A/N Another fic back from late 2008 early 2009 I'm polishing up and posting :)

"It hurts..." A faint voice moaned in agony. "Please... stop…"

A grunt was the only answer given to the man's soft cries. There was the sound of scuffling, and then a loud thump as someone's head was smashed into the wall. A groan escaped the lips of Morty, the Ecruteak gym leader.

"Did you really think you would get away so easily, you little shit?"

Morty looked up at the voice with teary eyes, recoiling as a punch broke his nose and bloodied his face.

"Someone's bound to come by…" Morty tried, not expecting very much. All he wanted was for this hell to end. "You're going to go to jail if they do..."

"Is that a threat?" The owner of that cruel voice pulled himself out of Morty's backside. He aimed a kick into the young man's stomach.

A loud cry escaped Morty's throat. He was winded; dizzy from all of the thrashing. The man standing above him smiled as he looked at the bloodied Morty on the ground at his feet, trembling in fear, struggling to breathe. There were bruises all over Morty's naked body, blood running down his face and blood pouring out from between his thighs.

'I never thought this would happen.' Morty thought to himself as he struggled to block out reality. 'Never...

Morty winced as the man grabbed him by the neck, bringing him up to face intruder.

The man smashed Morty into the wall behind them. Morty crumpled down to the floor, unconscious.

The mystery man smiled down at his handy work. Knowing that his labour here was done, he turned to leave.

Morty was left all alone, not to be found for several days.