A/N WARNING: There is rape in this chapter but, as I usually do when I write rape, I don't go too graphic with it if you're worried about that. I only do more detailed rapes if I'm in a particularly sadistic mood or I need to vent.

"He came back that night as he always does after fights and wouldn't let me out of his sight…" Morty had just finished recounting that day's events to the other Johto gym leaders.

Falkner snarled at the story, jumping to his feet. He couldn't stand the way Eusine treated his boyfriend. If it were up to him, he'd have ripped Eusine to pieces, but he knew that Morty would be heartbroken if that happened. "Where is he now, Morty? I'll rip his face off!"

"Calm down, Falkner." The youngest member of the group, twelve-year-old Bugsy said in an attempt to calm Falkner down. "Let Morty finish telling us what happened and then you can go rip his face off."

There was no arguing with Falkner when he felt that he needed to protect Morty, everyone had learnt. In fact, Eusine was barely able to get close to Morty while he was around – and Eusine was Morty's best friend.

If the brunette tried to even hand an object to Morty while Falkner was around, the blue-haired malewould jump in front of the brunette and push him out the way, yelling. He would even draw his samurai sword to prove his point if Falkner felt particularly irate. Morty would have to drag Falkner away so he could calm down, and then deal with all the abuse hurled at him by Eusine because of Falkner's hate. It just was not fair.

"What happened then, Morty?" Whitney asked as she placed a hand on Falkner's shoulder to settle him.

"He kept screaming at me and wouldn't let go of my arm whenever I tried to move away. …He's so clingy….. He scares me…"

"You really should stay away from him, you know that?" Bugsy said softly. Falkner nodded in agreement.

"But we've been best friends for sixteen years. I can't just..."

"Yes, you can." Whitney pushed. "You're better than this, Morty. You can do way better than that headcase when it comes to best friends, and you know it. You deserve someone so much better."

"But –"

"No but's, if's and and's, Morty!' Falkner demanded. "You're not to go near him any longer! I'm going to take care of you from now on! If he comes near you again I'll kill him!"

Morty's eyes watered, but he knew that he was better off without Eusine. All he could do was nod and agree with Falkner, silently hoping that no matter what happened, Falkner wouldn't hurt the brunette.


"Oh, my fucking god, you asshole!" Eusine screamed at Morty the next night. Despite Morty dating Falkner for over two years, Eusine had only just found out about it – and he didn't like it one bit. "What makes you think that you can get a boyfriend, you fucking gay cunt? He's only going to use you 'cause all you're good for is a fuck! Even I can tell that!"

"But it's true!" Morty tried, tears rolling down his face. "We love –"

"Shut up!"

Morty ducked as a punch just barely missed his nose.

"You're going to break it off with him because you're my only friend! Do it!"

Eusine grabbed Morty's head and smashed it into the wall behind them.

Morty cried out and fell to the ground, aware of blood that was dripping down the back of his head. He wrapped his arms around his legs, taking on the foetal position as he broke down into tears.

"I'll be back tomorrow to hang out with you and - so-help-me-god - if you're still dating him I'll break it up for you both myself!"

Mort could only watch as Eusine left. He let out a loud wail and closed in on himself, not wanting anyone to come near him. He had no idea how long he had stayed like that for, but he was soon broken out of it as his phone begun to ring.

Morty fumbled the phone as he attempted to turn the still-foreign device on.

"Hello…?" Morty whispered once the call button had started to blink – indicating that the call had been connected.

"Morty!" Came Falkner's excited voice. "Morty, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be away for a few weeks! I'm going over to Hoenn for a bit! Will you be okay by yourself for a while?"

"…" Morty gulped – if Falkner was away… that meant Eusine would play… But how could he worry Falkner so much…? "…Yes… I love you, Falkner…"

"I love you, too. I'll see you soon."


With that, Morty was once again alone. Only his Pokémon were around to comfort him.


Morty was about to break just a few days later.

Eusine had returned to Morty's gym, drunk out of his mind. He currently had Morty pushed up against the wall of the gym, groping the blonde's hips.

"E-eusine, don't!" Morty sobbed, trying to pull away but Eusine was too strong. "Please! Don't!"

"Shut up." Eusine snarled, slapping the younger. "I'll make it hurt more if you don't."

"Eusine p-please! I-I don't want this!"

Eusine only sneered and shoved Morty onto the ground. The brunette was quick to unbutton his pants and slip them off. He forced Morty's pants off the slim body as well before laying on the smaller man, pushing in without any kind of warning.

Morty screamed at the unknown pain. He had been a virgin until now. He was unaware of the blood that dribbled down from his anus – all he could focus on was the searing pain of being raped in such a rough manner.

Eusine pulled in and out so roughly and without care, he was rocking Morty's body with enough force to slam him against the wall and floor. He snarled, reaching forward to grab blonde hair. He pulled on it, forcing the younger male's head back.

Eusine had found it difficult at first to thrust into the tight, unprepared orifice, but the blood had acted as lubricant and made it easier. He rode out his orgasm quickly before pulling out of the younger male and dropping him onto the floor.

"Good fuck…" Eusine whispered, sneering. He leant down and whispered into Morty's ear. "I'll definitely be back, Morty – I've never had such a tight ass before…"

Morty whimpered and curled up into a ball at these words. He was completely unprepared for the blow to the back of his head that had knocked him into oblivion.