"Exhausted? Exhausted? What the hell do you mean by 'I was exhausted'? I'm the one who has been helping you out and what have you been doing? Spewing up all day! You never touched one thing - you left it all for me to do! I don't know why I bother with you anymore!"

Without another word Eusine had stormed off, slamming the door to Morty's Pokémon Gym closed behind him. The force of the impact smashed the small glass panels beside it.

Morty stared after his retreating friend, knowing that he should have expected the reaction, but he was still shocked over how long the fight had lasted.

Eusine had gone crazy just because Morty had slept all day when he was moving gyms, which was understandable as he had the flu. Eusine had come storming up to his Pokemon Gym, let himself in and for over two hours had been screaming his head off at Morty, abusing the man not only mentally but emotionally as he always did.

Morty slid down the wall behind him, hands in his face. He tried to keep the tears in, but it was too much; tears ran down his cheeks. He didn't know why he still stayed 'friends' with the mentally abusive man.